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Handbook of Porphyrin Science (Volumes 26 â¿¿ 30): With Applications to Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Engineering, Biology and Medicine

by Gloria C Ferreira, Karl M Kadish, Kevin M Smith & Roger Guilard

This is the sixth set of Handbook of Porphyrin Science.

This 5-volume set provides a comprehensive review of the most up-to-date research on porphyrin, heme and chlorophyll biochemistry, as well as applications...

Structural Aspects of Protein Synthesis

by Anders Liljas & MANS EHRENBERG

This highly illustrated book provides an up-to-date description of the structure and function of the translation system including ribosomes, tRNAs, translation factors, antibiotics and aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases....


by Rubem P Mondaini

This is a book of a series on interdisciplinary topics of the Biological and Mathematical Sciences. The chapters correspond to selected papers on special research themes, which were presented at BIOMAT 2012...

Me and the Biospheres: A Memoir by the Inventor of Biosphere 2

by John Allen

2009 Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Biography/Memoir, Me and the Biospheres is the definitive autobiography of John P. Allen, inventor of the largest laboratory for global ecology ever built...

The Dynamics of Living Systems

by Thomas Lecuit

pHow can we explain the fundamental paradox of living matter, which combines stability and robustness of form with constant internal dynamics? It is not only the genetic information contained in every cell,...

Science in the Arena

by Blane Baker

The arena of sport is filled with marvelous performances and feats that, at times, seem almost beyond belief. As curious onlookers, we often wonder whether or not athletes will reach certain peaks and what determines...

An Introduction to the Physics of Nuclear Medicine

by Laura Harkness-Brennan

The complexity and vulnerability of the human body has driven the development of a diverse range of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in modern medicine. The Nuclear Medicine procedures of Positron Emission...

I Ching (Yi Jing) and Modern Science

by Charles H Chen

I Ching created from keen observation of the nature in the universe. The key components of Yi Jing are the yin and yang duality, the four phenomena, trigram, two sets of eight trigrams, the 64 hexagrams, two...

Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle

by E.M. Elsheik

Everything you wanted to know about physics, biology, and the world at large becomes straightforward once you understand the life-organizing principle. Author E.M. Elsheikh, a mathematician and longtime professor,...

Photomedicine and Stem Cells

by Heidi Abrahamse & Michael R Hamblin

Janus, the ancient Roman god depicted with two faces is an appropriate metaphor for light therapy. In the right photodynamic therapy conditions, light is able to kill nearly anything that is living such as cancers,...

The Physical Microbe

by Stephen J. Hagen

The new field of physical biology fuses biology and physics. New technologies have allowed researchers to observe the inner workings of the living cell, one cell at a time. With an abundance of new data collected...

Compendium of Biophysics

by Andrey B. Rubin

Following up on his first book, Fundementals of Biophysics, the author, a well-known scientist in this area, builds on that foundation by offering the biologist or scientist an advanced, comprehensive coverage...

Applied Biophysics for Drug Discovery

by Donald Huddler & Edward R. Zartler

Applied Biophysics for Drug Discovery is a guide to new techniques and approaches to identifying and characterizing small molecules in early drug discovery. Biophysical methods are reasserting their utility...

Can People Ever Go Back in Time? | Children's Physics of Energy

by Baby Professor

Time, velocity, speed and all kinds of energy will be discussed in this educational book for kids. Dedicated to the world of physics, this book will give your kids good insights about all the possibilities that...

25 Uses of Electricity 4th Grade Electricity Kids Book | Electricity & Electronics

by Baby Professor

Have you ever wondered what makes the bulb in your room glow? If you have, the you better arm yourself up with some basic knowledge of electricity. This educational reference will give you a quick run-down of...

Static Electricity (Where does Lightning Come From): 2nd Grade Science Workbook | Children's Electricity Books Edition

by Baby Professor

No, lightning is not caused by Thor. There is a scientific reason for it, and one that will be discussed in this educational resource. This wonderful book utilizes full color and complementing texts to ensure...

Electricity for Kids: Facts, Photos and Fun | Children's Electricity Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Teach your child everything he/she needs to know about electricity in order to develop appreciation for the technology. To explain this concept, pictures are the bomb! They literally tell a thousand words, and...

Conductors and Insulators Electricity Kids Book | Electricity & Electronics

by Baby Professor

What are conductors and insulators? This electricity book for kids will teach the difference and purpose of each of these. Because of the age-appropriate selection and presentation of information, this book...

Physics of Cancer

by Professor Claudia Tanja Mierke

Understanding the physical aspects of cancer cell behaviour is shedding new light on how cancer forms and spreads, and offers new approaches to the development of novel treatments though recognizing the physical...

Evolutionary Dynamics: The mathematics of genes and traits

by Hugo van den Berg

This beautifully illustrated and stimulating book develops an understanding of the gene-to-trait problem in the context of evolutionary dynamics, from the modern perspective of integrative biology. This gene-to-trait...