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Dream Psychology (Annotated)

by Prof. Dr. Sigmund Freud

This is the annotated version of the original book. We had Tried to annotate this book by making a summary book of 65%-70% of the original book which consists of approximately 37000 words. The brief summary...

Summary of The God Equation

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The God Equation

Chapter 1: The same year Galileo Galilei died a broken man in his prison cell, another legend was born in London. For Kaku, Isaac Newton is the greatest scientist who has ever lived,...

The Revolution We Expected

by Claudio Naranjo

In his last work as an author, celebrated doctor and psychotherapist Claudio Naranjo uses The Revolution We Expected to make a final call to humanity to awaken to our collective potential and work to transcend...

Summary of Atomic Habits

by Instant & Summary

A Complete Summary of Atomic Habits

Hired as the performance director of professional cycling for England in 2003, Dave Brailsford had his work cut out for him. For the previous century, British cyclists performed...

Moral Psychology with Nietzsche

by Brian Leiter

Brian Leiter defends a set of radical ideas from Nietzsche: there is no objectively true morality, there is no free will, no one is ever morally responsible, and our conscious thoughts and reasoning play almost...

Expanding the Category "Human"

by Patrick M. Whitehead

The climate within the discipline of psychology has changed considerably since the middle of the twentieth century. More specifically, what it means to be a human has changed. In Expanding the Category “Human”:...

Psychology in the Light of the East

by Margot Esther Borden & Michael Gelb

Psychology in the Light of the East presents fresh insights into integral psychology, incorporating the reason of Western psychology together with the holistic outlook of Eastern wisdom. Borden examines the...

Future Psychoanalysis

by Ahmed Fayek

A crisis in psychoanalysis has been developing since the 1970s, manifesting in a gradual but persistent loss of patients and young mental health providers in psychoanalytic training and therapy. In a peculiar...

A Theory of Human Motivation

by Abraham H. Maslow

Reprint of 1943 Edition.This is the article in which Maslow first presented his hierarchy of needs. It was first printed in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation". Maslow subsequently extended the idea...

Humility of the Brain

by Prince Ezem Nacho

The story of our "??world"?? as we know it can be rightly illustrated when different parts of the human body (representing diversity in our world) went into war over supremacy, everlasting life and glory. This...