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The Bipolar Express

by David Coleman

In the past few decades, awareness of bipolar disorder has significantly increased, but understanding of the condition remains vague for most of the general public. Though the term itself is relatively recent,...

Debunking ADHD

by Michael W. Corrigan

The time has come for Debunking ADHD and exposing how this invented disorder created to drug children does not exist. Despite unanimous agreement that no test exists to identify ADHD, 6.4 million American children...

Dealing with Resistance in Psychotherapy

by Althea J. Horner

Resistance is an unfortunate term for the manifestation of defense mechanisms in the treatment situation. Use of the word to a psychoanalytically unsophisticated patient may evoke undesired consequences because...

Disordered Thought and Development

by Theodore Fallon & Susan P. Sherkow

There is a moment at every level of psychological development in which the mind comes face to face with a challenge. This moment can last for a literal moment in time or it can extend for years—becoming the...

Understanding Loss and Grief

by Nanette Burton Mongelluzzo

Loss and grief are universal experiences and much has been written about both. Understanding Loss and Grief: A Guide Through Life Changing Events is a comprehensive self-help book about the various types of...

Group Therapy Techniques with Children, Adolescents, and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

by Kevin B. Hull

Group Therapy Techniques with Children, Adolescents, and Adults on the Autism Spectrum is designed for psychologists, counselors, and social workers who are interested in using group therapy with children, adolescents,...

Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Susan P. Sherkow, Alexandra M. Harrison & William M. Singletary

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Perspectives from Psychoanalysis is written by practicing child psychoanalysts with extensive experience treating children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and uneven development....

Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

by Lata K. McGinn & William C. Sanderson

Treatment for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has dramatically improved with the innovative use of cognitive-behavioral therapies. Drs. McGinn and Sanderson have developed a comprehensive method...

When the Body Is the Target

by Sharon Klayman Farber

In this comprehensive and insightful work, Dr. Sharon K. Farber provides an invaluable resource for the mental health professional who is struggling to understand self-harm and its origins. Using attachment...

Then They Started Shooting

by Lynne Jones

“Remarkable insight and sensitivity . . . deepen[s] our understanding of human resilience and how people rebuild their lives from tragic circumstances.” —KENNETH ROTH, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch...

So the Witch Won't Eat Me

by Dorothy Bloch

In So the Witch Won't Eat Me Bloch draws on 25 years of psychoanalytic practice. Her book is both a summary of her experience as a therapist and a disclosure of what she has learned about the inner workings...

Removing the Mask of Kindness

by Les Barbanell

Character traits may be used as defenses, or, 'coping mechanisms' that may be developed by individuals in an exaggerated fashion in order to conceal psychological conflicts. When these mechanisms break down,...

Ten-Mile Morning

by Adam Lamparello

Ten-Mile Morning is a true story about a man’s battle to overcome his five-year struggle with anorexia nervosa. Written from a painfully honest perspective, Adam Lamparello discusses his past addictions, depression,...

The Fog of Paranoia

by Sarah Rae

Pat and Sarah had long been friends, not just brother and sister. They supported each other, shared music and movies, and confided in each other as they went through the many challenging stages of adolescence....

Supporting Women after Domestic Violence

by Hilary Abrahams & Cathy Humphreys

This is really interesting and compelling book. Abrahams' writing style is readable and engaging and is interspersed with reference to research and powerfully, the words of women who have experienced domestic...

Working with Grieving and Traumatized Children and Adolescents: Discovering What Matters Most Through Evidence-Based, Sensory Interventions

by William Steele & Caelan Kuban

Praise for Working With Grieving and Traumatized Children and Adolescents

"This much-needed book effectively argues for the use of structured activities as the basis for exploring trauma-specific questions in...

Psychotherapy for Neuropsychological Challenges

by A. S. Aniskiewicz

This book is a unique and timely addition to the literature for it provides approaches for dealing with the cognitive and emotional consequences of common neurological diseases. There is growing awareness of...

Creating the Capacity for Attachment

by Karen B. Walant

Detached, alienated people, many of them functioning with a pathologically developed false self, barely navigate life's challenges. Our cultural emphasis on autonomy and separateness has led to a retreat from...

The Jokes of Sigmund Freud

by Elliott Oring

The Jokes of Sigmund Freud unravels the intimate connections between Sigmund Freud and his Jewish identity. Author Elliott Oring observes that Freud frequently identified with the characters in the jokes he...

Rethinking Depression

by Eric Maisel

In this provocative and pathbreaking distillation of a career spent working with individuals seeking help with mood and motivation, Eric Maisel reveals the implications of one of the most dramatic cultural shifts...