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Plato's Republic as a Philosophical Drama on Doing Well

by Ivor Ludlam

Transcending dominant debates of whether Plato's Republic is about the ideal state, the soul, art, or education, Ivor Ludlam's analysis treats the dialogue as pure conversation. Returning to the original Greek,...

Nietzsche, Tension, and the Tragic Disposition

by Matthew Tones

Nietzsche, Tension, and the Tragic Disposition exposes the role of tension in Nietzsche’s recovery, in his mature thought, of the Greek tragic disposition. Matthew Tones examines the ontological structure...

The Philosopher's Plant

by Michael Marder & Mathilde Roussel

Despite their conceptual allergy to vegetal life, philosophers have used germination, growth, blossoming, fruition, reproduction, and decay as illustrations of abstract concepts; mentioned plants in passing...

Comic Cure for Delusional Democracy

by Gene Fendt

Gene Fendt shows how Plato's Republic provides a liturgical purification for the political and psychic delusions of readers, even as Socrates provides the same for his interlocutors at the festival of Bendis....

Cosmological Aesthetics through the Kantian Sublime and Nietzschean Dionysian

by Erman Kaplama

Erman Kaplama explores the principle of transition (Übergang) from metaphysics to physics developed by Kant in his unfinished magnum opus, Opus Postumum. Drawing on the Heraclitean logos and Kant’s notions...

Hegel and Greek Tragedy

by Martin Thibodeau

This study is concerned with the different interpretations of Greek tragedy proposed by G.W.F. Hegel. While Hegel’s philosophical interest in tragedy as an art form is well known, the motivation for his preoccupation...

The Role Ethics of Epictetus

by Brian E. Johnson

The Role Ethics of Epictetus: Stoicism in Ordinary Life offers an original interpretation of Epictetus’s ethics and how he bases his ethics on an appeal to our roles in life. Epictetus believes that every...

Human Works, Absent Words

by Christopher Berry Gray

What is said can be understood only when seen in the context of what is not said. Many ancient and medieval philosophers use this dynamic of presence and absence. Plato always recognizes that his expressions...

Aristotle on the Necessity of Public Education

by Randall R. Curren

The book concludes that Aristotle's views yield a compelling argument for the claim that public supervision of education is a necessary condition for a just society. It examines the implications and limitations...

The Iroquois and the Athenians

by Brian Seitz & Thomas Thorp

Political communities are constituted through the representation of their own origin. The Iroquois and the Athenians is a philosophical exploration of the material traces left by that constitutional act in the...

Disguise and Recognition in the Odyssey

by Sheila Murnaghan

Disguise and Recognition in the Odyssey reveals the significance of the Odyssey's plot, in particular the many scenes of recognition that make up the hero's homecoming and dramatize the cardinal values of Homeric...

Exploring Personhood

by Joseph Torchia,

Exploring Personhood examines the metaphysical underpinnings of theories of human nature, personhood, and the self. The history of western philosophy provides the framework for broaching critical questions pertinent...

Breaking with Athens

by Christopher A. Colmo

In this controversial new book, Christopher A. Colmo offers a view of the 10th century Arab philosopher Alfarabi that draws attention to a previously unremarked aspect of his philosophic project. Colmo argues...

Karl Marx and the Future of the Human

by Cyril Smith

In this excellent study of Karl Marx's thought, Cyril Smith takes a long and winding route that starts with classical world thought. When he arrives at the door to Marx's pantheon we see that, with the significant...

Classical Christianity and the Political Order

by Ernest L. Fortin, Brian J. Benestad & Daniel J. Mahoney

In Volume Two of Ernest Fortin: Collected Essays, Fortin deals with the relationship between religion and civil society in a Christian context: that of an essentially nonpolitical but by no means entirely otherwordly...

Madness Triumphant

by Lee Fratantuono

Madness Triumphant: A Reading of Lucan’s Pharsalia offers the most detailed and comprehensive analysis of Lucan’s epic poem of the civil war between Caesar and Pompey to have appeared in English. In the...

The Lesser Good

by Wendy C. Hamblet

Western civilization is founded upon the assumption that there exists a "natural order" to the world, an embedded principle of justice with which human reason is aligned. The imagery is seductive. However, Emil...

Plato's Socrates as Narrator

by Anne-Marie Schultz

This book explores Socrates’ role as narrator of the Lysis, Charmides, Protagoras, Euthydemus, and Republic. New insights about each dialogue emerge through careful attention to Socrates’ narrative commentary....

Socratic Charis

by Lisa Atwood Wilkinson

This book explores the possibility that Plato’s philosophia is influenced by non-agonal practices and values that historically and philosophically antedate the agonal practices of the Athenian ekklesia. The...

Dramatic Action in Greek Tragedy and Noh

by Mae J. Smethurst

This book explores the ramifications of understanding the similarities and differences between the tragedies of Euripides and Sophocles and realistic Japanese noh. First, it looks at the relationship of Aristotle’s...