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The Grafter's Handbook, 6th Edition

by R.J. Garner & Steve Bradley

R.J. Garner's The Grafter's Handbook is the classic reference book and revered encyclopedia (and the only one of its kind) on plant propagation by grafting, and has been favored by orchardists and gardeners...

Grow Organic in Cartoons

by Denis Pic Lelièvre, Michiel Panhuysen & Karel Schelfhout

The bible of modern organic gardening in graphic format. Because a good illustration speaks volumes.

Welcome to a more ecologically balanced way of growing! With plenty of humour and lots of precise details,...

Grow Organic In Comics

by Denis Pic Lelièvre, Karel Schelfhout & Michiel Panhuysen

div div pThe bible of modern organic gardening in graphic format. Because a good illustration speaks volumes./p p /p pWelcome to a more ecologically balanced way of growing! With plenty of humor and lots of...

A Modern Herbal, Volume 2

by Margaret Grieve

"There is not one page of this enchanting book which does not contain something to interest the common reader as well as the serious student. Regarded simply as a history of flowers, it adds to the joys of the...

Post-Harvest Management of Mango

by R. Srihari Babu

The book consists of 14 chapters. The first chapter  Introduction  introduces the crop and briefs the contents of different chapters. The second chapter deals with various post-harvest handling aspects of...

The Scentual Garden

by Ken Druse & Ellen Hoverkamp

A complete illustrated survey of fragrance in the garden by America’s leading garden writer 

Popular garden writer Ken Druse offers a complete survey of fragrance in the garden, in a major work filled with...

Horticultural Reviews

by Ian Warrington


Contributors ix

Dedication: Theodore DeJong xi

1. Molecular Physiology of Fruit Growth in Apple 1

2. Mechanosensing of Plants 43

3. Microgreens: Definitions, Product Types, and Production Practices...

How to Grow & Cultivate Marijuana: The Indoor & Outdoor Guide to Marijuana Horticulture

by Steve Chisk

The ultimate reference and step by step guide to growing and cultivating marijuana.

Learn and grow cannabis with easy to follow steps from start to finish. Understand and begin to grow in a matter of hours. Simple...


by Maxine F. Singer

How do plants, even if still buried underground, know that it's their time to bloom? What signals them to begin the challenging task of making flowers, and how do they make the variety of flower shapes, colours,...

Beyond Compliance

by M. Megan Quinlan (Et Al), Kerrie Mengersen, John Mumford & Adrian Leach et al.

Summary: Agricultural trade is an engine for economic growth, yet many countries lack the competence and confidence to negotiate market access effectively. Access requires compliance with a set of phytosanitary...

The Ever Curious Gardener

by Lee Reich

Curious why caressing your cucumber plants will help them bear more fruit? Or why you should grow oranges from seed even if the fruit is inedible? Or why trees need to sleep and how to help them?

Join acclaimed...

Patrick Neill

by Forbes W. Robertson

Descended from a Haddington family of printers and booksellers, Patrick Neill became head of the most prestigious printing firm in Edinburgh. Leaving his manager to run the business, he devoted his life to writing,...

Achieving sustainable cultivation of mangoes

by Dr Ping Lu, Dr Victor Galán Saúco, Prof. Kerry Walsh & Dr Frédéric Normand et al.

Mangoes are one of the most important and widely-cultivated fruits in tropical as well as sub-tropical regions. There have been a number of recent developments with the potential to improve crop yields and quality....


by Nigar Çelik, Muhammed Nacar & MUSTAFA AYDIN


The International Journal of Media, Culture and Literature, published biannually by the School of Foeign Languages at Istanbul Ayd?n University, Istanbul, Turkey, is an international scholarly journal in English...

The Aquaponic Farmer

by Adrian Southern & Whelm King

The Aquaponic Farmer is the only complete practical guide to understanding, constructing, and operating a family-farm scale commercial cold-water aquaponic system for raising trout and vegetables. It details...

Achieving sustainable cultivation of apples

by Dr K. Evans, M. Karkee, Sally A. Bound & Dr Dugald C. Close et al.

Originating in Central Asia, apples are one of the most important fruits globally and are grown in over 100 countries. Apple cultivation faces a number of challenges. Increasing global competition has put the...

Achieving sustainable cultivation of tomatoes

by Prof. A. K. Handa, Dr A. K. Mattoo, F. T. Delazari & V. S. Almeida et al.

Tomatoes are the second most important vegetable crop in the world after potatoes. Originating in South America, they are now grown widely around the world. As the population continues to grow, there is a need...

The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse

by Lindsey Schiller & Marc Plinke

Comprehensive coverage of passive solar greenhouse design including material selection, building methods and how to store thermal energy using a variety of simple and innovative strategies. Over a dozen case...


by Judith McCormack

Praise for Judith McCormack and Backspring

Nominated for the 2016 First Novel Award

“A well-written and smart novel that unfolds many moments of profound and subtle beauty. McCormack’s treatment of...

Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Plants

by Elisabeth Chan & Luca Invernizzi Tettoni

Learn all about tropical plants and flowers with this with this useful and portable reference book.

This handy field guide introduces approximately 60 plant species found in the Tropics. Trees, shrubs, flowers...