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Trust in the Capacities of the People, Distrust in Elites

by Kenneth Good

Democratization is a sociopolitical process and the society that may grow out of it

where people make decisions on matters affecting them. It is an unending struggle to win such rights and power, to hold and...

A Functional Analysis of Political Television Advertisements

by William L. Benoit

A Functional Analysis of Political Television Advertisements examines theory and research on election advertisements. William Benoit employs the Functional Theory of Political Campaign Discourse to understand...

Rebooting American Politics

by Jason Gainous & Kevin M. Wagner

Going beyond theory and guess based forecasts; this book systematically explores and measures the implications of the growing use of the internet in the American political landscape. Using current election data,...

Purging the Republican Party

by Ronald T. Libby

This is the first book that explains the Tea Party’s successful “primary” campaign against Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). Grassroots Tea Party activists adopted this strategy in 2009 shortly after the...

The Social Basis of the Rational Citizen

by Sean Richey, Ikeda Ken'ichi, Sarah Brosnan & J. Benjamin Taylor

Social networking fascinates scholars, pundits, and a billion Facebook users; this book shows that whom we know has a vast impact on our political beliefs, actions, and abilities. Prior scholarship has shown...

Last Man Standing

by Danielle Sarver Coombs

When Barack Obama was re-elected president in November 2012, his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, took the blame for being alternately too moderate or too conservative. Critics from both within and outside...

Grounding Leadership Ethics in African Diaspora and Election Rights

by Jean-Pierre K. Bongila

This book analyzes the leadership ethics dilemma of whether the diaspora ought to vote specifically in their homeland franchise. This quagmire becomes even more complex in the case of Africa, where some diasporas...

Don't Stop Thinking About the Music

by Benjamin S. Schoening & Eric T. Kasper

In this insightful, erudite history of presidential campaign music, musicologist Benjamin Schoening and political scientist Eric Kasper explain how politicians use music in American presidential campaigns to...

The Keys to the White House

by Allan J. Lichtman

With The Keys to the White House: A Surefire Guide to Predicting the Next President, average citizens are giving the pollsters and pundits a run for their money. In this book, prominent political analyst and...

Choosing Our Choices

by James W. Davis & Robert E. DiClerico

Probably no feature of the American political system has been subject to more sustained criticism over the last twenty-five years than the process by which we choose our presidents. In Choosing Our Choices,...

The Dynamic Dominion

by Frank B. Atkinson

The Dynamic Dominion tells the dramatic story of Virginia's political transformation from the Second World War to the Reagan Revolution. The cradle of American democracy ? and thus of the democratic movement...

The 2010 Elections in Florida

by Robert E. Crew & Slater Bayliss

This book places the 2010 elections in Florida in historical context and offers insight into and an explanation for the substantial gains made by the Republicans that year. This book provides narratives of gubernatorial,...

Campaign Mode

by Michael John Burton & Daniel M. Shea

The pressures of contemporary electioneering force political professionals into 'campaign mode'?a state of mind that merges a visceral drive to win elections with a deep-seated habit of strategic thinking. Wise...

Campaign for President

by The Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School

In this book, a distinguished group of presidential campaign staff, journalists, and political observers take us inside the 2012 race for the Republican nomination and general election, guiding us through each...

The Perot Legacy: A New Political Path

by Pat Benjamin

In The Perot Legacy, political activist and Perot campaigner Pat Benjamin takes you inside Perot?s campaign and tells the story of a citizen action movement that turned everyday folks into street fighters as...

Buying Reality

by Danilo Yanich

From a certain perspective, the biggest political story of 2016 was how the candidate who bought three-quarters of the political ads lost to the one whose every provocative Tweet set the agenda for the day?s...

People Like Us

by Sayu Bhojwani

The inspiring story of political newcomers (sometimes also newcomers to America) who are knocking down built-in barriers to creating better government

The system is rigged: America's political leadership remains...

The Hidden History of the War on Voting

by Thom Hartmann

"Hartmann's history of voter suppression in America is necessary information given current news about voter registration purges and redistricting...a particularly timely topic for an election year, and anyone...

Permanent Citizens’ Assemblies

by Larry Patriquin

For a growing number of people, democracy has become synonymous with broken promises and abandoned commitments. Governments everywhere are not listening to their citizens’ concerns on matters of fundamental...

The Politics of Congressional Elections

by Gary C. Jacobson & Jamie L. Carson

Jacobson and Carson provide students with a comprehensive introduction to congressional elections and the electoral process. The tenth edition offers an engaging examination of congressional candidates, campaigns,...