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Imagination in Politics

by Mihaela Czobor-Lupp

Imagination is a complex and ambiguous culture-making power, which, while central to politics, is a rather marginal concept in contemporary political theory. By drawing on works of modern and contemporary Continental...

Engaging Enemies

by Simon Griffiths

Friedrich Hayek was a founding figure of the neo-liberalism that flourished in the 1980s. Yet, despite his antagonistic relationship with socialism, his work became a surprising source of inspiration for several...

Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs

by William Upski Wimsatt

Here's what the critics have to say about William Upski Wimsatt's previous work:

"Spiritual heir to Norman Mailer."—The Atlantic

"Wimsatt's charisma stems from his courage."—Cornel West

"Bomb the Suburbs and...

America's Failing Experiment

by Kirby Goidel

Written in a provocative, jargon-free style ideal for stimulating classroom discussion, America’s Failing Experiment directly challenges would-be reformers who believe the solution to our current political...

Slow Democracy

by Susan Clark & Woden Teachout

Reconnecting with the sources of decisions that affect us, and with the processes of democracy itself, is at the heart of 21st-century sustainable communities.

Slow Democracy chronicles the ways in which ordinary...

The Social Basis of the Rational Citizen

by Sean Richey, Ikeda Ken'ichi, Sarah Brosnan & J. Benjamin Taylor

Social networking fascinates scholars, pundits, and a billion Facebook users; this book shows that whom we know has a vast impact on our political beliefs, actions, and abilities. Prior scholarship has shown...

Political Polling

by Jeffrey M. Stonecash

Information is crucial for candidates in political campaigns. This book, written by someone who has polled for 23 years, first focuses on the process of acquiring information during a campaign through polling....

The Soul of Civil Society

by Don Eberly & Ryan Streeter

Americans care about the public value of moral habits. They like to see virtue rewarded and vice censured, appealing as this does to the nation's deep sense that one's success rests neither in money nor in power...

The Politics of Historic Districts: A Primer for Grassroots Preservation

by William E. Schmickle

The worst thing in politics is to be right and to lose. This how-to guide will give citizens who are fighting to designate a local historic district the political know-how to win the support of fellow residents...

Popular Mobilization and Empowerment in Georgia's Rose Revolution

by Kelli Hash-Gonzalez

While other studies explain the Rose Revolution in terms of the contribution of the “power players,” Popular Mobilization and Empowerment in Georgia’s Rose Revolution, by Kelli Hash-Gonzalez, adds to our...

First and Foremost

by Richard D. Cheshire Ph.D.

America is under attack. Foreign adversaries are working to undermine our way of life. Domestic polarization is straining our community as a nation. American unity is at a premium. Americans urgently need to...


by Lionel Zetter

Fully revised, updated and expanded third edition Lobbying is a global industry which thrives wherever democracy is established. This third edition of Lobbying by Lionel Zetter straddles the globe, from the...

War Party

by Greg Ardé

Cadre deployment means that the ANC and the state are inextricably intertwined. In KwaZulu-Natal, which has long been the powder keg of South Africa, it?s a monster that means people of competing patronage networks...

Robert Mugabe, Kcb

by Esau Ncube

Robert Mugabe KCB is about two countries forced into one by British imperialistic interests, cemented by the optimism of African nationalism and plundered by the wrath of Africa?s longest serving tyrant. It...

Trump 2020

by Dr. Randy White

Trump 2020 is a book written supporting a non-political figure whom was elected to the nation's highest office, as President of the United States. With the change taking place and this change has ushered in...

China’s Long March of Modernisation

by Khor Eng Lee & Aaron Khor

With the support of its strong leadership and industrious population of close to one billion working Chinese, fully committed and dedicated to its peaceful development and comprehensive modernization, China...


by Thomas Ramge

Where is artificial intelligence, when we desperately need it? During the Covid-19 crisis, the world gorged on infographics of infection data from Johns Hopkins University. But in the vortex of the coronavirus...

Mary of All Virgins Our Lady of the Holy Trinity of God

by Juan De La Cruz

In this book the author presents in detail the mysteries that adorn the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit? Mary, the Woman who gives life to the one who gave life to Her, the Mother who engendered the Being who...

On  Redemption for  Zimbabwe My Country

by Musafare Mupanduki PhD

All the events that have taken place in Zimbabwe have not changed the lives of the majority of Zimbabweans for the better. The biggest event, the Lancaster House Agreement turned out to be the great betrayal...

Tobacco Wars

by Johann van Loggerenberg

Warning. Smoking kills. It also corrupts law-enforcement officials and eviscerates state institutions. It devours politicians, professionals, businesspeople and ordinary workers in the chase for big bucks and...