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Then They Started Shooting

by Lynne Jones

“Remarkable insight and sensitivity . . . deepen[s] our understanding of human resilience and how people rebuild their lives from tragic circumstances.” —KENNETH ROTH, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch...

Working with Grieving and Traumatized Children and Adolescents: Discovering What Matters Most Through Evidence-Based, Sensory Interventions

by William Steele & Caelan Kuban

Praise for Working With Grieving and Traumatized Children and Adolescents

"This much-needed book effectively argues for the use of structured activities as the basis for exploring trauma-specific questions in...

PTSD Guide

by Lise Leblanc

After such an event, people are usually keen to move on with their lives. They want to get over it as quickly as possible, but if you are suffering from PTSD, you haven’t been able to. Things are getting worse,...

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness

by Brown,Ann

How often have you heard the term “PTSD” or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? We know that it exists but do you really know what it means? Many of us suffer from PTSD and yet, have no idea what it is, how...

War and the Arc of Human Experience

by Glenn Petersen

Glenn Petersen flew seventy combat missions in Vietnam when he was nineteen, launching from an aircraft carrier in the Tonkin Gulf. He’d sought out the weighty responsibilities and hazardous work. But why?...


by Elisa Escalante

Unseen is centered around military trauma from the perspective of a mental health technician, Elisa Escalante, that deployed to Afghanistan and continued to dedicate herself to clinical work with veterans post...

Integrative Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice

by Peter Hawkins & Judy Ryde

Bringing together relational, systemic and ecological approaches, this pioneering book outlines a valuable integrative psychotherapeutic method and presents the core steps for implementing it into practice.


Shiny Penny

by D'Amico,Lorenzo

Lorenzo Dela Cruz arrives at his new duty station, VT-12 in Rota, Spain. He is a fresh and crisp shiny penny with all the enthusiasm to perform his duty as an Intelligence Specialist. He finds quickly that he...

The Simple Guide to Collective Trauma

by Betsy de Thierry, Emma Reeves & Lisa Cherry

· What is collective trauma?

· How can it impact children and communities?

· What can we do about it?

Providing accessible answers to these complex questions and more, this guide explores the key characteristics...

American and NATO Veteran Reintegration

by MaryCatherine McDonald & Gary Senecal

In American and NATO Veteran Reintegration, MaryCatherine McDonald and Gary Senecal examine mental health issues among former American service members. Data shows that American veterans suffer from post-traumatic...

Healing with Nature

by Rochelle Calvert & Mark Coleman

Reconnect with Your Body and Nature to Heal from Trauma

As psychologist and mindfulness teacher Rochelle Calvert explores in this powerful book, one of the greatest sources of healing from trauma is all around...

Tumbuhan Herbal Terbaik Yang Berkhasiat Untuk Menghilangkan Stres & Depresi Serta Meningkatkan Kesehatan Mental Edisi Bahasa Inggris

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

Mari Mengenal Berbagai Jenis Tumbuhan Herbal Terbaik Dari Alam Yang Berkhasiat Untuk Menghilangkan Stres Dan Depresi Serta Meningkatkan Kesehatan Mental Spiritual Dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Herbal Medicine have been...

Psychiatric Casualties

by Mark Russell & Charles Figley

The psychological toll of war is vast, and the social costs of war’s psychiatric casualties extend even further. Yet military mental health care suffers from extensive waiting lists, organizational scandals,...

Sin Sick

by Joshua Pederson

In Sin Sick, Joshua Pederson draws on the latest research about identifying and treating the pain of perpetration to advance and deploy a literary theory of moral injury that addresses fictional representations...

Becoming Safely Embodied

by Msw Deirdre Fay & Ph.D. Janina Fisher

Whether you are stuck in the distress of life, or appear like nothing?s wrong, you may have faced trauma or incredible stress or suffocating fear. Maybe you wonder whether those emotions, memories, and experiences...

Weary Warriors

by Pamela Moss & Michael J. Prince

As seen in military documents, medical journals, novels, films, television shows, and memoirs, soldiers? invisible wounds are not innate cracks in individual psyches that break under the stress of war. Instead,...

Bulletproof Spirit, Revised Edition

by Dan Willis & Donald Bostic

Suicide, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, and many more emotional and stress-related problems plague the first-responder community. Hundreds of thousands of these...

Best Herbal Medicine from Nature to Reduce Stress & Depression plus Improve Mental Health Healing Bilingual Edition

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

Best Herbal Medicine Available from Nature to Reduce Stress and Depression Plus Improve Mental Health Healing Bilingual Edition In English and Germany Languange.

Herbal Medicine have been used to treat stress,...

Psychological Problems and Their Big Deceptions

by David W. Shave

Psychological Problems And Their Big Deceptions reveals the multiple fraudulent and deceptive concepts of both Psychology and Psychiatry, such as the present-day gross misuse of the  "PTSD" diagnosis,  while introducing...

Code Four

by Tania Glenn

Emergency services personnel are truly valuable assets to every community and city. They enter into the worst situations, establish control, provide aid, and right the wrongs. The work of public safety is challenging...