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Heart of cat

by Ilaria Tomasini

Seven delicate tales, seven short stories and one subject: cats. Funny, curious, tender, touching, enterprising cats, as only cats can be. Seven tales of love, magic, friendship and adventures, written with...

Cat scratches (with Jazz and Gigi)

by Ilaria Isaia

Cats are smart, cute, funny, pawsome, amazing… What can two (or rather, three) cats do if they suddenly became the heroes of a cartoon series? Jazz and Gigi (together with little Kara) live adventures, fantasies...

Cat Lover's Daily Companion

by Kristen Hampshire, Iris Bass & Lori Paximadis

Cat Lover's Daily Companion is a unique, easy-to-use, and inspiring handbook filled with a year's worth of insight, helpful tips, and practical advice into the feline-human relationship for all cat lovers and...

Health and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

by David G. Wellock & Jim Walker

If cats and dogs could write an instruction manual for their humans, Health and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats would be the result. While many cat and dog lovers want to feed and care for their pets as best they...

Fate, Faith & a Feral Feline

by Brooke Bernard

Fate, Faith & a Feral Feline is a young adult/adult story that interlaces the synchronicities of life with an adored kitten. This true story is a testament of the power of love, separation, and unification....

Cleo, the Curious Cat

by Little Nickel

Cleo was a very, very special being. I will tell how she spreads love wherever she goes. Yes, she also spoke the words ma and out. Cleo slept on the other pillow on my bed. A lot of times I would wake up with...


by Yvonne Almeida

There were so many reasons to believe Rusty was no ordinary cat. He hated cat toys. But he would play all day with trains that ran on a track and made sounds. He made vocal sounds more like human language than...


by Hostnick,Martha

Doo-Dad, a feral cat who took a chance on love Doo-Dad was an abandoned cat living on the streets and alleys and under vacant homes with crawl spaces. I found him hiding between the fence of our property and...

Cats Are the Worst

by Bexy McFly & Megan Lynn Kott

From shredded furniture to messy litter boxes to fur on everything, there are times when every cat owner wants to shout, "Cats are the worst!" This playful book shows what it looks like if cats could shout back,...

Working from Home with a Cat

by Heidi Moreno

This cute illustrated book shows what it's like to live and work from home with a cat, a situation over one third of us are familiar with.

Stepping on computer keyboards, knocking things off the table, interrupting...

Magnificat Puns

by Nan Clark & Eric Brake

MAGNIFICAT PUNS gives new meaning to the word PURRseverance.

--Joan O'Brien, Andover, VT

PURRsonally speaking, I had lots of fun trying to figure out these brain teasers.

--Barbara Murray, Mesa, AZ


Queer Icons and Their Cats

by Alison Nastasi & Pj Nastasi

These cat lovers are out and purr-oud!

Freddie Mercury, Sylvia Rivera, Alison Bechdel, Dusty Springfield. This book is a celebration of queer icons of the past and present and their furry feline friends. From...

Cats in Bow Ties

by Lindsi Jones

Companions, allies, friends?cats warm our hearts, bring comfort, and make us smile. In this book, author and photographer Lindsi Jones pays tribute to fabulous rescue felines, presenting colorful, feel-good...


by Michelle Perkins

Ask any cat lover: cats and kittens are the best thing ever! Cats lift our moods, lower our blood pressure, and improve our sense of well-being. In fact, people who have pets in their lives even live longer!...

Tiger Wars

by Al Cimino

Discover the shocking story of Joe Exotic versus Carole Baskin, as seen on the Netflix phenomenon, Tiger King.

The global smash-hit Netflix documentary mini-series, Tiger King, introduced viewers to the weird,...

Cooking for Cats

by Debora Robertson

20 mouth-watering recipes to cook for your cat at home.

In her latest book, food writer Debora Robertson has created a fun, indulgent book for feline fanatics. Inspired by her cat, Dixie, she’s devised an exciting...

Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds

by J. Anne Helgren

Updated with the latest information on all recognized feline breeds, this valuable reference source includes a survey of feline history and evolution, a detailed description of the attributes that make a purebred...

Abdul the Lucky Black Cat

by D’Mondriaus Wiley

Abdul lucky tells Good places to have adventures are anywhere and everywhere. I hope you guys enjoy the fun and aspiration of Abdul the lucky black neighborhood cat.

Beautiful Cats

by Darlene Arden & Nick Mays

We don't need to tell you that cats are natural supermodels.

Sashaying in front of our photographer’s lens are 40 of the world’s most remarkable and best-loved breeds, from the Bengal to the Birman, the...

Have You Seen Me?

by Gael Johnson

This adventure begins when Jack, a beautiful Bengal cat, goes missing. It details the search for Jack and how it grew into a community effort of support that provided the resilience needed to keep the faith....