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Two-Phase Emission Detectors

by Dmitry Yu Akimov, Alexander I Bolozdynya, Alexey F Buzulutskov & Vitaly Chepel

One of the rapidly developing areas of modern experimental nuclear physics is non-accelerator experiments using low-background detectors. Such experiments, as a rule, are aimed at solving problems that are of...

The Geometry of the Universe

by Colin Rourke

Cosmology, the study of the universe, arouses a great deal of public interest, with serious articles both in the scientific press and in major newspapers, with many of the theories and concepts (e.g. the 'big...

My Life on the Mysterious Island of Nanotechnology

by Yaniv,Zvi

What causes an Israeli born in Romania to immigrate to America and end up with over three hundred patents in his name in the most exciting scientific and technological breakthroughs of the twentieth century?...

Common Envelope Evolution

by Natalia Ivanova, Stephen Justham & Paul Ricker

Common envelope evolution is the most important phase in the lives of many significant classes of binary stars. During a common envelope phase, the stars temporarily share the same outer layers, with the cores...

Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers

by Mark Westmoquette

Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers explores how knowledge of the workings of the universe can deepen our levels of awareness and connect us to our internal worlds.

Part of the Mindful Thoughts series, this dazzlingly...

Conversations About Physics, Volume 2

by Howard Burton

Conversations About Physics, Volume 2, includes the following 5 carefully-edited Ideas Roadshow Conversations featuring leading physicists. This collection includes a detailed preface highlighting the connections...

Ten Equations to Explain the Mysteries of Modern Astrophysics

by Santhosh Mathew

This book introduces ten equations that transcend the boundaries of time and space. It takes readers through a journey of self-discovery where they will learn the history, science, and significance of these...

Examining Time - A Conversation with Lee Smolin

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Lee Smolin who is a faculty member of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. The basis of this wide-ranging conversation...

The Great Einstein Relativity Hoax and Other Science Questions, Hypotheses, and Improbabilities

by Truitt,Page

If you are looking for a top-rated science textbook, this is not the book for you. If you are looking for a reiteration of the historical progression of the physical sciences by a well-educated, experienced...

The Mindful Universe

by Mark Westmoquette

TheMindful Universe explores the scientific workings of the Universe, its awe-inspiring nature and how it can be partnered with mindfulness to bring meaning to our lives. 

Part of the Mindfulness series,...

The Pull of the Stars - A Conversation with Claudia de Rham

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Claudia de Rham, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London. After inspiring insights about Claudia de Rham’s...

Introduction to Stars and Planets

by Alan Hirshfeld

How do astronomers know what they know about the stars and planets? That is the question behind today’s rapid pace of cosmic discovery, for every new finding rests upon a centuries-long foundation of astronomical...

Fundamentals of Living and Non-Living Universes from Black Holes To Cancer

by Kambiz Afrasiabi M.D.

Fundamentals of living and nonliving universes addresses the most fundamental law that governs the known nonliving universe and its extension into the living universes. The author discusses major misconceptions...

Fundamentals of Galaxy Dynamics, Formation and Evolution

by Ignacio Ferreras

Galaxies, along with their underlying dark matter halos, constitute the building blocks of structure in the Universe. Of all fundamental forces, gravity is the dominant one that drives the evolution of structures...

General Relativity

by Marvin Blecher

This textbook is suitable for a one-semester introduction to General Relativity for advanced undergraduates in physics and engineering. The book is concise so that the entire material can be covered in the one-semester...

Elementary Cosmology (Second Edition)

by James J Kolata

The aim of this book is to introduce the most important discoveries in cosmology, and how they altered our perceptions of the origin, size, structure, and evolution of the universe. The book covers a wide range...

The Ringed Planet (Second Edition)

by Joshua Colwell

Saturn is the jewel of the solar system. The Cassini spacecraft has been exploring the ringed planet and its moons since 2004 and it has helped us solve many of the planet's mysteries while generating a wealth...

Leonhard Euler's Letters to a German Princess

by Ronald Calinger, Katya Denisova & Elena N. Polyakhova

Leonhard Euler?s Letters to a German Princess: A milestone in the history of physics textbooks and more examines the life and work of Euler and his legacy as the foremost mathematician, theoretical physicist...

The Globular Star Clusters of the Andromeda Galaxy

by Charli M Sakari

This book presents a brief compilation of results from nearly a century of research on the globular star clusters in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). It explores the techniques and limitations of the observations,...

Dark Matter in the Universe

by Marc S Seigar

The study of dark matter, in both astrophysics and particle physics, has emerged as one of the most active and exciting topics of research in recent years. This book reviews the history behind the discovery...