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Creating Cohousing

by Charles Durrett & Kathryn McCamant

The cohousing "bible" by the US originators of the concept.

A man's home is his castle. But demographic and economic changes haveturned our castles into islands. How can we regain the elements of the traditional...

Leading the Inclusive City

by Robin Hambleton

Cities are often seen as helpless victims in a global flow of events and many view growing inequality in cities as inevitable. This engaging book rejects this gloomy prognosis and argues that imaginative place-based...

Negotiating Cohesion, Inequality and Change

by Hannah Jones

How are multiculturalism, inequality and belonging understood in the day-to-day thinking and practices of local government? Examining original empirical data, this book explores how local government officers...

Rebuilding Britain

by Hugh Ellis & Kate Henderson

Britain faces extraordinary challenges, from climate change to growing inequality and global economics, but as a nation it has no plan for the future. This unique book asks a simple question: how can Britain...

Ethnicity, class and aspiration

by Tim Butler & Chris Hamnett

East London has undergone dramatic changes over the last 30 years, primarily as a result of London's large scale de-industrialisation and the rise in its financial sector. Large parts of inner East London remain...

Finance for housing

by Cathy Davis

The global financial crisis of 2007-08 was triggered by sub-prime mortgage mis-selling in the US and the global sale of these debts as new bonds. Austerity programmes are designed to reduce the borrowing that...

Territories and urbanisation in South Africa

by Frédéric Giraut & Céline Vacchiani-Marcuzzo

The DYSTURB database collates, harmonises and inter-relates over time the following different elements: a set of political, administrative and functional maps of the districts, provinces and urban areas; the...

Alternative Urban Futures

by Raquel Pinderhughes

Alternative Urban Futures challenges existing models of urban development and promotes alternative paradigms, processes, and technologies designed to fulfill human needs and limit the harmful impacts of human...

Administrative Discretion in Action

by Amanda M. Olejarski

This book is about changing the way we do public administration. It is about the wielding of administrative discretion in the implementation of a constitutional power: eminent domain, taking private property...

Rescaling Urban Governance

by John Sturzaker & Alexander Nurse

Cities across the globe face unprecedented challenges as a result of ever-increasing pressure from climate change, migration, ageing populations and resource shortages. In order to guarantee a sustainable global...

The Politics of Memory

by Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos

Who decides which stories about a city are remembered? How do interpretations of the past shape a city’s present and future? In this book, Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos discusses notions of power and national...

The Political Philosophy of the European City

by Ferenc Hörcher

The Political Philosophy of the European City is a courageous and wide-ranging panorama of the political life and thought of the European city. Its novel hypothesis is that modern Western political thought,...


by Seth Barron

“Seth Barron has covered New York for a very long time. He has a new book The Last Days of New York. The title says it all.” — TUCKER CARLSON "A must read.” — BRIAN KILMEADE, host of Fox & Friends...

The Forgotten City

by Phil Allmendinger

We all want cities, where more than half of the world’s population currently live, to be just, successful, clean, fair, green, sustainable, safe, healthy and affordable. Will ‘smart cities’ help achieve...

Healthy and Age-Friendly Cities in the People's Republic of China

by Najibullah Habib, Stefan Rau, Susann Roth & Filipe Silva et al.

Rapid urbanization and aging in many countries including the People?s Republic of China, along with lessons learned from the coronavirus disease pandemic, emphasize the urgent need to make cities healthier and...

Sunnyside Gardens

by Jeffrey A. Kroessler & Laura A. Heim

The first book devoted to this landmark of architecture, urban planning, and social engineering

Situated in the borough of Queens, New York, Sunnyside Gardens has been an icon of urbanism and planning since its...

Street Commerce

by Andres Sevtsuk

A comprehensive analysis of the issues involved in planning for and facilitating successful street commerce

Street commerce has gained prominence in urban areas, where demographic shifts such as increasing numbers...

Street Commerce

by Andres Sevtsuk

A comprehensive analysis of the issues involved in planning for and facilitating successful street commerce

Street commerce has gained prominence in urban areas, where demographic shifts such as increasing numbers...

Making Government Work

by Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene

In this book, Barrett and Greene present evolving theories of performance management, the practices necessary for a good performance-based government, and the pitfalls that can easily be encountered along the...

Development and Policy Dialogue: Contemporary Insights

by Thomas Kaydor Jr.

We live in a time when the largest numbers of people who were being lifted out of absolute poverty in a relatively short time in human history have relapsed into extreme poverty due to the Coronavirus Disease...