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Terpsichore in Sneakers

by Sally Banes

Drawing on the postmodern perspective and concerns that informed her groundbreaking Terpischore in Sneakers, Sally Bane's Writing Dancing documents the background and development of avant-garde and popular dance,...

39 Steps to Better Screenwriting

by Paul Chitlik

This is not a beginner?s book on screenplay writing, though a beginner could read it and learn. This is a writer?s consigliere. It?s a book of advice and reflection that will kick ass against just about any...

Myth Performance in the African Diasporas

by Benita Brown, Dannabang Kuwabong & Christopher Olsen

Diaspora studies continue to expand in range and scope and remain fertile terrain for investigating multiple techniques of myth creation in dance performance, history as performance, dramatic narrative, and...

Anthropology of the Performing Arts

by Anya Peterson Royce

Anya Peterson Royce turns the anthropological gaze on the performing arts, attempting to find broad commonalities in performance, art, and artists across space, time, and culture. She asks general questions...

Salsa and Its Transnational Moves

by Sheenagh Pietrobruno

Salsa and Its Transnational Moves presents a brilliant critical analysis of salsa dancing in a major North American city. Drawing from a vast number of disciplines, author Sheenagh Pietrobruno focuses on the...

Dancing for Health

by Judith Lynne Hanna

Throughout history and in contemporary times, people worldwide have danced to cope with the stresses of life. But how has dance helped people resist, reduce, and escape stress? What is it about dance that makes...

Rudolf Laban

by Evelyn Doerr

Rudolf Laban, the famed dancer-choreographer and 'founding father' of modern dance, also had experience as a painter, sculptor, and architect, and allowed those skills to influence his innovative choreographic...

Early Days, Early Dancers

by Jocelyn Terell Allen

Early Days, Early Dancers documents the first decade of the National Ballet, focusing on the dancers of the 1950s, especially principal dancers Lois Smith, David Adams, Angela Leigh, Donald Mahler, and Celia...

Dancing to Transform

by Emily Wright

In response to a scarcity of writings on the intersections between dance and Christianity, Dancing to Transform examines the religious lives of American Christians who, despite the historically tenuous place...

Save Me The Waltz

by Zelda Fitzgerald

Written in six weeks and drawing from the life she shared with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Save Me the Waltz is a classic novel of one woman’s experience in a fast-moving Jazz Age society.

Alabama Beggs is a Southern...

Drawing the Surface of Dance

by Annie-B Parson

Soloing on the page, choreographer Annie-B Parson rethinks choreography as dance on paper. Parson draws her dances into new graphic structures calling attention to the visual facts of the materiality of each...

Lavender & Butterflies

by Mandy Fason

Lavender daydreams of being a ballet dancer. She works very hard to become part of the Butterfly Nation Ballet Company. The Butterfly Nation Ballet is a futuristic presentation when planets are left to their...

Body and Earth

by Andrea Olsen

"Body is our first environment," writes Andrea Olsen. "It is the medium through which we know the earth." In a remarkable integration of environmental science, biology, meditation, and creative expression, Olsen,...

Using the Sky

by Deborah Hay

Deborah Hay is an internationally renowned dance artist whose unique approach to bodily practice has had lasting impact on American choreography. Her commitment to dance as a process is as exquisite as it is...

Celluloid Classicism

by Hari Krishnan

Celluloid Classicism provides a rich and detailed history of two important modern South Indian cultural forms: Tamil Cinema and Bharatanatyam dance. It addresses representations of dance in the cinema from...

Moving Bodies, Navigating Conflict

by Ahalya Satkunaratnam

Moving Bodies, Navigating Conflict is a groundbreaking ethnographic examination of dance practice in Colombo, Sri Lanka, during the civil war (1983–2009). It is the first book of scholarship on bharata natyam...

The Cultural Work

by Corinna Campbell

How do people in an intensely multicultural city live alongside one another while maintaining clear boundaries? This question is at the core of The Cultural Work, which illustrates how the Maroons (descendants...


by Andrea Olsen

BodyStories is a book that engages the general reader as well as the serious student of anatomy. Thirty-one days of learning sessions heighten awareness about each bone and body system and provide self-guided...


by Caroline Randall Williams & Paul Vasterling

"Part lyrical narrative, part bluesy riff, part schoolyard chant and part holy incantation" ? New York Times Lucy Negro, Redux, uses the lens of Shakespeare's "Dark Lady" sonnets to explore the way questions...

Performance / Media / Art / Culture

by Jacki Apple & Marina LaPalma

Experience the interdisciplinary performance scene of the 1980s and beyond through the eyes of one of its most compelling witnesses. Jacki Apple?s Performance / Media / Art / Culture traces performance...