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Consuming Ocean Island

by Katerina Martina Teaiwa

Consuming Ocean Island tells the story of the land and people of Banaba, a small Pacific island, which, from 1900 to 1980, was heavily mined for phosphate, an essential ingredient in fertilizer. As mining stripped...

Venus of Khala-Kanti

by Angèle Kingué & Christine Schwartz Hartley

Venus of Khala-Kanti is a tale of life-altering loss and mystical recovery. Set in an imaginary West African village that becomes a charming cul-de-sac, the unintended consequence of a national roadwork project...

China Online

by Michel,Veronique, Claude Muller & Sebastien Koval

Dive into China's new web-based subculture of tech-savy, subversive netizens with China Online!

Using Baidu, China's form of Google, young Chinese web-surfers are creating their own language on the Internet....

Confronting Suburban School Resegregation in California

by Clayton A. Hurd

The school-aged population of the United States has become more racially and ethnically diverse in recent decades, but its public schools have become significantly less integrated. In California, nearly half...

Anthropological Conversations

by Caroline B. Brettell

Cultural anthropologists can be an intellectually adventurous crowd: open—even eager—to building bridges across disciplines in the name of understanding human behavior and the human experience more broadly....

Rapid Qualitative Inquiry

by James Beebe

Practitioners in need of timely results for program and policy planning—and students looking for

realistic research projects—will find solutions in Rapid Qualitative Inquiry (RQI), a team-based,

applied research...

The Domestication of Language

by Daniel Cloud

Language did not evolve only in the distant past. Our shared understanding of the meanings of words is ever-changing, and we make conscious, rational decisions about which words to use and what to mean by them...

The Social Cancer: A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere

by Jose Rizal

The Social Cancer: A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere from the Spanish of José Rizal By Charles Derbyshire.

Recorded in the history of human sufferings is a cancer of so malignant a character that...

Food on the Rails

by Jeri Quinzio

In roughly one hundred years – from the 1870s to the 1970s – dining on trains began, soared to great heights, and then fell to earth.

The founders of the first railroad companies cared more about hauling...

The Cultural Revolution and Overacting

by Tuo Wang

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which took place in China between 1966 and 1976, was a major political and social tragedy in Chinese history. As part of an effort to understand how the state enforced...

The Passage from Youth to Adulthood

by Pierluca Birindelli

The Passage from Youth to Adulthood explores a society unanchored from culturally-endorsed rites of passage. Pierluca Birindelli analyzed self-narrations of Italian young adults still living with their parents...

Metal, Rock, and Jazz

by Harris M. Berger

This vivid ethnography of the musical lives of heavy metal, rock, and jazz musicians in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio shows how musicians engage with the world of sound to forge meaningful experiences of music....

Hindu-Catholic Encounters in Goa

by Alexander Henn

The state of Goa on India's southwest coast was once the capital of the Portuguese-Catholic empire in Asia. When Vasco Da Gama arrived in India in 1498, he mistook Hindus for Christians, but Jesuit missionaries...

A Genetic and Cultural Odyssey

by Linda Stone

Drawing links between genetic and cultural development, Cavalli-Sforza developed groundbreaking techniques to trace the evolution of Homo sapiens and the origins of human differentiation, in addition to his...

Technology as Human Social Tradition

by Peter David Jordan

Technology as Human Social Tradition outlines a novel approach to studying variability and cumulative change in human technology—prominent research themes in both archaeology and anthropology. Peter Jordan...

Secrets from the Greek Kitchen

by David E. Sutton

Secrets from the Greek Kitchen explores how cooking skills, practices, and knowledge on the island of Kalymnos are reinforced or transformed by contemporary events. Based on more than twenty years of research...

Young and Defiant in Tehran

by Shahram Khosravi

With more than half its population under twenty years old, Iran is one of the world's most youthful nations. The Iranian state characterizes its youth population in two ways: as a homogeneous mass, "an army...

Anthropology Through a Double Lens

by Daniel Touro Linger

How can we hold both public and personal worlds in the eye of a unified theory of meaning? What ethnographic and theoretical possibilities do we create in the balance? Anthropology Through a Double Lens offers...

Email from Ngeti

by James H. Smith & Ngeti Mwadime

Email from Ngeti is a captivating story of sorcery, redemption, and transnational friendship in the globalized twenty-first century. When the anthropologist James Smith returns to Kenya to begin fieldwork for...

San Rock Art

by J.D. Lewis-Williams

San rock paintings, scattered over the range of southern Africa, are considered by many to be the very earliest examples of representational art. There are as many as 15,000 known rock art sites, created over...