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Chaos in Electric Drive Systems: Analysis, Control and Application

by K. T. Chau & Zheng Wang

In Chaos in Electric Drive Systems: Analysis, Control and Application authors Chau and Wang systematically introduce an emerging technology of electrical engineering that bridges abstract chaos theory and practical...

Thinking in Systems

by Donella Meadows & Diana Wright

The classic book on systems thinking—with more than half a million copies sold worldwide!

"This is a fabulous book… This book opened my mind and reshaped the way I think about investing."—Forbes


The Engine of Complexity

by John Mayfield

The concepts of evolution and complexity theory have become part of the intellectual ether permeating the life sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, and, more recently, management science and economics....

Production Scheduling

by Pierre Lopez & François Roubellat

The performance of an company depends both on its technological expertise and its managerial and organizational effectiveness. Production management is an important part of the process for manufacturing firms....

Modeling and Verification of Real-Time Systems

by Nicolas Navet & Stephan Merz

This title is devoted to presenting some of the most important concepts and techniques for describing real-time systems and analyzing their behavior in order to enable the designer to achieve guarantees of temporal...

Co-Design Approaches to Dependable Networked Control Systems

by Daniel Simon, Ye-Qiong Song & Christophe Aubrun

This book describes co-design approaches, and establishes the links between the QoC (Quality of Control) and QoS (Quality of Service) of the network and computing resources. The methods and tools described in...

Model Driven Engineering for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems 2009: Advances, Standards, Applications and Perspectives

by Jean-Philippe Babau, Mireille Blay-Fornarino, Jöel Champeau & Sylvain Robert et al.

Model-based development methods, and supporting technologies, can provide the techniques and tools needed to address the dilemma between reducing system development costs and time, and developing increasingly...

Control Methods for Electrical Machines

by Rene Husson

The type of control system used for electrical machines depends on the use (nature of the load, operating states, etc.) to which the machine will be put. The precise type of use determines the control laws which...

Analysis and Control of Linear Systems

by Philippe de Larminat

Automation of linear systems is a fundamental and essential theory. This book deals with the theory of continuous-state automated systems.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Embedded Control

by Rogelio Lozano

This book presents the basic tools required to obtain the dynamical models for aerial vehicles (in the Newtonian or Lagrangian approach). Several control laws are presented for mini-helicopters, quadrotors,...

Supervision and Safety of Complex Systems

by Nada Matta, Yves Vandenboomgaerde & Jean Arlat

This book presents results of projects carried out by both scientific and industry researchers into the techniques to help in maintenance, control, supervision and security of systems, taking into account the...

Automated Vehicles and MaaS

by Bob Williams


A topical overview of the issues facing automated driving systems and Mobility as a Service, identifies the obstacles to implementation and offers potential solutions

Advances in cooperative...

High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab/Simulink

by Haitham Abu-Rub, Atif Iqbal & Jaroslaw Guzinski

High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab®/Simulink

Explore this indispensable update to a popular graduate text on electric drive techniques and the latest converters used in industry

The Second Edition...

Applications and Metrology at Nanometer-Scale 2

by Pierre-Richard Dahoo, Philippe Pougnet & Abdelkhalak El Hami

Nanoscience, nanotechnologies and the laws of quantum physics are sources of disruptive innovation that open up new fields of application. Quantum engineering enables the development of very sensitive materials,...

From Fractals and Cellular Automata to Biology

by Alberto Strumia

The didactical level of exposition, together with many astonishing images and animations, accompanied by the related simple computer programming codes (in Python and POV-Ray languages) make this book an extremely...

Shores of Vespucci

by Angelo Cattaneo & Francisco Contente Domingues

This volume aims to advance the analysis about Amerigo Vespucci by considering and connecting several fields of study such as literary history, philology, the history of science and cartography, economic history,...

Embedded Digital Control with Microcontrollers

by Cem Unsalan, Duygun E. Barkana & H. Deniz Gurhan

Explore a concise and practical introduction to implementation methods and the theory of digital control systems on microcontrollers

Embedded Digital Control: Implementation on ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers...

Computer Vision for Structural Dynamics and Health Monitoring

by Dongming Feng & Maria Q. Feng

Provides comprehensive coverage of theory and hands-on implementation of computer vision-based sensors for structural health monitoring

This book is the first to fill the gap between scientific research of computer...

PID Control System Design and Automatic Tuning using MATLAB/Simulink

by Liuping Wang

Covers PID control systems from the very basics to the advanced topics

This book covers the design, implementation and automatic tuning of PID control systems with operational constraints. It provides students,...

Frequency-Domain Analysis and Design of Distributed Control Systems

by Yu-Ping Tian

This book presents a unified frequency-domain method for the analysis of distributed control systems. The following important topics are discussed by using the proposed frequency-domain method: (1) Scalable...