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Television Westerns

by Alvin H. Marill

Westerns have featured prominently in films almost since motion pictures were first produced at the end of the nineteenth century and when televisions invaded American homes in the late 1940s and early '50s,...

Unraveling the Mysteries of The Big Bang Theory (Updated Edition)

by George Beahm


The Big Bang Theory – CBS’s surprise hit sitcom – was recently renewed through 2017 after pulling in 19 million weekly viewers in its most recent season. Any fan who tunes...

Historical Dictionary of African American Television

by Kathleen Fearn-Banks & Anne Burford-Johnson

This second edition of Historical Dictionary of African-American Television covers the history of African-Americans on television from the beginning of national television through the present day. This is done...

Talking Dirty on Sex and the City

by Beatriz Oria

First broadcast on HBO in 1998, Sex and the City quickly became a mainstream success. Following four women who navigate the promise and peril of social, political, and sexual relationships in New York, the series...

Doctor Who and the Art of Adaptation

by Marcus K. Harmes

Although it started as a British television show with a small but devoted fan base, Doctor Who has grown in popularity and now appeals to audiences around the world. In the fifty-year history of the program,...

A Source Book in Theatrical History

by A. M. Nagler

A rich resource for students of theater and theater historians, this volume features an annotated collection of more than 300 unusually interesting and detailed articles. Passages by contemporary observers from...

From Starship Captains to Galactic Rebels

by Kimberly Yost

Real-world leaders hold the fates of companies, armies, and nations in their hands, but the leaders portrayed in science fiction play for larger stakes. Their decisions determine the survival of species, planets,...

Television Introductions

by Vincent Terrace

Since the beginning of network television, many shows have been preceded by an announcement or theme song that served various purposes. In the 1950s and ’60s, it was common for announcers to declare that a...

The ABC Movie of the Week

by Michael McKenna

On September 23, 1969, five years after the first made-for-television movie premiered, the ABC network broadcast Seven in Darkness. This was the first television film for an anthology show called the Tuesday...

Popular Culture and the Future of Politics

by Ted Gournelos

Popular Culture and the Future of Politics: Cultural Studies and the Tao of South Park argues that progressives should conceive the connections between media, policy, and culture beyond the limits of 'politics'...

A Research Guide to Film and Television Music in the United States

by H. Stephen Wright, Jeannie Gayle Pool & Leonard Maltin

Unlike traditional music, film music sources are often difficult to locate and do not follow the patterns that researchers are trained to identify. Although there have been several self-described introductions...

Branding the Teleself

by Ernest A. Hakanen

Branding the Teleself is a discourse on the standard history social scientific study of media effects with the purpose of revealing changes in how our selves have been reconceived in its study and how the discourse...

The O.C.: A Critical Understanding

by Lori B. Bindig & Andrea M. Bergstrom

The O.C., A Critical Understanding, by Lori Bindig and Andrea M. Bergstrom, is a feminist cultural studies analysis of FOX’s hit teen television drama The O.C. (2003-2007). Episodes of The O.C. are analyzed...

The Generic Closet

by Jr. Alfred L. Martin

Even after a rise in gay and Black representation and production on TV in the 1990s, the sitcom became a "generic closet," restricting Black gay characters with narrative tropes.

Drawing from 20 interviews with...

The Generic Closet

by Jr. Alfred L. Martin

Even after a rise in gay and Black representation and production on TV in the 1990s, the sitcom became a "generic closet," restricting Black gay characters with narrative tropes.

Drawing from 20 interviews with...


by Tobin Smith

From a 14-year Fox News contributor, guest anchor, and two-time New York Times bestselling author comes an unprecedented insider's account of the Fox News playbook??the production secrets and manipulation strategies...


by Paul Arras

Since coming to an end at the pinnacle of its popularity, Seinfeld’s story continues. The show’s enduring appeal has helped earn its creators billions of dollars and counting. Many of the most popular and...

The Tao of Jack Bauer

by Steven Keslowitz

As the preeminent post-9/11 television thriller, 24 has addressed critical issues relating to striking the proper balance between maintaining our civil liberties and ensuring our national security. The show...

The Secret of Life Through Screenwriting

by Joy Cheriel Brown

Over the last decade or so, the concept of the law of attraction has become very popular, which is the secret to making all of your dreams come true. The law of attraction teaches how life really works and how...

Doña Bárbara Unleashed

by Jenni M. Lehtinen

Since its publication in 1929, the story of Doña Bárbara has haunted the collective Latin-American imagination, and has been adapted variously both for the small and big screen. Doña Bárbara Unleashed explores...