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Law and Mental Health: A Case-Based Approach

by Robert G. Meyer & Christopher M. Weaver

This volume presents classic and contemporary legal cases that have set important precedents related to psychological and mental health issues in criminal and civil proceedings; the role of practitioners as...

Forensic Music Therapy: A Treatment for Men and Women in Secure Hospital Settings

by Stella Compton-Dickinson, John Adlam, Helen Odell-Miller & John Adlam et al.

This book demonstrates diverse approaches from music therapy teams working in secure settings. Case studies provide evidence for the use of music therapy with a variety of client groups including adult and adolescent...

To Know A Fallen Angel: Understanding the Mind of a Sexual Predator

by Bernard Amador

To Know A Fallen Angel is a coming of age story about a boy who tries not to become a sexual predator. Based on a true story, it is serious yet inspirational. The main theme is the ability to triumph over the...

Professional and Therapeutic Boundaries in Forensic Mental Health Practice

by Gillian Kelly, Anne Aiyegbusi & Gwen Adshead

For clinicians who work therapeutically with clients in forensic settings, the capacity to maintain boundaries is critical to safety as well as good treatment outcomes. The contributors to this multi-disciplinary...

The Therapeutic Milieu Under Fire: Security and Insecurity in Forensic Mental Health

by John , Adlam, Christopher, Scanlon, Christopher Scanlon & Anne, Aiyegbusi et al.

This groundbreaking book explores the psychodynamics and socio-politics of the forensic therapeutic milieu. Contributors describe the ethical, intellectual and emotional challenges of their work, providing readers...

University and Public Behavioral Health Organization Collaboration in Justice Contexts

by Kirk Heilbrun, H. Jean Wright, Ii, Christy Giallella & David DeMatteo

Public behavioral health organizations serving those involved in the criminal justice system, such as problem-solving courts, correctional facilities, and parole or probation, often lack the necessary resources...

The Malleability of Memory

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Elizabeth Loftus, renowned expert on human memory and Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science; Criminology, Law, and Society;...

The Wiley International Handbook on Psychopathic Disorders and the Law

by Alan Felthous & Henning Saß

The economic impact of society's attempts to rehabilitate and contain psychopathically disordered individuals can be enormous. Understanding the nature of these disorders, developing accurate and valid assessment...

A View from the Jury Box

by Carol W. Hazelwood

A View from the Jury Box is a journalistic approach to the long and complicated trial of Ron Blaney Jr., a deaf mute, who was accused of murdering and torturing his deaf girlfriend and her mother. The author,...

The Wiley Handbook of What Works with Sexual Offenders

by Jean Proulx, Franca Cortoni, Leam A. Craig & Elizabeth J. Letourneau

This new title in the What Works in Offender Rehabilitation series of handbooks reviews and brings up to date the ?What Works? literature in sexual offender theory, assessment, rehabilitation, risk management,...

Treating Sex Offenders: An Evidence-Based Manual

by Jill D. Stinson & Judith V. Becker

This structured yet flexible manual presents an innovative group treatment approach that targets deficits in self-regulation—a central problem for sex offenders. Safe Offender Strategies (SOS) comprises 10...

Psycho-Criminological Approaches to Stalking Behavior

by Heng Choon (Oliver) Chan & Lorraine L. Sheridan

Provides multidisciplinary coverage of stalking behavior worldwide from both academic and practical approaches

Psycho-Criminological Approaches to Stalking Behavior: The International Perspective is a thorough,...

The Wiley Handbook of What Works in Violence Risk Management

by J. Stephen Wormith, Leam A. Craig & Todd E. Hogue

A comprehensive guide to the theory, research and practice of violence risk management

The Wiley Handbook of What Works in Violence Risk Management: Theory, Research and Practice offers a comprehensive guide...

The Wiley Handbook on What Works for Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

by William R. Lindsay, Leam A. Craig & Dorothy Griffiths

Brings together the growing amount of evidence on the assessment and treatment of offenders with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Written by a team of international experts, this comprehensive and...

Psychological Science and the Law

by Neil Brewer & Amy Bradfield Douglass

Psychological research can provide constructive explanations of key problems in the criminal justice system--and can help generate solutions. This state-of-the-art text dissects the psychological processes associated...

The Wiley International Handbook of Correctional Psychology

by Devon L. L. Polaschek, Andrew Day & Clive R. Hollin

A two-volume handbook that explores the theories and practice of correctional psychology

With contributions from an international panel of experts in the field, The Wiley International Handbook of Correctional...


by Juan Moises de la Serna

Cyberbullying is a modern form of harassment that anyone can suffer, but the situation is especially worrying when dealing with minors.This short guide presents answers to some of the most important questions...

LGBTQ Divorce and Relationship Dissolution

by Abbie E. Goldberg & Adam P. Romero

What unique challenges face LGBTQ individuals in relationships or who are separating or divorcing, especially now that same-sex couples may marry? What issues might complicate the ending of relationships when...

The Behavioral Science of Firearms

by Gianni Pirelli, Hayley Wechsler & Robert J. Cramer

The Behavioral Science of Firearms focuses on applying behavioral science principles and knowledge to inform and improve firearm-related policy, practice, and research. The authors provide comprehensive coverage...

The Allure of Premeditated Murder

by Jack Levin & Julie B. Wiest

Any murder causes pain and suffering that ripple through families and communities—of both the victims and the perpetrators—but premeditated murders cause the worst kind of damage. The Allure of Premeditated...