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Practical Design of Magnetostatic Structure Using Numerical Simulation

by Qiuliang Wang

Magnets are widely used in industry, medical, scientific instruments, and electrical equipment. They are the basic tools for scientific research and electromagnetic devices. Numerical methods for the magnetic...

Numerical Analysis in Electromagnetics: The Tlm Method

by Pierre Saguet

The aim of this book is to give a broad overview of the TLM (Transmission Line Matrix) method, which is one of the ?time-domain numerical methods?. These methods are reputed for their significant reliance on...

Electromagnetism and Interconnections: Advanced Mathematical Tools for Computer-Aided Simulation

by Stephane Charruau

This book covers the theoretical problems of modeling electrical behavior of the interconnections encountered in everyday electronic products. The coverage shows the theoretical tools of waveform prediction...

Electromagnetic Reverberation Chambers

by Philippe Besnier & Bernard Démoulin

Dedicated to a complete presentation on all aspects of reverberation chambers, this book provides the physical principles behind these test systems in a very progressive manner. The detailed panorama of parameters...

Measurements Using Optic and RF Waves

by Frederique de Fornel & Pierre-Noël Favennec

Scientific and technical knowledge for measurements in modern electromagnetism must be vast as our electromagnetic environment covers all frequencies and wavelengths. These measurements must be applied to fields...

Linear and Nonlinear Wave Propagation

by Spencer Kuo

Waves are essential phenomena in most scientific and engineering disciplines, such as electromagnetism and optics, and different mechanics including fluid, solid, structural, quantum, etc. They appear in linear...

Electromagnetic Waves 2

by Pierre-No¿l Favennec

Electromagnetic Waves 2 examines antennas in the field of radio waves. It analyzes the conditions of use and the parameters that are necessary in order to create an effective antenna.

This book presents antennas?...

Electromagnetic Pulse Simulations Using Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

by Shahid Ahmed

Discover the utility of the FDTD approach to solving electromagnetic problems with this powerful new resource

Electromagnetic Pulse Simulations Using Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method delivers a comprehensive...

Composites and Metamaterials

by Roderic Lakes

This book is an excellent primer for students to learn about physical properties, particularly mechanical properties of heterogeneous and multiphase materials and the cultivation of physical insight. Written...

An Analytic Theory of Multi-stream Electron Beams in Traveling Wave Tubes

by Alexander Figotin

The Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT) is a powerful vacuum electronic device used to amplify radio-frequency (RF) signals as well as numerous applications such as radar, television and telephone satellite communications....

Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability in Solar Atmospheric Jets

by Ivan Zhelyazkov & Ramesh Chandra

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the eruptive and wave phenomena in the solar atmosphere. One of the ongoing problems in solar physics is the heating of the solar corona. Currently there is a competition...

Superconductivity Begins With H: Both Properly Understood, And Misunderstood: Superconductivity Basics Rethought

by Jorge E Hirsch

This iconoclastic book proposes that superconductivity is misunderstood in contemporary science and that this hampers scientific and technological development. Superconductivity is the ability of some metals...

Electromagnetic Waves 1

by Pierre-No¿l Favennec

Electromagnetic Waves 1 examines Maxwell?s equations and wave propagation. It presents the scientific bases necessary for any application using electromagnetic fields, and analyzes Maxwell?s equations, their...

Forward and Inverse Scattering Algorithms Based on Contrast Source Integral Equations

by Peter M. van den Berg

A guide to wave-field computational methods based on contrast source type of integral equations

Forward and Inverse Scattering Algorithms Based on Contrast Source Integral Equations presents a text that examines...

On Physical Lines of Force (In Four Parts)

by James Clerk Maxwell

"On Physical Lines of Force" is a four-part paper written by James Clerk Maxwell published in 1861. In it, Maxwell derived the equations of electromagnetism in conjunction with a "sea" of "molecular vortices"...

On Faraday's Line of Force (The translated Faraday's ideas into mathematical language)

by James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell was highly regarded as one of the most brilliant mathematical physicists of the age. He made an enormous number of advances in his own right. But when he translated Faraday's ideas into mathematical...

Scattering and Diffraction by Wedges 2

by Vito G. Daniele & Guido Lombardi

The book has a dual purpose. The first is to expose a general methodology to solve problems of electromagnetism in geometries constituted of angular regions. The second is to bring the solutions of some canonical...

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Design and Test Case Analysis

by Junqi Zheng

A practical introduction to techniques for the design of electronic products from the Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) perspective

  • Introduces techniques for the design of electronic products from the EMC...

The Discovery of Radium and Radio Active Substances

by Marie Curie

"It is my earnest desire that some of you shall carry on this scientific work and will keep for your ambition the determination to make a permanent contribution to science.

M. Curie"

A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic  Field

by James Clerk Maxwell

In 1865 James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879) published this work, "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field" demonstrating that electric and magnetic fields travel through space as waves moving at the speed...