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Anatomy Advanced

by Speedy Publishing

A study guide is an invaluable tool for any student, but this is particularly true of advanced anatomy classes. Anatomy classes require the memorization of potentially hundreds of terms, definitions and body...

Senses: Hearing Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

This kind of pamphlet would help a biology student learn about the parts of the ear that assist in hearing. The detailed parts are labeled and explained so that the student can see how they are spelled and what...

Senses: Sight Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

A pamphlet about the senses can be a great tool for any biology student. Studying biology can often present a situation for a student where a lot of information needs to be learned in a very short amount of...

Skeletal System Advanced Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

The human skeletal system consists of 206 bones. In addition to the obvious functions of provide a framework for the body which both supports and protects other tissues, it also has metabolic functions like...

Surface Anatomy Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

There are many parts of the medical field that talks about the science of the internal systems of the body. The anatomy that depicts the exterior parts of the body such as the body dimensions, the breasts, and...

Spine (Human) Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

The human spine is responsible for providing support for all the parts of the body and protecting the spinal cord and associated nerves from the damage that can be done during everyday movement. A pamphlet would...

What Is Death?: A Scientist Looks at the Cycle of Life

by Tyler Volk

what is death?

A Scientist Looks at the Cycle of Life

Answering the question "What is death?" by focusing on the individual is blinkered. It restricts attention to a narrow zone around the individual body of a...

A Thinking Approach to Physiology

by Ian N Sabir & Juliet A Usher-Smith

Whereas other fields continue to become more complex and specialized, physiology happily remains an area that can still be understood by thinking from first principles. However, given the increasing quantity...

Human Rights, Virtue and the Common Good: Untimely Meditations on Religion and Politics

by Father Ernest L. Fortin

Volume Three of Ernest Fortin: Collected Essays discusses the current state of Christianity-especially twentieth-century Catholic Christianity-and the problems with which it has had to wrestle in the midst of...

Metaepistemology and Skepticism

by Richard A. Fumerton

In this excellent treatment of the internalism-externalism debate in contemporary epistemology, Richard Fumerton explores its implications for traditional skeptical concerns. When one fully understands these...

Contemporary Theories of Knowledge

by John L. Pollock & Joseph Cruz

This new edition of the classic Contemporary Theories of Knowledge has been significantly updated to include analyses of the recent literature in epistemology. Rather than merely making slight amendments to...

Foot Surgery Viewed Through the Prism of Comparative Anatomy

by Cyrille Cazeau

Comparative anatomy helps to define among surgical procedures, those that are able to restore early walking function using really useful structures, without necessarily respecting the normal anatomy. This book...

Egyptian Myths and Mysteries

by Rudolf Steiner

"Egyptian Myths and Mysteries" is a book made up of a series of lectures which Rudolf Steiner gave at Leipzig in September 1908.

"Egyptian Myths and Mysteries" contains 12 lectures in all, covering things like...

Anatomy of Animals: Studies in the Forms of Mammals and Birds

by Ernest Thompson Seton

Ernest Thompson Seton was a pre-eminent artist and naturalist of his time. The Anatomy of Animals contains sketch studies of the wild life found in Canada and the United States and is considered a useful reference...


by David Bainbridge

Few things are as tantalizing as a woman?s curves?and yet, humans are the only mammals on earth whose females have curvy bodies. Why? And what does this unique body shape mean for us? In Curvology, researcher...

The Beautiful Brain

by Larry W. Swanson, Eric Newman, Alfonso Araque & Janet M. Dubinsky

At the crossroads of art and science, Beautiful Brain presents Nobel Laureate Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s contributions to neuroscience through his groundbreaking artistic brain imagery.


Santiago Ramón y...

The Anatomist Dissected / or the man-midwife finely brought to bed. Being an / examination of the conduct of Mr. St. Andre. Touching the / late pretended rabbit-bearer; as it appears from his own / narrative.

The Mechanism and Psychology of Voice

by Frank E. Miller & Charles E. Blanchard

pMan possesses language, and makes large use of it, while, on the other hand, not even the most intelligent animals have the power of designating objects, or of translating sensations into articulate speech....


by William B. Irvine

What are you? Obviously, you are a person with human ancestors that can be plotted on a family tree, but you have other identities as well. According to evolutionary biologists, you are a member of the species...

How Is Your Brain Like a Zebra?

by Judith L. Lauter

Intended for the general reader as well as specialists, this book presents a fascinating new theory that posits three major brain types created by sex hormones before birth-Polytropic, Middle, and Focal. A brief...