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So You Want to Sing Rock 'n' Roll

by Matthew Edwards

So You Want to Sing Rock 'n' Roll gives readers a comprehensive guide to rock history, voice science, vocal health, audio technology, technical approaches to singing rock, and stylistic parameters for various...

Ballet Music

by Matthew Naughtin

Musicians who work professionally with ballet and dance companies sometimes wonder if they haven’t entered a foreign country—a place where the language and customs seem so utterly familiar and so bafflingly...


by Arthur Wenk

Camerata: A Guide to Organizing and Directing Small Choruses distinguishes itself from all other works on choral conducting by starting at the very beginning—the conception and purpose of an ensemble—and...

The Art of Complaining

by Phil Edmonston

Defective cars, contaminated food, insurance company abuses, botched vacations, or government errors and indifference. The Art of Complaining evens the playing field.

Most people hate to complain and so they...

The Management of College and University Archives

by William J. Maher

New in paperback! Maher introduces the basic elements required for an archival program to meet the documentary needs of a college or university. Both archivists and their administrative superiors can obtain...

Archival Theory, Records, and the Public

by Trevor Livelton

Now in paperback!

Livelton considers the nature of public records from an archival perspective, analyzing concepts rather than the daily realities with which public records archivists deal. However, his carefully...

How to Protect Your Children Online: Internet Safety Tips for Kids

by Madison Jd Owen

Is your kids in danger of being lured by a stranger on the internet? Every year the percentage of child victims from this epidemic continues to grow and majority of them are below 16.

Is your kids in danger of...


by Gerald Eastwood

Are we getting close to our "Exodus" from this Earth?

The Bible, particularly the Books of Daniel and Revelation, are a huge cryptogram set up by the Almighty. The Book of Daniel itself states that it will be...

Creative Adult Experience

by L.M.L.K

The experience in adulthood is a creativity that can be learned and lived, and a tool for personal development. I took a few levels of what I have learned, lived, and used as a tool in my personal development...

Timothy Brown Is a Bad Boy

by Mary Page-Clay & Sonja Bot

When a third-grade teacher starts the new school year, she’s excited to meet her students. But Timothy Brown is on her roster and he could be her worst nightmare. He has trouble reading, his behavior is bothersome,...

The Path of Least Resistance

by Jesselynn Desmond

"You can't always get what you want"?but you can.

Much of what we hear about ourselves and the world..."No pain, no gain"; "It's a dog-eat-dog world"; "Either you got it or you don't"?isn't true when we understand...

Incorporating Engaged Research in Social Development

by Wassie Kebede & Alice K. Butterfield

In a wide-ranging presentation derived from teaching experiences and research projects, seasoned professors, Wassie Kebede and Alice Buttereld, examine engaged research that links social work, human services,...

Living Your Legacy Now!

by Bill Blalock

The purpose of Living Your Legacy Now! is to bring out the best in every person that reads it and help them apply the life lessons contained in it! Its audience is multi-generational. Countless books have been...

Correct Mispronunciations of South Carolina Names

by Claude Neuffer & Irene Neuffer

Americans have a fine tradition of spelling words one way and pronouncing them another. While every region of the country has contributed to this tradition, South Carolinians have elevated the practice to an...

Weaving Life

by Cynthia Kosciuczyk

Through this journey into the world of rugs, one begins to understand the fascination for this ancient art.The woven language of symbols and color come alive in Weaving Life. Part story, part history, this artistic...

Salmon Fishing

by W. Earl Hodgson

Salmon is the name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae, which also includes trout, char, grayling and whitefish. Within this volume, the author presents a complete guide to salmon...

Dancing on Ice

by Ernest Law

This vintage book contains a classic guide to ice skating, concentrating on dancing and especially the waltz. The waltz is a ballroom and folk dance of German origins usually in triple time and performed primarily...

Transformed into a Ts-Girl (M2f) by a Dice

by Natasha Osiris

This work is about male to female transition and voluntary slavery. About dominance and submission. It is partly a work of explicit erotica. FLR (Female Led Relationship) was the foundation in this feminization...

Favourite Fish and Fishing

by James A. Henshall

?Favourite Fish and Fishing? is a simple guide to fishing designed for young or new anglers. This fantastic handbook contains useful information and simple instructions for catching a variety of common fish,...

Your Story, Well Told

by Corey Rosen & Patrick Combs

So You?ve Got a Story to Sell

?Corey Rosen's book is a great resource. I know I will return to it again and again for ideas, inspiration, and entertainment.? ?Samantha Harris, cohost of Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment...