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The Magic of Truth

by Farah Dally

Questions of truth have occupied philosophers, scientists, and theologians throughout human history. What is truth? Does it exist? How do we define truth? Who determines what is true and what is not? The Magic...

Pragmatist Variations on Ethical and Intercultural Life

by Lenart Skof

The book is a contribution to the fields of pragmatism, intercultural philosophy, and social and political ethics. The argument in the book runs along two lines: firstly, four pragmatist philosophers (William...

DARS magazine n° 217

by Dars

D’ARS Magazine è una collana in formato ePub che dal 2014 offre al pubblico una raccolta di articoli tratti da D’ARS - periodico di arti e culture contemporanee in due lingue (italiano e inglese). Diretto...

Think Like a Commoner

by David Bollier

A new world based on fairness, participation, accountability is closer than you thinkif you learn to think like a commoner

The biggest "tragedy of the commons" is the misconception that commons are failures-relics...

Darwin's Philosophical Legacy

by Gerard M. Verschuuren

There is hardly any university, college, or even high school left where they do not teach Darwinism—and rightly so. Yet, most of these places do more preaching than teaching. They teach more than they should,...

Negotiating Capability and Diaspora

by Ashmita Khasnabish

Negotiating Capability and Diaspora: A Philosophical Politics scrutinizes Indian economist cum philosopher Amartya Sen’s theory of capability, which rose as a critique of the modern American philosopher John...

Max Weber and Charles Peirce

by Basit Bilal Koshul

Max Weber and Charles Peirce: At the Crossroads of Science, Philosophy, and Culture shows that a relational conception of science is implicit in Max Weber’s reflections on scientific inquiry as a bridge between...

Trust, Our Second Nature

by Thomas O. Buford

The thesis of this book is that only a social personalism and no form of impersonalism can adequately account for the solidarity and stability of what we individuals share with all other members of our society,...

The Performativity of Value

by Steve Sherlock

The Performativity of Value: On the Citability of Cultural Commodities addresses the increased commodification of language in the U.S. cultural economy. The marketing of cultural commodities in formats such...

Friendship in an Age of Economics

by Todd May

We live in an age of economics. We are encouraged not only to think of our work but also of our lives in economic terms. In many of our practices, we are told that we are consumers and entrepreneurs. What has...

The Generalist Approach to Conflict Resolution

by Dr. Toran Hansen

This book outlines the generalist approach to conflict resolution. The approach was inspired by the generalist approach to social work but has now emerged in the fields of conflict resolution and peace studies....

Hannah Arendt and Karl Marx

by Tama Weisman

Hannah Arendt and Karl Marx: On Totalitarianism and the Tradition of Western Political Thought is the first book to examine Hannah Arendt’s unpublished writings on Marx in their totality and as the unified...

Talking Anarchy

by Colin Ward & David Goodway

Of all political views, anarchism is the most ill-represented. For more than thirty years, in over thirty books, Colin Ward patiently explained anarchist solutions to everything from vandalism to climate change—and...

The Critical Theory of Axel Honneth

by Danielle Petherbridge

The Critical Theory of Axel Honneth provides a comprehensive study of the work of Axel Honneth, offering a critical reconstruction of his project in relation the themes of power, critique, and the intersubjective...

Living Spirit of Revolt

by Ziga Vodovnik & Howard Zinn

“The great contribution of ?iga Vodovnik is that his writing rescues anarchism from its dogma, its rigidity, its isolation from the majority of the human race. He reveals the natural anarchism of our everyday...

The New American Social Compact

by Jane A. Grant

The New American Social Compact examines the need to redefine the social compact in twenty-first-century America. Grant explores the two components of this compact_the rights and obligations of citizenship_as...

The Deliberative Impulse

by Andrew F. Smith

What can motivate citizens in divided societies to engage in free, open, and reasoned dialogue? Attempts by philosophers to answer this question focus largely on elucidating what citizens owe to one another...

Plato on the Limits of Human Life

by Sara Brill

By focusing on the immortal character of the soul in key Platonic dialogues, Sara Brill shows how Plato thought of the soul as remarkably flexible, complex, and indicative of the inner workings of political...

Feminist, Queer, Crip

by Alison Kafer

In Feminist, Queer, Crip Alison Kafer imagines a different future for disability and disabled bodies. Challenging the ways in which ideas about the future and time have been deployed in the service of compulsory...

Derrida and the Inheritance of Democracy

by Samir Haddad

Derrida and the Inheritance of Democracy provides a theoretically rich and accessible account of Derrida's political philosophy. Demonstrating the key role inheritance plays in Derrida's thinking, Samir Haddad...