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Starlight Detectives

by Alan Hirshfeld

Julia Ward Howe Award Finalist

NBC News “Top Science and Tech Books of the Year” selection

Scientific American/FSG “Favorite Science Books of the Year” selection “Top Reads of the Year” selection...

Leonardo's Foot

by Carol Ann Rinzler

A Selection of the Scientific American, History, and BOMC2 Book Clubs

“An in-depth look at the anatomy and history of feet reveals their often overlooked importance in human evolution, medicine and art.” —...

Good Science, Bad Science, Pseudoscience, and Just Plain Bunk

by Peter A. Daempfle

We are constantly bombarded with breaking scientific news in the media, but we are almost never provided with enough information to assess the truth of these claims. Does drinking coffee really cause cancer?...

Infectious Liberty

by Robert Mitchell

Infectious Liberty traces the origins of our contemporary concerns about public health, world population, climate change, global trade, and government regulation to a series of Romantic-era debates and their...

Is This Wi-Fi Organic?

by Dave Farina

How to Separate Real Scientific Truths from Fake News

?Scientific literacy is our best defense in an age of increasing disinformation.? ?Kellie Gerardi, Aerospace Professional and Author of Not Necessarily Rocket...

Discovery at Rosetta

by Jonathan Downs

In 1798, young French general Napoleon Bonaparte entered Egypt with a veteran army and a specialist group of savants?scientists, engineers, and artists?his aim being not just conquest, but the rediscovery of...

Ten Equations to Explain the Mysteries of Modern Astrophysics

by Santhosh Mathew

This book introduces ten equations that transcend the boundaries of time and space. It takes readers through a journey of self-discovery where they will learn the history, science, and significance of these...

Colonial Fantasies, Imperial Realities

by Lenny A. Ureña Valerio

In Colonial Fantasies, Imperial Realities, Lenny Ureña Valerio offers a transnational approach to Polish-German relations and nineteenth-century colonial subjectivities. She investigates key cultural dynamics...

Permanent Atlas of the European Union

by Collective & Jean-Dominique Giuliani

The European Union, with its 27 Member States and 447 million inhabitants, is one of the world's major economic and commercial powers. But many people still know little about it. The third edition of this book,...

Reginald Sutcliffe and the Invention of Modern Weather Systems Science

by Jonathan E. Martin

Despite being perhaps the foremost British meteorologist of the twentieth century, Reginald Sutcliffe has been understudied and underappreciated. His impact continues to this day every time you check the weather...


by Louis Neal Irwin

This book chronicles the apparent discovery of ?memory molecules? in 1965, the loss of credibility that plagued those findings, and the subsequent triumphant discovery of the neuroactive peptides, including...

Deep Cut

by Christine Keiner

The Atlantic-Pacific Central American sea-level canal is generally regarded as a spectacular failure. However, Deep Cut examines the canal in an alternative context, as an anticipated infrastructure project...

Future Rising

by Andrew Maynard

A Compelling Vision of the Future

?Maynard has written a thoughtful and thought-provoking response to the moment we?re in, chronicling how we got here, where we?re going, and what role we have in that journey?...

Stephen Hawking

by Kitty Ferguson

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the age of 21 and was expected to live for only another two years. He went on to write books and deliver public lectures right up until his death at...

Between the Earth and the Heavens

by Helge Kragh

Consisting of separate cases organized by chapter and divided into independent sections, this is no ordinary history of science book. Between the Earth and the Heavens is an episodic history of modern physical...

The Code of Creation with Guru Nanak and Albert Einstein

by Amar Kapoor M.D.

For centuries, humanity is trying to understand the creation of the universe, the operation of the universe and the essence of Truth. Before Big Bang, there was perhaps a Singularity event creating the Milky...

Physics: A Crash Course

by Brian Clegg

Physics: A Crash Course is the quickest way to get up to speed with the most fundamental of the sciences.


Physics tells us how the universe works – it’s behind most of our exciting technology, from...

Spinach on the Ceiling

by Martin Karplus

'Karplus's tales of a turbulent graduate school experience at Caltech will inspire readers to muster fortitude when everything seems to be spinning out of control. Karplus balances rigorous scientific discussions...

From Thales To Gravitational Waves: The Scientific Perspective

by Louis Marchildon

Science has its roots in human curiosity. It is the process of exploration and research that has led to a better understanding of our surroundings: Copernicus set the Earth in its right place in our models of...

History of Particle Theory


History of Particle Theory fills an important gap existing in the literature by discussing the impressive progress in understanding the elementary particles out of which all everyday objects are made. Most of...