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Solidarity Intervention

by Monique Jo Beerli

All across the globe, individuals mobilize international support in defense of Palestinian rights and a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, these international activists are neither the...

Corporations Are Not People

by Jeffrey D. Clements & Bill Moyers


Since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that the rights of things—money and corporations—matter more than the rights of people, America has faced a crisis of democracy....

Historical Dictionary of the Civil Rights Movement

by Christopher M. Richardson & Ralph E. Luker

The second edition of Historical Dictionary of the Civil Rights Movement is a guide to the history of the African-American struggle for equal rights in the United States. The history of this period is covered...

The End of America

by Naomi Wolf

A New York Times Bestseller!

?I hope we wake up quickly because history shows it?s a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back.??Naomi Wolf on Fox News Channel?s Tucker...

The Navajo Political Experience

by David E. Wilkins

Native nations, like the Navajo nation, have proven to be remarkably adept at retaining and exercising ever-increasing amounts of self-determination even when faced with powerful external constraints and limited...

The New American Social Compact

by Jane A. Grant

The New American Social Compact examines the need to redefine the social compact in twenty-first-century America. Grant explores the two components of this compact_the rights and obligations of citizenship_as...

Race and Reconciliation

by John B. Hatch & Aaron David Gresson Iii

In this enlightening and insightful monograph, John B. Hatch analyzes various public discourses that have attempted to address the racialized legacy of slavery, from West Africa to the United States, and in...

The Life of an Activist

by Randy Jurado Ertll

The Life of an Activist is a non-fiction narrative that describes key steps on how to become and evolve into an effective activist and community leader. The book describes social movements and provides useful...

Balancing Liberty and Security

by Michelle Louise Atkin

This work examines the philosophical foundations of information ethics and their potential for application to contemporary problems in U.S. foreign intelligence surveillance. Questions concerning the limits...

Civil Peace and the Quest for Truth

by Murray Dry

The freedoms of speech and religion assumed a sacrosanct space in American notions of civil liberty. But it was not until the twentieth century that these freedoms became prominent in American constitutional...

Conceptions of and Corrections to Majoritarian Tyranny

by Donald L. Beahm

The fundamental tenet of democracy is that the majority rules. Yet as James Madison wrote, 'Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression.' In this focused new work, Don Beahm...

Zones of Twilight

by Amanda DiPaolo

The Bill of Rights was designed to protect the American public from encroachments of liberty by the federal government. During times of war, the president often spearheads efforts to limit rights in the name...

Charles H. Thompson

by Louis Ray

During the era of segregation, the Journal of Negro Education published research vital to overturning racial segregation as public policy. Its founder, Charles Thompson’s editorials inspired and mobilized...

Communicate for Change

by Genelle Aldred

How do we advocate for justice effectively in a world deeply divided by racial, gender and class inequalities? If we want to make a positive difference, we have to know how to recognise our own biases and blind...

Raising Confident Black Kids

by M.J. Fievre

How to Raise Black Kids in a Racist World

#1 New Release in Teacher Resources and Student Life

Raising Confident Black Kids includes everything Black and multi-racial families need to know to raise empowered,...

Educating for a video game culture

by Alessandro Soriani

Video games: a complex medium whose popularity is growing extremely rapidly, posing new challenges in the education of children and young people Children, teenagers and young people today live in a world profoundly...

Gullah Days

by Jr. Thomas C. Barnwell, Emory Shaw Campbell & Carolyn Grant

The Gullah culture, though borne of isolation and slavery, thrived on the US East Coast sea islands from pre-Civil War times until today, and nowhere more prominently than on Hilton Head Island, SC. On this...

Prejudice and Policymaking

by Daniel Hummel

The United States was founded on principles enshrined in the Constitution. One of the foremost of these principles is religious freedom. Unfortunately, this freedom has not been shared by all equally. The place...

Taking the Fight South

by Howard Ball

Taking the Fight South provides a timely and telling reminder of the vigilance democracy requires if racial justice is to be fully realized.

Distinguished historian and civil rights activist Howard Ball has written...

Love for Liberation

by Robin J. Hayes

During the height of the Cold War, passionate idealists across the US and Africa came together to fight for Black self-determination and the antiracist remaking of society. Beginning with the 1957 Ghanaian independence...