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The Valley

by Joan MacLeod

Eighteen-year-old Connor, an aspiring author whose fantastical stories foretell his growing struggle with depression, can’t wait to be free of his adverb-wielding, solve-it-all mother, Sharon. But six weeks...

Metaphors of Healing

by Harish Malhotra

Metaphors of Healing features hundreds of metaphors Harish Malhotra has created for use with his patients in therapy, which have yielded positive results. Through his metaphors, Malhotra has passed down a successful...

Fountain House

by Alan Doyle, Julius Lanoil & Kenneth Dudek

Often people with mental illness feel alone in society, with no place to go and little hope. Their isolation can be further perpetuated through typical approaches to treatment, such as case management and psychotherapy....

The V-Spot

by Joan Lachkar

Everyone knows what the "G-spot" is, of course. It is a woman's most sensitive and vulnerable physical area. Although men do not have a G-spot per se, both men and women have what Joan Lachkar calls a "V-spot"—a...

Language and Connection in Psychotherapy

by Mary E. Davis

Language and Connection in Psychotherapy: Words Matter explores the role of language in interpersonal and intrapsychic life, looking at how it can support as well as interfere with our ability to function in...

Depression as a Psychoanalytic Problem

by Paolo Azzone

Over the past few decades, psychoanalysis and dynamic psychiatry have been steadily stepping back from a key role in the understanding and treatment of depressive disorders. This book investigates the basis...

Multicultural/Multiracial Psychology

by Manuel Ramirez

This book presents a cognitive styles framework that explores the relationship between traditionalism/modernism and cognitive styles and offers a method for multiculturalism assessment and psychotherapy that...

Riding the Windhorse: Manic-Depressive Disorder and the Quest for Wholeness

by Robert S. Corrington

In this moving account of his struggles with manic-depressive disorder, distinguished philosopher Robert S. Corrington, creator of the school of ecstatic naturalism, presents a compelling argument for rethinking...

The Disappearing Male

by Joan Lachkar

The Disappearing Male by Joan Lachkar, PhD, provides a psychoanalytic/psychodynamic description of eight different kinds of men who “disappear” from relationships without warning or explanation. The term...

MENTAL HEALTH: Fastest and Coolest Ways to Win the Battle

by Malone Laurel

Your mental health and emotional well-being are important aspects of your overall health. In fact, they are just as important as your physical health.

Your mental health can be affected by medical conditions...

Move Your Mind

by Nick Bracks

Learn how to create new daily habits that build happiness and reduce stress 

In Move Your Mind, acclaimed actor, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate Nick Bracks delivers the practical tools and lessons that...

A Course in Anger Transformation

by Jose M. Baltazar Ph.D.

A facilitator manual for the mind-body anger transformation group program described in the self-help book titled A Course in Anger Transformation: A Course on Anger Management Techniques Based on Mind-Body Medicine...

Treating Our Common Wound

by Danny Ray Christian

“Wounded humans and feelings of victimization are more common than the common cold.” The abuse and betrayal of our trust takes many forms, it happens in the form of sexual and emotional abuse, molestation,...

Mental Health and Wellness

by Sara Goetz

Mental health and wellness should start long before anxiety and depression symptoms emerge. It’s much easier and more effective to be proactive with your mental health than trying to overcome symptoms once...

Summary of Unwinding Anxiety

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Unwinding Anxiety

The first section of the book is titled: “Introduction” the author introduces his background as a psychiatrist, his experience with anxiety, and that he discovered a missing clue...

Within the White Lines

by Ruth Fox

Growing up, Ruth was on track for an ideal life – she had the grades, friends, great sporting potential, and a strong bond with her sister.

However, when she was 14, her perfect life began to crack. After...

Breakdown and Repair

by Mark Simmonds & Lucy Streule

'I love this book ... An important addition to the literature on mental health' Alastair Campbell

Mark Simmonds' life was mapped out from the very beginning: go to university, climb the corporate ladder, marry...

Bring Me to Light

by Eleanor Segall

Eleanor Segall's life was just beginning.

An aspiring actress and a family girl, she never thought her future would be derailed by mental illness. After a spate of depressive episodes, panic attacks, and social...

Jesus, Psychology, and Mental Health

by Hinn,George

“It is manifestly evident that religion is not always led to mental health.” I remember reading this statement from the book, The Psychology of Christian Personality by Ernest Ligon in the early 1960s. I...

Conditions of Nervous Anxiety and their Treatment

by Wilhelm Stekel

This antiquarian book contains Wilhelm Stekel’s 1923 treatise on nervous anxiety, "Conditions of Nervous Anxiety and their Treatment". A fascinating and informative analysis on the subject, this book will...