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The Language of Content Strategy

by Scott Abel & Rahel Anne Bailie

The Language of Content Strategy is the gateway to a language that describes the world of content strategy. With fifty-two contributors, all known for their depth of knowleEA Digital (delivered electronically)e,...


by Shi Yuanchun

After addressing the basic knowledge of bioenergy and its development in the United States, the European Union, and Brazil, this book places emphasis on the introduction of China’s bioresources, its development...

The end of facebook (English version)

by Pedro BARBOSA

The Future of Facebook and social networks

Could it soon be the end of Facebook? It may seem a preposterous question to ask, but there are signs that make it a serious and current one: a growing number of...

Posthuman Personhood

by Daryl J. Wennemann

Posthuman Personhood takes up the ethical challenge posed by Francis Fukuyama’s work, Our Posthuman Future. Daryl J. Wennemann argues that the traditional concept of personhood may be fruitfully applied to...

Human-Computer Interactions in Transport

by Christophe Kolski

The human-computer interactions are more and more present in our everyday life, and lead to many conceptual and methodological problems for the designers and evaluators of interactive systems. This book is about...

Misbehavior in Cyber Places

by Janet Sternberg

Misbehavior in Cyber Places studies computer-mediated, interpersonal communication on the Internet up to the turn of the century, portraying a technological universe that existed before social media, smartphones,...

Zen and the Art of Funk Capitalism

by Karun Philip

A Cure for Poverty?

This book provides a new explanation of why capitalism succeeds where it does, yet fails to achieve universal welfare as its most vocal proponents claim it ought to. By looking at the issue...

The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

by Jim Kalbach & Michael Schrage

These days, consumers have real power: they can research companies, compare ratings, and find alternatives with a simple tap. Focusing on customer needs isn't a nice–to–have, it's a strategic imperative....

Future Rising

by Andrew Maynard

A Compelling Vision of the Future

?Maynard has written a thoughtful and thought-provoking response to the moment we?re in, chronicling how we got here, where we?re going, and what role we have in that journey?...

The Autonomous Revolution

by William H. Davidow & Michael S. Malone

The coauthors of the seminal book The Virtual Corporation describe how the rise of artificial intelligence and virtual environments are ushering in an epic cultural transformation—and how we can thrive in...

All Societies Die

by Samuel Cohn

In All Societies Die, Samuel Cohn asks us to prepare for the inevitable. Our society is going to die. What are you going to do about it? But he also wants us to know that there's still reason for hope.

In an...

The Software Revelation

by Xavier Kahn

Software is everywhere. Yet software doesn?t exist. At least not in the way we typically think about things existing.

Starting from this simple truth, The Software Revelation takes you on a highly entertaining...

The Coming War with China

by Harry I Nimon Dba

War is coming again to the Pacific. It is coming for the same reasons is came in 1941. Then, Japan was a close friend and trading partner to the United States. Japan was growing rapidly into the strongest economic...

Data-Driven Personas

by Bernard J. Jansen, Joni Salminen, Soon-gyo Jung & Kathleen Guan

Data-driven personas are a significant advancement in the fields of human-centered informatics and human-computer interaction. Data-driven personas enhance user understanding by combining the empathy inherent...

Research Advances in ADHD and Technology

by Franceli L. Cibrian, Gillian R. Hayes & Kimberley D. Lakes

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most prevalent childhood psychiatric condition, with estimates of more than 5% of children affected worldwide, and has a profound public health, personal,...

Blockchain Platforms

by Stijn Van Hijfte

This book introduces all the technical features that make up blockchain technology today. It starts with a thorough explanation of all technological concepts necessary to understand any discussions related to...

Regulating Content on Social Media

by Corinne Tan

How are users influenced by social media platforms when they generate content, and does this influence affect users? compliance with copyright laws?

These are pressing questions in today?s internet age, and Regulating...

Tragic Investment

by R. James Addington

America?s investment in race and racial oppression was central to its early years as a nation?a theme that dates back to Europe?s earliest colonial efforts in the Western Hemisphere. Some of the contemporary...

Tragic Investment

by R. James Addington

America?s investment in race and racial oppression was central to its early years as a nation?a theme that dates back to Europe?s earliest colonial efforts in the Western Hemisphere. Some of the contemporary...

Artificial Intelligence Foundations

by Andrew Lowe & Steve Lawless

In alignment with BCS AI Foundation and Essentials certificates, this introductory guide provides the understanding you need to start building artificial intelligence (AI) capability into your organisation....