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Spooked in Seattle

by Ross Allison

Seattle may not be as old as some would expect from a haunted city. But it has a large number of haunted sites and stories. Spooked in Seattle will lead readers on a journey through Seattle's neighborhoods and...

Haunted — Incredible True Stories of Ghostly Encounters 2-Book Bundle

by Dorah L. Williams

It was an irrational decision. Despite having just moved into a beautiful new house, the Williams family gave in to an odd, overwhelming desire to purchase and move into a Victorian home they had come upon by...

The Unsolved Oak Island Mystery 3-Book Bundle

by Patricia Fanthorpe & Lee Lamb

This special three-book bundle tells the story of the mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia, where in 1795 three boys discovered the top of an ancient shaft. Two hundred years of courage, back-breaking effort,...

Meeting Place of the Dead

by Richard Palmisano

Paranormal investigator Richard Palmisano tells of a haunting rooted in century-old crime, and the most terrifying malicious spirits he has ever encountered.

Come with us as we investigate a place that has so...

Across the border

by Phil Revok

From behind the windowpane, I admire once again the reason that led me to sacrifice my life as a common mortal to become a cosmonaut. That’s right, a cosmonaut, not simply an astronaut: to travel in exploration...

Haunted Hamilton

by Mark Leslie

2013 Hamilton Arts Council Literary Award — Shortlisted, Nonfiction

Hamilton, Ontario, may seem just like any other city, but a haunted past is hidden beneath it.

From the Hermitage ruins to Dundurn Castle,...


by Richard Palmisano

In 1995, a young girl living with her abusive mother commits suicide. Shortly afterwards, her spirit returns to the house, only to find her mother gone and strangers moving in. She also finds the older spirits...

The UFO Files

by Palmiro Campagna

The UFO Files digs deep into the government’s archives to unravel the true story of Canada’s fascinating connection to the UFO phenomenon. Weaving together eyewitness accounts and secret government files,...


by Najla Mady

BOO!! is a collection of true ghost stories by Najla Mady, Canada’s very own ghostbuster. From voodoo rituals, infant possession, to the antics of gentle, benign spirits, including the famous love affair of...

Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldy Beings

by Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger

Experts on the unexplained and paranormal research, Brad and Sherry Steiger turn their unique and remarkable talents to the bold storytelling of encounters with the unknown from throughout the ages.

From mysterious...

Bluenose Ghosts

by Helen Creighton & Clary Croft

Ghosts guarding buried treasure, phantom ships, haunted houses and supernatural warnings of death- these are just some of the strange and mysterious phenomena that you will encounter in Bluenose Ghosts. These...

Hidden Circles in the Web

by Constance Wise

As one of the fastest growing Pagan traditions, Feminist Wicca appeals to many through its emphasis on the deep interconnectedness of life and its focus on the woman's religious experience. In Hidden Circles...

Ghosthunting Virginia

by Michael J. Varhola

Virginia and the District of Columbia are fertile ground for serious and casual ghosthunters alike and have no shortage of venues for paranormal investigation -- if visitors know where to look. Author Michael...

Ghosthunting New Jersey

by L'Aura Hladik

On this leg of the journey you'll explore the scariest spots in the Garden State. Author L'Aura Hladik visits 34 legendary haunted places, all of which are open to the public--so you can test your own ghosthunting...

Ghosthunting Illinois

by John B. Kachuba

Lock the doors, draw the curtains, and light a candle as you join author John Kachuba on a guided tour of Illinois's most terrifyingly haunted places. Your hair-raising journey will take you to:

• Old State...

Ghosthunting Ohio

by John B. Kachuba

Author John Kachuba bravely visits more than twenty-five haunted places in Ohio to give readers first-hand frights from the safety of their armchairs. For readers curious -- and courageous -- enough to "hunt"...

Philosophy of Witchcraft

by Steven Leslie Golding

Historians have studied witchcraft for years, and many in medieval times were fascinated by this misunderstood religion and belief system. For author Steven Leslie Golding, it’s one of the most positive, friendly,...

Finding Myself

by Sumi Anirudhan

“Finding Myself -where I never thought I would find Me” is a collection of poems and thoughts, where Sumi tells of her very interesting and successful journey to find her real self. She hopes her words will...

Where the Ghosts Are

by Steve Vernon

If you’re from Halifax, you’ve probably heard that the Five Fisherman Restaurant is supposedly haunted, and that Georges Island is overrun with ghosts. If you’re from Nova Scotia, you probably know about...

Wonderful Strange

by Dale Jarvis

Newfoundland and Labrador is blessed with more fairies, devils, old hags, phantoms, Jacky Lanterns, sea monsters, and other fabulous and frightening creatures than any other spot in Canada. Author and researcher...