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The Jerusalem Bible

by Ctad J & Editions Ctad

pspanThe Jerusalem Bible, Full text/span span /span/p pbr/ spanNote: This version is a more improved version than the first but we continue to work to provide you with a very good release. Thank you for understanding/span/p...

The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez

by Luis D. Leon

The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez: Crossing Religious Borders maps and challenges many of the mythologies that surround the late iconic labor leader. Focusing on Chavez's own writings, León argues...

Incompatible with God's Design

by Mary Jeremy Daigler

Incompatible with God’s Design is the first comprehensive history of the Roman Catholic women’s ordination movement in the United States. Mary Jeremy Daigler explores how the focus on ordination and not...

Why the Catholic Church Must Change

by Margaret Nutting Ralph

Why do a third of the people raised Catholic in the United States no longer worship as Catholics? Why has the Catholic Church lost a credible teaching voice for many young people? Does the fault lie entirely...

The Fifth Gospel

by Mario Pomilio, Umberto C. Mariani & Alice J. Mariani

Mario Pomilio was a novelist, editor, and literary critic, releasing 8 novels, a book of short stories, and various books of criticism over his career. The Fifth Gospel is Pomilio’s most important work; it...

From Judgment to Passion

by Rachel Fulton Brown

Devotion to the crucified Christ is one of the most familiar, yet most disconcerting artifacts of medieval European civilization. How and why did the images of the dying God-man and his grieving mother achieve...

Frog Town

by Laurence Armand French

Frog Town describes in detail a French Canadian parish that was unique due to the high density of both Acadian and Quebecois settlers that were situated in a Yankee stronghold of Puritan stock. This demography...

Conjugal Love and Procreation

by Kevin Schemenauer

Dietrich von Hildebrand contributed to the Catholic tradition's increased recognition of conjugal love in marriage in the early twentieth century, and, as Kevin Schemenauer argues in Conjugal Love and Procreation,...

Lyrical Nationalism in Post-Apartheid Namibia

by Wendi A. Haugh

Lyrical Nationalism in Post-Apartheid Namibia explores how young people living in a former ethnic homeland in post-apartheid Namibia imagine the nation through songs they compose and perform. The author argues...

Inside the Jesuits

by Robert Blair Kaiser

Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope, has captured our attention by stepping away from the papal throne, unafraid to give impromptu interviews, decentralize church governance, or explore new horizons for the...

Leaving Christendom for Good

by James Gerard McEvoy

Leaving Christendom for Good argues that the solution to some of the most troubling tensions in the life of the Catholic Church since Vatican II can be found in the council’s document Gaudium et spes. This...

Masters of Preaching

by Ray E. Atwood & Jerome Hanus

The history of Catholic homiletics is rich and layered with theology and spirituality. Every period of Church history contains preachers who have been blessed with oratorical skills and spiritual depth. They...

Atheist Persona

by John J. Pasquini

In the past, as in the present, science has explored the reasons for belief. In recent years, with the rise of categorical, practical, and militant atheism, the scientific and philosophical community has begun...

The Obese Christ

by Larry Tremblay & Sheila Fischman

The asocial, sexually repressed Edgar, kneeling in grief at his mother’s graveside, turns abruptly to witness a terrifying and life-altering event: the brutal rape of a young woman. Compelled by muddled instinct...

Words of Pierre Goursat

by Martine Catta

Pierre Goursat is the founder of the Emmanuel Community . He was a man of prayer and his teachings and the advice he gave were words of fire.His Words reaveal his strong character and also the way in which he...

Signs of Grace

by Nicholas Ayo

Every year, thousands of people pilgrimmage to South Bend, Indiana to visit the campus of the University of Notre Dame for sporting events, academic conferences, or just for a tour. From the Golden Dome on top...

A Short History of Christianity

by Geoffrey Blainey

Christianity has played a central role in world history, for better or worse, but beyond the story of Jesus, many people know little of this story. Geoffrey Blainey takes readers on a journey from the very beginnings...

Catholic Perspectives on Peace and War

by Thomas Massaro, Sj & Thomas A. Shannon

This book offers a thorough and accessible analysis of Catholic teaching on war and warmaking from its earliest stages to the present. Moral theologians Thomas Massaro and Thomas A. Shannon begin with a survey...

Renewing Parish Culture

by John J. Piderit & Melanie M. Morey

American Catholic parishes throughout the country have been shrinking since the 1960s. John J. Pideret, S.J., and Melanie Morey bring fifty years of experience in Catholic colleges and universities where they...

Stepping Out of the Brain Drain

by Michele R. Pistone & John J. Hoeffner

Stepping Out of the Brain Drain is an important contribution to the intensifying debate about highly skilled migration from developing to developed countries. Addressing the issue from the perspective of Catholic...