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Adventures of the Mad Monk Ji Gong

by Xiaoting,Guo, John Robert Shaw & Victoria Cass

Follow the brilliant and hilarious adventures of a mad Zen Buddhist monk who rose from humble beginnings to become one of China's greatest folk heroes!

Ji Gong studied at the great Ling Yin monastery, an immense...

The Weeping Buddha

by Heather Dune Macadam

New Year’s Eve: Long Island detectives Devon Halsey and Lochwood Brennen, secret lovers, are thrust into mayhem by the grisly murder of Devon’s best friend. What has haunted Devon for years begins to take...

Zen and the White Whale

by Daniel Herman

In Moby-Dick’s wide philosophical musings and central narrative arch, Herman finds a philosophy very closely aligned specifically with the original teachings of Zen Buddhism. In exploring the likelihood of...

Translating Totality in Parts

by Guo Cheen

Translating Totality in Parts offers an annotated translation of two of preeminent Chinese Tang dynasty monk Chengguan’s most revered masterpieces. With this book, Chengguan’s Commentaries to the Avatamsaka...

Public Zen, Personal Zen

by Peter D. Hershock

Among Buddhist traditions, Zen has been remarkably successful in garnering and sustaining interest outside the Buddhist homelands of Asia, and “zen” is now part of the global cultural lexicon. This deeply...

Zen Masters of Japan

by McDaniel,Richard Bryan

Zen Masters of Japan is the second book in a series that traces Zen's profoundly historic journey as it spread eastward from China and Japan, toward the United States. Following Zen Masters of China, this book...

Chinese Religious Art

by Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky

Chinese Religious Art is a broad survey of the origins and development of the various forms of artistic expression of Chinese religions. The study begins with an overview of ancient archaeology in order to identify...

Parkour and the Art du déplacement

by Vincent Thibault & Casey Roberts

Parkour, the art of displacement, or freerunning?whatever the name, this new discipline born in the Paris suburbs is rapidly being adopted by people throughout the world. Not satisfied to suffer through urban...

Great Accomplishment

by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Orgyen Topgyal Rinpoche, Lama Putsi & Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche

The Vajrayana system of Tibetan Buddhism has many techniques, few difficulties and is meant for people of higher capabilities. Because each of us possesses the enlightened essence, when many people participate...

the dragon and the poet

by Miyazawa Kenji & Massimo Cimarelli

The tale "The dragon and the poet" by Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933) is the story of the meeting between the poet Suldatta and the dragon Chanata, in a magical atmosphere among poetry challenges, esoteric Buddhism...

The dragon and the poet

by Miyazawa Kenji & Francesca Eleuteri

The tale "The dragon and the poet" by Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933) is the story of the meeting between the poet Suldatta and the dragon Chanata, in a magical atmosphere among poetry challenges, esoteric Buddhism...

Dialectical Practice in Tibetan Philosophical Culture

by Kenneth Liberman & Harold Garfinkel

Tibetan Buddhist scholar-monks have long engaged in face-to-face public philosophical debates. This original study challenges Orientalist text-based scholarship, which has overlooked these lived practices of...

Seven Little Known Birds of the Inner Eye

by Anand,Mulk Raj

In this fascinating, informal approach to art appreciation, an eminent Indian scholar reveals the crucial difference between merely looking at and really seeing painting and sculpture, drawing and architecture....

Essential Chan Buddhism

by Guo Jun, Kenneth Wapner & Robert Thurman

Essential Chan Buddhism is the rare unearthing of an ancient and remarkable Chinese spiritual tradition. Master Guo Jun speaks through hard-won wisdom on Chan's spiritual themes familiar to Western readers,...

In My Own Way

by Alan Watts

In this new edition of his acclaimed autobiography ? long out of print and rare until now ? Alan Watts tracks his spiritual and philosophical evolution. A child of religious conservatives in rural England, he...

The Unenlightened Buddha

by Jamie Reygle

While many people consider Buddhism to be a religion, many others see the Buddha?s teachings as an excellent guide for living and appreciating life.

InStill Mindfulness executive director, Jamie Reygle, takes...

Selected Works of D.T. Suzuki, Volume IV

by Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki

Daisetsu Teitar?¯ Suzuki was a key figure in the introduction of Buddhism to the non-Asian world. Many outside Japan encountered Buddhism for the first time through his writings and teaching, and for nearly...

A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters

by Shamar Rinpoche

The Tenth Karmapa (1604?1674) lived through dramatic changes in Tibet, including the rise to political supremacy of the Fifth Dalai Lama and the Gelug sect following a Mongol invasion. Regarded as a remarkable...

The Four Seals of the Dharma

by Lama Khenpo Karma Ngedön & Ross Jourdie

Upon completing the path that led him to fully develop compassion and wisdom, Shakyamuni arrived at enlightenment, the state of Buddhahood that marks the end of suffering. Replying to the requests made of him,...

Building a Religious Empire

by Brenton Sullivan

The vast majority of monasteries in Tibet and nearly all of the monasteries in Mongolia belong to the Geluk school of Tibetan Buddhism, best known through its symbolic head, the Dalai Lama. Historically, these...