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Spaces of Governmentality

by Martina Tazzioli

Much work has been done on the causes and characteristics of the Arab Spring, but relatively little research has examined the political and spatial consequences that have developed following the uprisings.


The Immigrant War

by Vittorio Longhi

The abuse of Asian workers in the oil-rich Gulf countries, the trafficking of undocumented latinos at the US border, the exploitation of African sans papiers in France and the attacks on Sub-Saharan farmhands...

The migration debate

by Sarah Spencer

A contribution to one of the most hotly contested issues in Europe, The migration debate provides a well-balanced, critical analysis of UK migration policies, in a European context, from entry controls through...

Class Formations and Inequality Structures in Contemporary African Migration

by John A. Arthur

This book examines the influences of social class and inequality structures on migration in Africa using information from Ghana. As the country achieves moderate to significant economic gains driven (in part)...

Mayday! Mayday!

by Lowell Psy.D. Green

Lowell Green presents a powerful, persuasive, well-documented and incredibly well researched argument for a substantial reduction in Canada's yearly intake of immigrants and refugees, and an immediate halt to...

The Dream Fields of Florida

by Ella Schmidt

Immigrant workers from indigenous communities who are working in low-wage jobs are often stigmatized for their origins, their status, and their poverty. For them, achieving the American Dream means overcoming...

Border Patrol Nation

by Todd Miller

"In his scathing and deeply reported examination of the U.S. Border Patrol, Todd Miller argues that the agency has gone rogue since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, trampling on the dignity and rights of the...

Resilience in South Sudanese Women

by Godriver Wanga-Odhiambo

Resilience in South Sudanese Women describes the historical injustices in Southern Sudan that led to the outbreak of civil wars. These injustices included socio-economic and political marginalization that denied...

Reverie and Reality

by Yanning Wang

This is a study of Chinese gentry women’s poems on the theme of travel written during the late imperial period (ca.1600–1911), when Chinese women’s literature and culture flourished as never before. It...

The Comfort of Strangers

by Jinmi Adisa

The Comfort of Strangers gives detailed information on the background to the Rwandan refugee problem and a vivid portrayal of the effects of the mass exodus of Rwandans into Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Zaire....

The Floating Island Plays

by Eduardo Machado

Includes The Modern Ladies of Guanabacoa, Fabiola, In the Eye of the Hurricane and Broken Eggs.

Forced to Flee

by Peter W. Arsdale

'The Modern Refugee Era' began with the end of World War II. An extensive literature has been created on the issue of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons during this period. While much of this has...

The Chinese in Silicon Valley

by Bernard P. Wong

The Chinese in Silicon Valley examines the complex and ever-growing role of Chinese American scientists and engineers in Silicon Valley. Globalization brings workers from many different countries and cultures...

Managing Migration

by Susan F. Martin, Philip L. Martin & Patrick Weil

A growing share of the world's population lives in the 175 developing countries, while global income and wealth are increasingly concentrated in the 25 developed countries. The resulting migration from developing...

The Founders on Citizenship and Immigration

by Edward J. Erler, John Marini & Thomas G. West

Working with the underlying premise that America's founding principles continue to be vital in the modern era, Erler, Marini, and West take a conservative look at immigration, one of today's most pressing political...

Dirty Work

by Jeffrey E. Cole & Sally S. Booth

Dirty Work explores the lives and work of recent immigrants from Africa, Asia, and elsewhere to the southern Italian region of Sicily. Using extensive research, Cole and Booth focus on the experiences of foreigners...

Romanians in Western Europe

by Remus Gabriel Anghel

This book analyzes the Romanian migration that has developed in recent years as one of the largest migration waves in Europe. By comparing two migrant groups in Italy and Germany, this analysis reveals the ways...

Suburban Crossroads

by Thomas J. Vicino

In fear of becoming havens for illegal immigrants, numerous local communities adopted and implemented their own immigration laws during the 2000s. Suburban Crossroads chronicles the political debates and policy...

Radical Hospitality

by Richard Kearney & Melissa Fitzpatrick

Radical Hospitality addresses a timely and challenging subject for contemporary philosophy: the ethical responsibility of opening borders, psychic and physical, to the stranger.

Kearney and Fitzpatrick show...

In a Day’s Work

by Bernice Yeung

"A timely, intensely intimate, and relevant exposé." ?Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

The Pulitzer Prize finalist's powerful examination of the hidden stories of workers overlooked by #MeToo

Apple orchards in...