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Cellular Anatomy: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

Do you struggle in science to remember the intricate parts of a cell? Would you like a visual and detailed guide to help you understand what you are looking at in the real world? An cellular anatomy guide will...

A Biography of Paul Berg: The Recombinant DNA Controversy Revisited

by Errol C Friedberg

With a Foreword by Sydney Brenner (Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2002)

This biography details the life of Paul Berg (Emeritus Professor at Stanford University), tracing Berg's life from birth, in...

Advanced Textbook on Gene Transfer, Gene Therapy and Genetic Pharmacology: Principles, Delivery and Pharmacological and Biomedical Applications of Nuc

by Daniel Scherman

This unique advanced textbook provides a clear and comprehensive description of the field of gene delivery, gene therapy and genetic pharmacology, with descriptions of the main gene transfer vectors and a set...

A Manual for Differentiation of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells to Specific Cell Types

by Gilson Khang, Tatsuya Shimizu & Kee Woei Ng

This is the first experimental protocol book that covers the differentiation of bone marrow-derived stem cells (BMSCs) into specific cell types, targeted at the undergraduate and graduate student level. The...

A Manual for Current Therapies in Regenerative Medicine

by Jan-Thorsten Schantz & Dietmar W Hutmacher

The emerging field of regenerative medicine has led to a paradigm shift in therapeutic procedures. Scientific discovery in stem cell biology and material sciences, as well as in genetics have resulted in clinical...

Textbook of Structural Biology

by Anders Liljas, Lars Liljas, Jure Piskur & Göran Lindblom et al.

This is an important textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in structural biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and medicine. Written by a team of leading scientists in the field, it covers all...

Erythrocytes: Physiology and Pathophysiology

by Florian Lang & Michael Föller

The book covers the functional significance and properties of erythrocytes, their generation, senescence, and suicidal death. It further summarizes knowledge about hormones influencing erythrocyte formation...

Cancer: Past, Present, and Future

by Sheldon Cohen M.D. FACP

Cancer, the second leading killer after heart disease, has plagued mankind for centuries. This book outlines its past history and primitive therapy, discusses the breakthrough advances in understanding the cellular...

Atlas of Living Cell Cultures

by Toni Lindl & Rosemarie Steubing

The first atlas in many years giving researchers a good visual reference of the status of their cell lines. Given the increasing importance of well defined cellular models in particular in biomedical research...

Flow Cytometry: First Principles

by Alice Longobardi Givan

Flow cytometry continually amazes scientists with its ever-expanding utility. Advances in flow cytometry have opened new directions in theoretical science, clinical diagnosis, and medical practice. The new edition...

The Alzheimer's Epidemic

by Danton O'Day

The "Alzheimer's Epidemic" has begun. As the number of aged individuals worldwide continues to grow the epidemic will continue unabated. Alzheimer's disease will affect one in three families. In addition to...

The Molecular Biology of Cancer: A Bridge from Bench to Bedside

by Stella Pelengaris & Michael Khan

 The Molecular Biology of Cancer, Stella Pelengaris & Michael Khan

 This capturing, comprehensive text, extensively revised and updated for its second edition, provides a detailed overview of the molecular...

Perinatal Stem Cells

by Kyle Cetrulo & Curtis L. Cetrulo

Perinatal Stem Cells, 2nd Edition builds on the first edition to provide an updated tutorial on perinatal stem cells, including stem cells harvested from the amniotic fluid, placenta, maternal blood supply,...

The Dynamics of Living Systems

by Thomas Lecuit

pHow can we explain the fundamental paradox of living matter, which combines stability and robustness of form with constant internal dynamics? It is not only the genetic information contained in every cell,...

Twelve Diseases that Changed Our World

by Irwin W. Sherman

Covers the history of twelve important diseases and addresses public health responses and societal upheavals.

  • Chronicles the ways disease outbreaks shaped traditions and institutions of Western civilization....

Cellular Signal Transduction in Toxicology and Pharmacology

by Jonathan W. Boyd & Richard R. Neubig

Covering a key topic due to growing research into the role of signaling mechanisms in toxicology, this book focuses on practical approaches for informatics, big data, and complex data sets.

  • Combines fundamentals...

Introduction to the Human Cell

by Danton PhD O'Day

In this book, we look at the fundamental biology of the human cell from the outside in. While genes and mutations define our cells and how they function, this volume focuses on the biology of the cell rather...

The Breaking Clause

by James R.R Agerholm

 We're born, we live and then we die, a biological legal contract that we all have had to sign up for individually for the last 100,000 years. We have tried to break from it for nearly the same amount of time...

Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism

by John P. Bilezikian

The authoritative reference to bone diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism, revised and updated

Now in its ninth edition, The Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism ...

Evolution, the Logic of Biology

by John S. Torday & Virender K. Rehan

By focusing on the cellular mechanisms that underlie ontogeny, phylogeny and regeneration of complex physiologic traits, Evolution, the Logic of Biology demonstrates the use of homeostasis, the fundamental principle...