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Fix My Shoulder

by George Demirakos

The shoulder is one of the most useful—and most problematic—joints in the body. When injured, it can seriously impair one’s ability to function. This book takes a look at the anatomy of the shoulder, what...

Understanding Celiac Disease

by Naheed Ali

As the market for gluten free foods continues to grow and change, many people are turning to a gluten free lifestyle for a number of reasons. Some people, however, are diagnosed with celiac disease, which is...

Wheel of Wisdom

by Angela Clubb

"The dream calls to us from the rainbow’s end, but the plan and the journey always begin in the here and now."

For anyone who has ever had a dream or longs to find one, Wheel of Wisdom will help put a great...

Jim Rohn's 8 Best Success Lessons

by Chris Widener

The top 8 success lessons of all time by Jim Rohn represent the most important success lessons taught by America?s Business Philosopher. Chris Widener, who was personally mentored by Jim Rohn for 7-years, takes...

Faith Unravels

by Daniel Franklin Greyber & Mayim Bialik

Every year, thousands of young people die, leaving in their wake circles of grieving friends in need of support. Many look to how clergy understand loss but few religious traditions have a defined mourning process--or...

Along the Road—Tales of the Journey

by N. Thomas Johnson-Medland

Along the Road-Tales from the Journey is a practical guide for patients and families going through some very serious and difficult issues. It is here to enable focus and meaning in a time that is fraught with...

From the Belly of the Whale

by N. Thomas Johnson-Medland

Men have been spit up onto shore by whales and great fish since the beginning of time. This has been going on for forever; perhaps, even longer than forever. This may be true. It may also be true that men have...

The Intelligent Optimist's Guide to Life

by Jurriaan Kamp

The world isn’t coming to an end, contrary to what you may have heard. But the media’s near-exclusive focus on conflict and disaster means that the progress and everyday acts of brilliance taking place across...

Divided Desire

by Kenny Damara

Can your ultimate desire ever be fulfilled? Everywhere you look, every time you listen, with each click and tap, there's something you desire. How do you know if what you desire will satisfy, or if you are seeing...

Your Life Isn't for You

by Seth Adam Smith

Give Your Life to Live Your Life

In this book, Seth Adam Smith expands on the philosophy behind his extraordinarily popular blog post “Marriage Isn't for You”—which received over 30 million hits and has...

Tears to Triumph

by Dawn Marie Daniels, Candace Sandy & Dr. Jarralynne Agee Ph. D

Learn to embrace the adversity in your life--and be happier.

Women today face bigger personal challenges than ever before. Balancing increasing responsibilities at work while managing a household and caring...

Aging Wisely

by Robert A. Levine

Everyone ages. Not everyone ages well. Aging Wisely explains that much of what happens to our minds and bodies as we grow older depends on our approach to life and our attitudes and feelings about ourselves....

The Truth About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by Jill Gambaro

It can start in any number of ways: A legal secretary notices a strange buzzing in her palm. It soon spreads to a fiery ache across her entire upper body. Within a few months, she becomes totally disabled. Trapped...

The Power of Your Past

by John P Schuster

Most of us don't use our yesterdays very well. With our cultural obsession with living in the moment, we neglect to engage in creative reflection on our personal histories. In The Power Of Your Past, John Schuster...

How to Read Human Nature

by William Walker Atkinson & Karl Wurf

William Walker Atkinson (1862?1932) was an attorney, merchant, publisher, and author, as well as an occultist and an American pioneer of the New Thought movement. He is also known to have been the author of...

Raising Children in the Military

by Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott, Don Philpott & Jeff Scott

Military life places unique demands on military families with children including frequent moves, disruptions in schooling, family separation, health care issues, loss of friends, financial hardships, underemployment...

Stillness Speaks

by Eckhart Tolle

New York Times bestselling author Eckhart Tolle ? Learn the transformative power of living in the now

Attaining Eckhart Tolle?s state of presence: In Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle illuminates the fundamental...

Brain Rules (Updated and Expanded): 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School

by John Medina

Most of us have no idea what’s really going on inside our heads. Yet brain scientists have uncovered details every business leader, parent, and teacher should know—like the need for physical activity to get...

Cancer and Your Pet

by Marie Cargill

The most common cancer treatments of Western Medicine are surgery, chemotherapy agents and radiation therapy. All of these conventional treatments can be frightening, painful, debilitating, disfiguring, and...

Exercise For The Brain: 70 Neurobic Exercises To Increase Mental Fitness & Prevent Memory Loss (With Crossword Puzzles)

by Jason Scotts

If you are interested in learning the best ways possible to improve mental health then you need a copy of "Exercises For The Brain & Memory : 70 Neurobic Exercises & Fun Puzzles To Increase Mental Fitness &...