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Suppression of stereotypes

by Francesca Eleuteri

Stereotypes are beliefs regarding the traits, attributes, and behaviors of members of certain groups. They are not only beliefs, but also theories about how and why certain attributes go together. Furthermore,...

The World Looks Different Now

by Margaret Thomson

On a glorious, if blisteringly hot, Saturday in August 2010, Margaret Thomson’s world is suddenly shattered by the incomprehensible news that her twenty-two-year-old son, a medic in the army, has taken his...

The Mourning Report

by Caitlin Garvey

Two years after her mother's death from breast cancer, Caitlin, then 20 years old, was admitted to a psychiatric facility after a suicide attempt. There, a therapist diagnosed her with major depression and anxiety,...

Living a Purposeful Life

by Kalman J. Kaplan & Michael Shapiro

While meaning and purpose are often seen as synonymous, this book argues that they sometimes are in opposition, the search for meaning at times suicidal, and living with purpose life-enhancing and invigorating....

Love Me to Life

by Veronica Sites

An unacknowledged crisis haunts the church as we fail to deal with the causes and aftermath of suicide and the stigma society often places on victims and their loved ones. How can we stand up for life and love...

Sheathing the Bodkin: Combating Suicide - A Conversation with Jennifer Micheal Hecht

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and poet, author and historian commentator Jennifer Michael Hecht. After intriguing details about how she combines writing poetry,...

Dostoevsky as Suicidologist

by Amy D. Ronner

In Dostoevsky as Suicidologist, Amy D. Ronner illustrates how self-homicide in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s fiction prefigures Emile Durkheim’s etiology in Suicide as well as theories of other prominent suicidologists....

Silencing the Monster

by Jennifer Hatton

Imagine that your worst nightmare has come true, when fantasy and reality collide. The moment you finally realize that you have a chronic and, more often, fatal disease that attacks your mind, and no one truly...

The Life and Times of Sgt. Joseph Thomas "Tom" Biway, USMC

by D. J. Cotten

This story is about one narcissistic young man who was interested in self-gratification regardless of who got hurt or even killed in the process.


by William Shakespeare

"Othello", in full "Othello, the Moor of Venice" is tragedy in five acts by William Shakespeare, written in 1603–04 and published in 1622. The play derives its plot from Giambattista Giraldi’s "De gli Hecatommithi"...

The Return of the Sun

by Michael J. Kral

Inuit have among the highest suicide rates in the world - ten times the national average. Inuit narratives of suicide provide clues as to what can and in some cases has been done to combat the problem, but until...

Suicide and Self-Harm in Prisons and Jails

by Christine Tartaro

The second edition of Suicide and Self-Harm in Prisons and Jails provides a comprehensive exploration of how the stress associated with arrest, sentencing, and incarcerated life can contribute to the onset of...

A Shameful Life

by Osamu Dazai & Mark Gibeau

Osamu Dazai is one of the most famous—and infamous—writers of 20th-century Japan. A Shameful Life (Ningen Shikkaku) is his final published work and has become a bestselling classic for its depiction of the...

Suicide / Its History, Literature, Jurisprudence, Causation, and Prevention

by W. Wynn Westcott


In preparing an Essay on Suicide, which I recently delivered before a Society of medical men in London, I found it impossible in the limited time at my disposal to do anything like justice to the gravity...

After Germanwings

by Chialastri A., Bartoccini F., Scialanga M. & Cagnoli A.

The Germanwings airline disaster, on 24 March 2015, has shaken the public opinion worldwide, since the pilot deliberately crashed his aircraft full of passengers into the French Alps. Such an event has undermined...


by Chelsey Clammer

Winner of the 2015 Red Hen Press Nonfiction Award, Circadian is a collection of essays that weaves together personal account with cultural narrative, only to unravel them and explore the brilliant and destructive...

How to Deal with Anger, Stress, Depression, Grief & Sadness from Islamic Perspective

by Muhammad Vandestra

The average human being in the developed world battles sadness, anger, stress, depression and worry on a daily basis. While the majority of the world’s population confront extreme poverty, famine, conflict...

Out of the Nightmare

by David L. Conroy Ph.D.

Out of the Nightmare.

An all-out assault on the barriers that stand between you and recovery from depression and suicidal pain.

decomposes recovery from depression into recovery from envy, shame, self-pity,...


by Kerry-Lee Powell

"Powerful ... full of dark nostalgia."—Nathan Englander

The Lifeboat

All night in his lifeboat my father sang

to keep the voices of the other men

who cried in the wreckage from reaching him,

he sang what he knew...

Quebec Suicide Prevention Handbook

by Raymond Viger & Colin McGregor

There is no one set formula for why decent people come to consider suicide. Each comes to the edge of their personal cliff in their unique way. The journey a person takes from loss to suicide is for most people...