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The Parties in Court

by Robert C. Wigton

American political parties have long existed in a gray area of constitutional law because of their uncertain status. Parties in this country are neither fully public nor fully private entities. This constitutional...

The Making of a Radical

by Scott Nearing & Staughton Lynd

Scott Nearing lived one hundred years, from 1883 to 1983--a life spanning most of the twentieth century. In his early years, Nearing made his name as a formidable opponent of child labor and military imperialism....

Politics on a Human Scale

by Jeff Taylor

In Politics on a Human Scale, Jeff Taylor examines political decentralization in the United States, including agrarianism, states’ rights, the abandonment of the decentralist impulse by the national leadership...


by Craig Duncan, Tibor R. Machan & Martha Nussbaum

Libertarianism: For and Against offers dueling perspectives on the scope of legitimate government. Tibor R. Machan, a well-known political philosopher with libertarian convictions, argues for a minimal government...

Trump's Democrats

by Stephanie Muravchik & Jon A. Shields

Why did hundreds of Democratic strongholds break for Donald Trump in 2016 and stay loyal to him in 2020?

Looking for answers, Muravchik and Shields lived in three such “flipped” communities. There they discovered...

Departures on the House

by Scott Crass

The word ?change? stormed onto the political lexicon in 1992 when Democratic Presidential nominee Bill Clinton aimed to deny George H.W. Bush a second term. Often overlooked, however, is that ?change? also caused...

Let ’Em Howl

by Patricia Sorbara

Patricia Sorbara has been a political operative for more than forty years—a mainstay in the background of both federal and provincial politics in Ontario, dedicating her career to the Liberal Party. She’s...

The Rise or Fall of South Africa

by Frans Cronje

What awaits us in the 2020s and 2030s? Will the country continue down the path of state capture, corrupt leadership and economic downturn? Or can South Africa rise from Jacob Zuma?s lost decade? Frans Cronje...

The Socialist Awakening

by John B. Judis

From the author of THE POLITICS OF OUR TIME

"A person of the left, Judis specializes in speaking truth to liberals." - E.J. Dionne Jr., The Washington Post

"Essential reading for progressives and socialists."...

Deep State Target

by George Papadopoulos

"Wait till you read this book. It blew me away. . . . Could not have come at a better time as we close the chapter on the Mueller Report. . . . This is a must-read book. . . . This will be a movie." ?Sean Hannity...

Empire of Resentment

by Lawrence Rosenthal

From a leading scholar on conservatism, the extraordinary chronicle of how the transformation of the American far right made the Trump presidency possible?and what it portends for the future

Since Trump's victory...

Merge Left

by Ian Haney Lopez

From the acclaimed author of Dog Whistle Politics, an essential road map to neutralizing the role of racism as a divide-and-conquer political weapon and to building a broad multiracial progressive future


The Mueller Report

by Robert S. Mueller Iii, Dan Boren & Allen West

In the future, The Mueller Report may be judged as the most important document of our time. And no matter where you reside on the American political spectrum, you will probably agree that it will have far-reaching...

Blue Metros, Red States

by David F. Damore, Robert E. Lang & Karen A. Danielsen

Assessing where the red/blue political line lies in swing states and how it is shifting

Democratic-leaning urban areas in states that otherwise lean Republican is an increasingly important phenomenon in American...

The Uses and Misuses of Politics

by William G. Mayer

The Uses and Misuses of Politics is a detailed examination of the politics of George W. Bush’s presidency, focusing on the work—and the mistakes—of presidential political advisor Karl Rove. In his role...

Why America Needs Socialism

by G. S. Griffin

?The debate over socialism in America is long overdue. This timely book is a good place to start! Don?t miss it!??Cornel West

?This timely book shows how many notable Americans criticized capitalism and endorsed...

Coming Home

by Vernon Robinson & Bruce Eberle

No one would ever argue that America has not had deep, ugly flaws, slavery and segregation being by far the most notable. But, thanks to great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Americans...

We Are Not Independent Because We Have a Big Brother

by Dr. Shabir Choudhry

Pakistani sponsored jihad in Jammu and Kashmir started in 1947; and despite death of tens of thousands of innocent people it has not ended yet. All the signs are that because of Pakistani obsession to capture...

Dirty Tricks in the Digital Age

by Elaine C. Kamarck & Darrell M. West

How American elections are increasingly vulnerable—and what must be done to protect them

Until recently, most Americans could assume that elections, at all levels of government, were reasonably clean and well...

Why We Must Defend the Electoral College

by Trent England

Is the Electoral College ?racist? and a ?scam? as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims? Or was Alexander Hamilton right when he declared that ?if it be not perfect, it is at least excellent?? In this Broadside,...