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Quantum Physics

by Serge Haroche

From the infinitely small to the infinitely big, covering over 60 spatial orders of magnitude, quantum theory is used as much to describe the still largely mysterious vibrations of the microscopic strings that...

Optical Engineering of Diamond

by Rich Mildren & James Rabeau

This is the first comprehensive book on the engineering of diamond optical devices. Written by 39 experts in the field, it gives readers an up-to-date review of the properties of optical quality synthetic diamond...

Optical Radiation and Matter

by Robert Brecha & J Michael O’Hare

Optical Radiation and Matter provides a deeper look at electricity and magnetism and the interaction of optical radiation with molecules and solid materials. The focus is on developing an understanding of the...

Semiconductor Integrated Optics for Switching Light (Second Edition)

by Charlie Ironside

Semiconductor Integrated Optics for Switching Light (Second Edition) provides concise description of the physics and engineering of semiconductor optical waveguides for photonic and electronic switching with...

The Physics of Experiment Instrumentation Using MATLAB Apps

by Dan Green

Some twenty years ago the author published a book entitled The Physics of Particle Detectors. Much has evolved since that time, not in the basic physics, but in the complexity, number and versatility of the...

Harnessing the Sun - A Conversation with Jenny Nelson

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Jenny Nelson, Professor of Physics and Head of the Climate Change mitigation team at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College...

Lens Design (Second Edition)

by Donald Dilworth

This second edition of Lens Design: Automatic and quasi-autonomous computational methods and techniques shows how these new tools can design systems in minutes that would have required weeks or months of labor...

Electromagnetic Waves and Lasers (Second Edition)

by Wayne D Kimura

Electromagnetic Waves and Lasers reviews electromagnetic wave theory with a special emphasis on lasers and how to use them in optical systems. As a short treatise on this subject matter, this book aims to offer...

Fundamentals of Quantum Entanglement

by F J Duarte

Quantum entanglement (QE) is one of the most mysterious and promising subjects in physics. With applications in cryptographic space-to-space, space-to-earth and fibre communications, in addition to teleportation...

Optics Experiments and Demonstrations for Student Laboratories

by Stephen G Lipson

This book provides a comprehensive guide to a wide range of optical experiments. Topics covered include classical geometrical and physical optics, polarization, scattering and diffraction, imaging, interference,...

Lasers and Their Application to the Observation of BoseEinstein Condensates

by Richard A Dunlap

The first part of this text provides an overview of the physics of lasers and it describes some of the more common types of lasers and their applications. The production of laser light requires the formation...

Quantum Mechanics in the Single Photon Laboratory

by Muhammad Hamza Waseem, Faizan-e-Ilahi & Muhammad Sabieh Anwar

Arising from a series of laboratory class experiments developed by the authors, this book provides an overview of fundamental experiments that can be used to practically demonstrate the underlying principles...

Engineering Electrodynamics

by Ramakrishna Janaswamy

Engineering Electrodynamics: A collection of theorems, principles and field representations deals with key theorems and principles that form the pillars on which engineering electromagnetics rests. In contrast...

Analytical Advances in Quantum and Celestial Mechanics

by Eugene Oks

This book is primarily devoted to recent advances in applying the approximate analytical method of the separation of rapid and slow subsystems to other quantum realms. Such systems include hydrogen atoms in...

Advances in X-Ray Spectroscopy of Laser Plasmas

by Eugene Oks

This book presents advances in X-ray spectroscopy of plasmas interacting with a laser radiation and laser-induced plasmas. This research is practically important for the quest for the controlled nuclear fusion,...

Orbital Angular Momentum States of Light

by Kedar Khare, Priyanka Lochab & Paramasivam Senthilkumaran

Orbital Angular Momentum States of Light provides an in-depth introduction to modelling of long-range propagation of orbital angular momentum (OAM) modes as well as more general structured light beams through...

Application-Driven Quantum and Statistical Physics

by Jean-Michel Gillet

Bridging the gap between traditional books on quantum and statistical physics, this series is an ideal introductory course for students who are looking for an alternative approach to the traditional academic...

Visible Light Communications

by Xavier Fernando & Hasan Farahneh

Visible Light Communication (VLC) has emerged as an attractive alternative to radio frequency (RF) communication, due to its abundant, license-free bandwidth and cost effectiveness. The visible light spectrum...

Analytical Lens Design

by Rafael G González-Acuña, Hector A Chaparro-Romo & Julio C Gutiérrez-Vega

This book presents an in-depth look at lenses free of spherical aberrations and is provided using illustrative examples. Mathematical principles behind lenses free of spherical aberration are included with an...

Simple Atomic and Molecular Systems

by Eugene Oks

Simple atoms are atoms consisting of no more than three particles. They are the test-bench of atomic physics and quantum mechanics. This book presents these findings, bridging the gap between textbook descriptions...