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Policy Change, Public Attitudes and Social Citizenship

by Louise Humpage

Neoliberal reforms have seen a radical shift in government thinking about social citizenship rights around the world. But have they had a similarly significant impact on public support for these rights? This...

The Valley

by Joan MacLeod

Eighteen-year-old Connor, an aspiring author whose fantastical stories foretell his growing struggle with depression, can’t wait to be free of his adverb-wielding, solve-it-all mother, Sharon. But six weeks...

Access to Justice for Disadvantaged Communities

by Marjorie Mayo

Access to justice for all, regardless of the ability to pay, has been a core democratic value. But this basic human right has come under threat through wider processes of restructuring, with an increasingly...

How social security works

by Paul Spicker

How social security works is an introduction to the much-misunderstood system of benefits in Britain. The book is an accessible, broadly based and sometimes controversial text which can help readers to make...

Understanding Restorative Justice

by Pete Wallis

This unique book is a clear and detailed introduction that analyses how restorative justice nurtures empathy, exploring key themes such as responsibility, shame, forgiveness and closure. The core notion of the...

Social Policy 3E

by Paul Spicker

Social Policy: Theory and practice is a fully revised, updated and extended edition of a bestselling social policy textbook, extensively reworked and adapted to meet the needs of its international readership....

A generation of change, a lifetime of difference?

by Martin Evans & Lewis Williams

This innovative book addresses the historical development of social and fiscal policies from the late 1970s to the present day by asking what has changed, how these changes have affected the lifecourse and what...

Applying social science

by David Byrne

In complex contemporary societies social science has become increasingly interwoven into the whole fabric of governance. At the same time there is an increasing recognition that attempts to understand the social...

Family futures

by Anne Power & Helen Willmot

Family life in areas of concentrated poverty and social problems is undermined by surrounding conditions. This timely book, by acclaimed author Anne Power and her team, is based on a unique longitudinal study...

Global Social Policy in the Making

by Bob Deacon

The global economic crisis continue to dominate headlines, yet measures to build a social floor under the global economy and reform global governance have received little attention. In 2012 the Social Protection...

Social Happiness

by Neil Thin

The development of happiness as an explicit theme in social research and policy worldwide has been rapid and remarkable, posing fundamental questions about our personal and collective motives and purposes. This...

Wealth and the Wealthy

by Karen Rowlingson & Stephen D. McKay

Wealth and the wealthy have received relatively little attention from social scientists despite a growing wealth gap. Aimed at a broad social science and public readership, this book draws on new data on wealth...

Ferraris for All

by Daniel Ben-Ami

The growth of the economy and the spread of prosperity are increasingly seen as problematic rather than positive - a trend Daniel Ben-Ami has termed 'growth scepticism'. Prosperity is accused of encourage greed,...

Contemporary social evils

by Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Which underlying problems pose the greatest threat to British society in the 21st century? A hundred years after its philanthropist founder identified poverty, alcohol, drugs and gambling among the social evils...

Analyzing Social Policy: Multiple Perspectives for Critically Understanding and Evaluating Policy

by Mary Katherine O'Connor & F. Ellen Netting

From formulation to implementation, an approach to the analysis of social policy through the lens of research

Analyzing Social Policy prepares professionals and students to make better informed decisions related...

Critical Reflections on Health Services Development in India

by Kesavan Rajasekharan Nayar

The book undertakes a critical examination of health service development in India and provides an explanation of its underdevelopment. It analyzes the trajectory of health services development in India and dissects...

The German Stranger

by William H. F. Altman & Michael Zank

Leo Strauss's connection with Martin Heidegger and Carl Schmitt suggests a troubling proximity to National Socialism but a serious critique of Strauss must begin with F. H. Jacobi. While writing his dissertation...

What Holds Europe Together?

by Krzysztof Michalski

The book addresses contemporary developments in European identity politics as part of a larger historical trajectory of a common European identity based on the idea of 'solidarity.' The authors explain the special...

Marijuana is Safer

by Steve Fox, Paul Armentano & Mason Tvert

In 2012, voters in Colorado shocked the political establishment by making the use of marijuana legal for anyone in the state twenty-one years of age or older. In the wake of that unprecedented victory, nationally...

Understanding the Further Education Sector

by Susan Wallace

Those working towards QTLS are required to demonstrate a critical understanding of the Further Education (FE) sector and the role of the FE practitioner. This book clearly identifies, particularly for the student...