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Lived Diversities

by Charles Husband & Yunis Alam

Lived diversities: Space, place and identities in the multi-ethnic city is a timely and important book, which focuses on multi-ethnic interaction in an inner city area. Addressing difficult issues that are often...

Whitewashing the South

by Kristen M. Lavelle

Whitewashing the South is a powerful exploration of how ordinary white southerners recall living through extraordinary racial times—the Jim Crow era, civil rights movement, and the post-civil rights era—highlighting...

Projecting 9/11

by Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo & Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo

Projecting 9/11 examines sensibilities and ideologies that arose after September 11, 2001, and how these intersect with issues of race, gender, sexuality, and citizenship in contemporary mainstream films. The...

Building the Beloved Community

by Stanley Keith Arnold

Inspired by Quakerism, Progressivism, the Social Gospel movement, and the theories of scholars such as W. E. B. Du Bois, Charles S. Johnson, Franz Boas, and Ruth Benedict, a determined group of Philadelphia...


by Ronald Cross & Hélène Sévigny

The events at Oka in 1990 saw the Canadian Armed Forces confront some 40 armed Mohawk “Warriors” who were defending their community’s resistance against a further colonial encroachment on their native lands....

Abolishing White Masculinity from Mark Twain to Hiphop

by Stephany Rose

Abolishing White Masculinity from Mark Twain to Hiphop examines white American male literature for its social commentary on the construction of whiteness in the United States. Whiteness has always been a contested...

The Culture of Make Believe

by Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen takes no prisoners in The Culture of Make Believe, his brilliant and eagerly awaited follow-up to his powerful and lyrical A Language Older Than Words. What begins as an exploration of the lines...

The Black Panther Party and Transformative Pedagogy

by Omari L. Dyson

The Black Panther Party and Transformative Pedagogy: Place-Based Education in Philadelphia, by Omari L. Dyson, draws attention to the social dynamics that spawned a Philadelphia Branch of the Black Panther Party....

The Biopolitics of Race

by Sokthan Yeng

Many political figures insist that their anti-immigration sentiments have nothing to do with race and racism. Americans seem largely unconvinced, which is why politicians must protest so loudly and often. In...

Racial Oppression in the Global Metropolis

by Paul L. Street

Anti-black racism is a stark presence in Chicago, a fact illustrated by significant racial inequality in and around contemporary "global" city. Drawing his work as a civil rights advocate and investigator in...

Savage Constructions

by Wendy C. Hamblet

Savage Constructions composes a critical examination of the popular assumption that violence is an essential quality of certain ethnic or racial populations. Wendy Hamblet challenges the supposition, all too...

Native American Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories

by Rita J. Simon & Sarah Hernandez

Native American Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories presents twenty interviews with Native American adoptees raised in non-Native homes. Through the in-depth interviews they conduct with each participant,...

Race and Reconciliation

by John B. Hatch & Aaron David Gresson III

In this enlightening and insightful monograph, John B. Hatch analyzes various public discourses that have attempted to address the racialized legacy of slavery, from West Africa to the United States, and in...

Cabin Pressure

by Louwanda Evans

From African American pilots being asked to carry people’s luggage to patrons refusing drinks from African American flight attendants, Cabin Pressure demonstrates that racism is still very much alive in the...

The Face of Discrimination

by Vincent J. Roscigno

Thousands of individuals are discriminated against each year due to their race or sex, even 40 years after the Civil Rights Act. The Face of Discrimination documents the forms, character, and implications of...

Questioning Gypsy Identity

by Brian A. Belton

Brian Belton's powerfully original book examines Gypsy lives against the framework of social theories that illustrate how identity arises out of the cultural complexity of individual biographies, families, and...

Class Counts

by Allan Ornstein

Class counts. Class differences and class warfare have existed since the beginning of western civilization, but the gap in income and wealth between the rich (top 10 percent) and the rest has increased steadily...

Beyond Black

by David L. Brunsma, Kerry Ann Rockquemore & Joe R. Feagin

Beyond Black is a groundbreaking study of the dynamic meaning of racial identity for multiracial people in post-Civil Rights America. Kerry Ann Rockquemore and David Brunsma document the wide range of racial...

The New Class Society

by Earl Wysong, Robert Perrucci & David Wright

The New Class Society introduces students to the sociology of class structure and inequalities as it asks whether or not the American dream has faded. The fourth edition of this powerful book demonstrates how...

Race and Narrative in Italian Women's Writing Since Unification

by Melissa Coburn

Race as Narrative in Italian Women's Writing Since Unification explores racist ideas and critiques of racism in four long narratives by female authors Grazia Deledda, Matilde Serao, Natalia Ginzburg, and Gabriella...