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Test Anxiety

by Marty Sapp

This book is designed to give students and researchers the confidence to understand, assess, treat, and research test anxiety. Marty Sapp presents the various cognitive and behavioral theories of test anxiety...

Treating Addiction as a Human Process

by Edward J. Khantzian

Innovative and humane treatment of patients with substance use disorders distinguishes this highly esteemed practitioner and major psychodynamic thinker. From his initial contribution of identifying the self-medicating...

Rethinking Clinical Technique

by Fred Busch

With detailed clinical examples Busch show us when and how to intervene to help increase patient autonomy and self-reflective abilities. The method presented can be integrated into clinical practice whatever...

The Criminal Personality

by Samuel Yochelson & Stanton Samenow

'The third in a series explicating the criminal mind, this volume summarizes observations, interpretations, and conclusions derived from a study of 121 criminal men who used drugs and/or alcohol to excess. Originally...

The Power of the Inner Judge

by Léon Wurmser

This book describes in detail how to effectively treat severely ill but not psychotic patients, by careful psychotherapeutic work on the defenses and the superego. Diverging widely from Kernberg's and Kohut's...

Intricate Engagements

by Steven A. Frankel

In this fine book, Dr. Steven A. Frankel paints the portraits of his collaborating patients vividly, graphically and with consummate compassion. Treatment for Frankel is never a discussion and surely not one...

The Single Woman-Married Man Syndrome

by Richard Tuch

Many single woman–married man relationships are characterized by such recognizable, even stereotypic, interactions and run such a predictable course as to constitute a genuine syndrome. Documenting the existence...

Gaslighthing, the Double Whammy, Interrogation and Other Methods of Covert Control in Psychotherapy and Analysis

by Theodore L. Dorpat

In treatment, the psychotherapist is in a position of power. Often, this power is unintentionally abused. While trying to embody a compassionate concern for patients, therapists use accepted techniques that...

Modes of Therapeutic Action

by Martha Stark

How do we position ourselves, moment by moment, in relation to our patients and how do these positions inform both what we come to know about our patients and how we intervene? Do we participate as neutral object,...

Paradox and Counterparadox

by Mara Selvini Palazzoli & Luigi Boscolo

Paradox and Counterparadox introduces the English-speaking public to the first results of a research plan drawn up my the Milan Center for Family Studies at the end of 1971 and put into practice at the beginning...

The Best Is yet to Be

by Paul F. McCleary

One of the most important questions in selecting a retirement community is: Will I be happy here? Can I make friends easily here? One's sense of personal comfort is as important as costs and attractive environment....

Systemic Constellations

by Damian Janus & Barbara Gąstoł

In Systemic Constellations: Theory, Practice, and Applications, Damian Janus examines systemic constellations, a breakthrough method of psychotherapy, coaching, and consulting developed by Bert Hellinger. Janus...

Reading Our Minds

by Daniel Barron

What is psychiatry and how can we improve it?

In the last hundred years, most of the medical sciences have progressed in immense and unforeseeable ways—except for psychiatry, which has somehow remained immune...

Managing Addictions

by Michler F. Bishop

People who suffer from addictive disorders present an incredible challenge to therapists. This book offers hope and specific techniques designed to address the complexity of treatment. Dr. F. Michler Bishop...

The Criminal Personality

by Samuel Yochelson & Stanton Samenow

This is the second of a three volume landmark study of the criminal mind. This book describes an intensive therapeutic approach designed to completely change the criminals way of thinking. The authors reject...

The Science and Art of Interviewing

by Kathleen Gerson & Sarah Damaske

Qualitative interviewing is among the most widely used methods in the social sciences, but it is arguably the least understood. In The Science and Art of Interviewing, Kathleen Gerson and Sarah Damaske offer...

Interpersonal Process in Cognitive Therapy

by Jeremy Safran & Zindel V. Segal

Cognitive therapy, with its clear-cut measurable techniques, has been a welcome innovation in recent years. However, the very specificity that lends itself so well to research and training has minimized the...

Overcoming Shyness and Social Phobia

by Ronald M. Rapee

Overcoming Shyness and Social Phobia provides a detailed program for eliminating social anxieties based on the latest cognitive behavioral treatments for social phobia.

A Jason Aronson Book

Straight Talk about Criminals: Understanding and Treating Antisocial Individuals

by Stanton E. Samenow

Is there a genetic predisposition to crime? Should mental illness be taken into account? Do family and social environments have a role? Do people become abusers because they have been abused? How can people...

Statistics for the Terrified Criminologist

by John H. Kranzler & Marissa P. Levy

Statistics for the Terrified Criminologist is a user-friendly introduction to elementary statistics, intended primarily for the reluctant, math-anxious/avoidant criminology student. Written in a personal and...