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Making Sense of Heidegger

by Thomas Sheehan

Making Sense of Heidegger presents a radically new reading of Heidegger’s notoriously difficult oeuvre. Clearly written and rigorously grounded in the whole of Heidegger’s writings, Thomas Sheehan’s latest...

The Magic of Truth

by Farah Dally

Questions of truth have occupied philosophers, scientists, and theologians throughout human history. What is truth? Does it exist? How do we define truth? Who determines what is true and what is not? The Magic...

Continental Anti-Realism

by Richard Sebold

There has been a resurgence of interest in the problem of realism, the idea that the world exists in the way it does independently of the mind, within contemporary Continental philosophy. Many, if not most,...

The Pragmatists and the Human Logic of Truth

by Claudine Tiercelin

The expression “human logic of truth” is Frank P. Ramsey’s:“Let us therefore try to get an idea of a human logic which shall not attempt to be reducible to formal logic. Logic, we may agree, is concerned...

Avant Garde

by Robin Maconie

Gertrude Stein and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead were unlikely friends who spent most of their mature lives in exile: Stein in France and Whitehead in the United States. Their friendship was based on a...

The Memory of Place

by Dylan Trigg

From the frozen landscapes of the Antarctic to the haunted houses of childhood, the memory of places we experience is fundamental to a sense of self. Drawing on influences as diverse as Merleau-Ponty, Freud,...

Dead Letters to Nietzsche, or the Necromantic Art of Reading Philosophy

by Joanne Faulkner

Dead Letters to Nietzsche examines how writing shapes subjectivity through the example of Nietzsche?s reception by his readers, including Stanley Rosen, David Farrell Krell, Georges Bataille, Laurence Lampert,...

Between You and I

by Beata Stawarska

Classical phenomenology has suffered from an individualist bias and a neglect of the communicative structure of experience, especially the phenomenological importance of the addressee, the inseparability of...

Gadamer's Ethics of Play

by Monica Vilhauer

Gadamer's Ethics of Play: Hermeneutics and the Other examines the ethical dimensions of understanding by focusing on Gadamer's concept of 'play' as it is developed in his magnum opus Truth and Method. Monica...

War Is Not Inevitable

by Henri Parens

In 1932, Freud told Einstein that war is inevitable because humans have an instinct to destroy. However, studies of aggression reveal that rather than being an inborn drive, destructiveness is generated in us...

The Intentional Spectrum and Intersubjectivity

by Michael D. Barber

World-renowned analytic philosophers John McDowell and Robert Brandom, dubbed ?Pittsburgh Neo-Hegelians,? recently engaged in an intriguing debate about perception. In The Intentional Spectrum and Intersubjectivity...

From Mastery to Mystery

by Bryan E. Bannon

From Mastery to Mystery is an original and provocative contribution to the burgeoningfield of ecophenomenology. Informed by current debates in environmental philosophy, Bannon critiques the conception of nature...

Foundations of the Everyday

by Eran Dorfman

We are used to seeing the everyday as an ordinary aspect of life, something that we need to "overcome"; whereas it actually plays a crucial role in any event of our lives. This highly original book engages with...

Finite Transcendence

by Steven A. Burr

Absurdity, time, death—each poses a profound threat to Being, compelling us to face our limits and our finitude. Yet what does it mean to fully realize and experience these threats? Finite Transcendence: Existential...

Light Traces

by John Sallis & Alejandro Arturo Vallega

What is the effect of light as it measures the seasons? How does light leave different traces on the terrain?on a Pacific Island, in the Aegean Sea, high in the Alps, or in the forest? John Sallis considers...

Wild Rides and Wildflowers

by Scott Abbott & Sam Rushforth

"Abbott and Rushforth have a knack for entertaining readers."


Two university professors set out to repeatedly bike the Great Western Trail, observing and writing about its variations with every season....

Max Weber and Charles Peirce

by Basit Bilal Koshul

Max Weber and Charles Peirce: At the Crossroads of Science, Philosophy, and Culture shows that a relational conception of science is implicit in Max Weber’s reflections on scientific inquiry as a bridge between...

Why Do We Go to the Zoo?

by Erik A. Garrett

Despite hundreds of millions of visitors each year, zoos have remained outside of the realm of philosophical analysis. This lack of theoretical examination is interesting considering the paradoxical position...

Philosophy and Working-through the Past

by Jeffrey M. Jackson

At certain moments in his political essays, Kant conceives of socio-historical emancipation as a process of working ourselves out of pathological legacies, suggesting that emancipation would involve a process...

The Pragmatic Vision

by Nicholas Rescher

Since C. S. Pierce advocated a pragmatic approach to truth and knowledge, it has been one of the characteristic themes of American philosophy. This book examines how pragmatism's central ideas can be applied...