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Nanoscale Standards by Metrological AFM and Other Instruments

by Ichiko Misumi

The purpose of this book is to help semiconductor inspection equipment users and manufacturers understand what nano dimensional standards are used to calibrate their equipment and how to employ them effectively....

Lasers and Their Application to the Observation of BoseEinstein Condensates

by Richard A Dunlap

The first part of this text provides an overview of the physics of lasers and it describes some of the more common types of lasers and their applications. The production of laser light requires the formation...

Defining and Measuring Nature (Second Edition)

by Jeffrey H Williams

Measurement forms an essential part of our view of the world. Our world is measured and calibrated, and we are all subject to the tyranny of these numbers. In this updated and extended edition, Jeffrey Huw Williams...

Mechanics of Biological Systems

by Seungman Park & Yun Chen

This book is an introduction to the mechanical properties, the force generating capacity, and the sensitivity to mechanical cues, of the biological system. To understand how these qualities govern many essential...

The Physics of Noise

by Edoardo Milotti

For a physicist noise is not just about sounds. It refers to any random physical process that blurs measurements and, in so doing, stands in the way of scientific knowledge. This short book deals with the most...

Neutron Stars, Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

by James J Kolata

Albert Einstein?s general theory of relativity made a remarkable prediction: gravitational radiation. Just like light, gravity could travel through space as a wave and affect any objects it encounters by alternately...

Atomic Physics

by Paul Ewart

Atomic Physics provides a concise treatment of atomic physics and a basis to prepare for work in other disciplines that are underpinned by atomic physics, such as chemistry, biology and several aspects of engineering...

An Introduction to Time-Resolved Optically Stimulated Luminescence

by Makaiko L Chithambo

Time-resolved optical stimulation of luminescence is established as an important method for the measurement of optically stimulated luminescence. The luminescence is stimulated from a sample using a brief light...

International Linear Collider (ILC)

by Alexey Drutskoy

The natural and most powerful way of obtaining new knowledge in particle physics is to build a new collider with a larger energy. To this end, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was created and is now operating...

Spin-Wave Theory and Its Applications to Neutron Scattering and THz Spectroscopy

by Randy S Fishman, Jaime A Fernandez-Baca & Toomas Rõõm

Two of the most powerful tools used to study magnetic materials are inelastic neutron scattering and THz spectroscopy. Because the measured spectra provide a dynamical fingerprint of a magnetic material, these...

Truth and Traceability in Physics and Metrology

by Michael Grabe

Metrological data is known to be blurred by the imperfections of the measuring process. For about two centuries, regular or constant errors were not the focal point of experimental activities, only irregular...

Quantum Metrology with Photoelectrons

by Paul Hockett

Since the turn of the century, the increasing availability of photoelectron imaging experiments, along with the increasing sophistication of experimental techniques, and the availability of computational resources...

Gravity, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Gradiometry

by Alexey V Veryaskin

Gradiometry is a multidisciplinary area that combines theoretical and applied physics, ultra-low noise electronics, precision engineering, and advanced signal processing. This book provides readers with a comprehensive...