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by Michel Serres & Daniel W. Smith

The title of this timely and thought-provoking book, a French bestseller, refers to schoolgirls sending text messages to their friends on their smart phones. Michel Serres, one of France's most important living...

Race Unmasked

by Michael Yudell & J. Craig Venter

Race, while drawn from the visual cues of human diversity, is an idea with a measurable past, an identifiable present, and an uncertain future. The concept of race has been at the center of both triumphs and...

In Defense of Science

by Frank R. Spellman & Joan Price-Bayer

Today, only a few people outside of the scientific community are conversant with the tradition of science and its many breakthroughs. The rest are scientifically illiterate. So say Frank R. Spellman and Joni...

The Poetic Species

by Robert Hass, Edward O. Wilson & Lee Briccetti

World Literature Today Editor’s Pick

“Enchanting. . . . The Poetic Species is a wonderful read in its entirety, short yet infinitely simulating.” —MARIA POPOVA, Brain Pickings

In this shimmering conversation...

Proceedings of the EU preparatory meeting of the Third world congress for freedom of scientific research – “From the body to the body politic” (2013)

by Associazione Luca Coscioni per la libertà di ricerca scientifica

For nearly ten years now Luca Coscioni Association through and together with the World Congress has been fighting for freedom of scientific research. The World Congress is not a place of mere convention and...

The Species Problem

by David N. Stamos

In this provocative work, David N. Stamos tackles the problem of determining exactly what a biological species is: in short, whether species are real and the nature of their reality. Although many have written...

Becoming Nietzsche: Early Reflections on Democritus, Schopenhauer, and Kant

by Paul A. Swift

Becoming Nietzsche is an essential book for understanding Nietzsche's philosophical genealogy from 1866 to 1868, a phase that is punctuated by the influence of Friedrich Lange and a surprising rejection of Schopenhauer's...

Millikan and Her Critics

by Dan Ryder, Justine Kingsbury & Kenneth Williford

Millikan and Her Critics offers a unique critical discussion of Ruth Millikan's highly regarded, influential, and systematic contributions to philosophy of mind and language, philosophy of biology, epistemology,...

The Transcendental Temptation

by Paul Kurtz

In this landmark work, Paul Kurtz examines the reasons why people accept supernatural and paranormal belief systems in spite of substantial evidence to the contrary. According to Kurtz, it is because there is...

Ecosocial Theory, Embodied Truths, and the People's Health

by Nancy Krieger

From public health luminary Nancy Krieger comes a revolutionary way of addressing health justice and the embodied truths of lived experience. Since the 1700s, fierce debates in medicine and public health have...

Strategic Learning

by Robert K Kamei

'Dr Bob was our pediatrician. If we could trust him with our kids, you can trust him with how to learn better. I discovered many surprising truths about learning in this book, so follow the scientific research...

Groundwork of Phenomenological Marxism

by Ian H. Angus

In Groundwork of Phenomenological Marxism: Crisis, Body, World, Ian H. Angus investigates the crisis of reason in a contemporary context. Beginning with Edmund Husserl’s The Crisis of the European Sciences...

Naturalizing God?

by Mikael Leidenhag

Can nature be considered a religious object? Religious naturalists answer yes, as they seek to carve out a middle path between supernaturalism and atheistic secularism. In this book, Mikael Leidenhag critically...

Eighteenth Century Ireland, Georgian Ireland

by Desmond Keenan

The 18th century tended to be neglected by Irish historians in the 20th century. Irish achievements in the 18th century were largely those of Protestants, so Catholics tended to disregard them. Catholic historians...

Crude Britannia

by James Marriott & Terry Macalister

'Dripping with delicious detail' - Aditya Chakrabortty

Taking the reader on a journey through North East Scotland, Merseyside, South Wales, the Thames Estuary and London, this is the story of Britain’s oil-soaked...

Yellowstones Survival

by Susan G. Clark

This book focuses on Yellowstone: the park, the larger ecosystem, and even more so, the ?idea? of Yellowstone. In presenting a case for a new conservation paradigm for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE),...


by José Luis Manzanares Japón

Science has failed to explain the deep nature of reality. While it surprises us every day with amazing new discoveries that make life more pleasant, it ignores the real basis of our existence. Its reductionist...

The Truth About COVID-19

by Ronnie Cummins, Joseph Mercola & Robert F. Kennedy

A Wall Street Journal and USA Today national bestseller!

Multiple New York Times best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association, team up...

Material Mystery

by Karmen MacKendrick

Material Mystery considers three apparently anthropocentric myths that are central to Abrahamic religions—those of the primal human, the incarnated and possibly divine redeemer, and the resurrected body. At...

The Genesis of Living Forms

by Raymond Ruyer, Jon Roffe & Nicholas B. de Weydenthal

The philosophy of Raymond Ruyer was an important if subterranean influence on twentieth-century French thought, and explicitly engaged with by figures such as Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Georges Canguilhem, Gilbert...