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The Death Penalty

by Andrea D. Lyon

The United States is divided about the death penalty—17 states have banned it, while the remaining states have not. From wrongful convictions to botched executions, capital punishment is fraught with controversy....

Coarseness in U.S. Public Communication

by Philip Dalton & Eric Mark Kramer

Proceeding from the assumption that all manner of public communication in the United States is becoming increasingly coarse, this book argues that shared cultural notions of decency are being eroded by market...

Domestic Violence and Sexuality

by Catherine Donovan & Marianne Hester

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence This book provides the first detailed discussion of domestic violence and abuse in same sex relationships, offering a unique comparison between this and domestic...

Assessment in youth justice

by Kerry Baker & Gill Kelly

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of assessment and intervention planning with young people who offend. It will help equip practitioners with the knowledge and professional...

Street Casino

by Simon Harding

Gang violence is on the increase in certain neighbourhoods. There is an urgent need for a fresh perspective that offers insight into gang structure, organisation and offending behaviour to explain this increase....

'Hate crime' and the city

by Paul Iganski

The impression often conveyed by the media about hate crime offenders is that they are hate-fuelled individuals who, in acting out their extremely bigoted views, target their victims in premeditated violent...

Understanding Crime and Social Policy

by Emma Wincup

Understanding crime and social policy explores the interface between crime and social policy, drawing upon international theoretical developments and empirical research from within Criminology and Social Policy. Written...


by Simon Harding

This is the first book in the UK or US to set on record the recent cultural phenomenon of the use of certain dog breeds - both legal and illegal - to 'convey status' upon their owners. Such dogs are easily visible...

An Introduction to Political Crime

by Jeffrey Ian Ross

In An introduction to political crime, Jeffrey Ian Ross provides the most comprehensive and contemporary analysis of political crime addressing both violent and nonviolent crimes committed by and against the...

Where next for criminal justice?

by David Faulkner & Ros Burnett

Successive governments have promised to reform criminal justice in England and Wales and to make it more efficient and more effective in preventing and reducing crime. And yet there is still a feeling that not...

Shoot to kill

by Maurice Punch

The shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell underground station in 2005 raised acute issues about operational practice, legitimacy, accountability and policy making regarding police use of fatal force. It...

Legalising drugs

by Philip Bean

Government policy has steadfastly been against drug legalisation, but increasingly critics have argued that this is unsustainable. This book is a timely examination of the issues this raises. Numerous suggestions...

Whitewashing the South

by Kristen M. Lavelle

Whitewashing the South is a powerful exploration of how white southerners recall the civil rights era, overlooking many of the realities of the day to present a sunnier version of the past. Filled with dynamic...

Appealing to Justice

by Kitty Calavita & Valerie Jenness

Having gained unique access to California prisoners and corrections officials and to thousands of prisoners’ written grievances and institutional responses, Kitty Calavita and Valerie Jenness take us inside...

Droits et voix - Rights and Voices

by Véronique Strimelle & Françoise Vanhamme

Cet ouvrage souligne le 40e anniversaire du Département de criminologie de l’Université d’Ottawa, fondé en 1968. On y relate l’histoire du département de ses origines à nos jours en mettant l’accent...

We Are Fighting the World

by Gary Kynoch

Since the late 1940s, a violent African criminal society known as the Marashea has operated in and around South Africa?s gold mining areas. With thousands of members involved in drug smuggling, extortion, and...

Blood and Capital

by Jasmin Hristov

In Blood and Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia, Jasmin Hristov examines the complexities, dynamics, and contradictions of present-day armed conflict in Colombia. She conducts an in-depth inquiry into...

The Complexities of Police Corruption

by Marilyn Corsianos

The Complexities of Police Corruption provides a comprehensive examination of the role of gender as it relates to police corruption, crime control, and policing as an institution. Author Marilyn Corsianos examines...

The Construction of the Maras

by Antonia Does

High levels of crime and violence in Central America’s northern triangle are a major preoccupation of politicians, policy-makers and citizens. Public authorities in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have...

Native America and the Question of Genocide

by Alex Alvarez

Did Native Americans suffer genocide? This controversial question lies at the heart of Native America and the Question of Genocide. After reviewing the various meanings of the word “genocide,” author Alex...