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Gossip Girl

by Lori Bindig

Gossip Girl: A Critical Understanding provides a critical analysis of The CW’s hit teen television drama Gossip Girl. Lori Bindig analyzes episodes as a set of media texts that blur the boundaries between...

Mediated Nostalgia

by Ryan Lizardi

Considering the current rash of film remakes, vintage video game downloads, and box sets of bygone television shows, media today is obsessed with nostalgia. Instead of presenting a past that functions as an...

Masturbation in Pop Culture

by Lauren Rosewarne

Through reference to over six hundred scenes from film and television—as well as a diverse and cross-disciplinary academic bibliography—Masturbation in Pop Culture investigates the role that masturbation...

Unlearning the Soviet Tongue

by Natalia Kovalyova

How do countries democratize? What route does the way out of totalitarianism take? Students of Russian politics have pursued answers to these questions by surveying Russians on a variety of attitudes, beliefs,...

The Impact of YouTube on U.S. Politics

by LaChrystal D. Ricke

The Impact of YouTube on U.S. Politics provides a historical, descriptive, and conceptual analysis of the broad and evolving political impact of YouTube. It specifically addresses how politicians, campaigns,...

The Responsibility to Protect in Darfur

by Abdel Salam Sidahmed, Walter C. Soderlund & Donald E. Briggs

Long-simmering conflict in the Sudanese region of Darfur came to a boil in the spring of 2003 and became a focus of American media attention in September 2004. After the genocide in Rwanda the international...

Primetime Pundits

by Lynn Letukas

Primetime Pundits explores the ascent of punditry and offers a new approach for understanding how social issues are covered in the changing media landscape. Based on extensive research of primetime news coverage...

Subaltern China

by Wanning Sun

Behind China’s growing economic and political power is a vast underworld of marginalized social groups. In this powerful and timely book, Wanning Sun focuses on the country’s hundreds of millions of rural...

Normative Experience in Internet Politics

by Françoise Massit-Folléa, Cécile Méadel & Laurence Monnoyer-Smith

The ways in which the Internet is managed and controlled -often labeled as Internet Governance- are usually considered as standing on four main pillars: Technology, Market Laws, State Regulation and Uses. Nevertheless,...

Oil and Water

by Andrea Miller, Shearon Roberts & Victoria LaPoe

Along the Gulf Coast, history is often referenced as pre-Katrina or post-Katrina. However, the natural disaster that appalled the world in 2005 has been joined by another catastrophe, this one man-made--the...

Aging, Media, and Culture

by C. Lee Harrington, Denise Bielby, Anthony R. Bardo & Stephen Katz et al.

The intersections of aging, media, and culture are under-explored given trends in population aging, rapid increases in the mediation of everyday life, and the growing cultural significance of media consumption...


by Kristin Roeschenthaler Wolfe

Blogging: How Our Private Thoughts Went Public examines self-representational writing from its historical roots in personal diaries to its current form in personal blogs. Widely available on the Internet, personal...

Paris Is Burning

by Lucas Hilderbrand

Paris Is Burning (Jennie Livingston, 1991) captures the energy, ambition, wit, and struggle of African-American and Latino participants in the 1980s New York drag ball scene. This book contextualizes the film...

Gauchos and Foreigners

by Ariana Huberman

In Gauchos and Foreigners: Glossing Culture and Identity in the Argentine Countryside Ariana Huberman discusses the relationship between the gaucho figure and the 'foreigner' in Argentine rural literature. The...

Media Freedom and Pluralism

by Beata Klimkiewicz

Addresses a critical analysis of major media policies in the European Union and Council of Europe at the period of profound changes affecting both media environments and use, as well as the logic of media policy-making...

Television, Religion, and Supernatural

by Erika Engstrom & Joseph M. Valenzano

This book examines the text of the CW network television series Supernatural, a program based in the horror genre that offers viewers myriad religious-based antagonists, through the portrayals of monsters which...

Rustics and Politics

by Leslie Dale Feldman

The Beverly Hillbillies includes the portrayal of rich versus poor, the American dream, wealth, and social mobility in popular culture. The Hillbillies was a phenomenon of post-World War II America, the second...


by Anne Jamison & Lev Grossman

What is fanfiction, and what is it not? Why does fanfiction matter? And what makes it so important to the future of literature?

Fic is a groundbreaking exploration of the history and culture of fan writing and...

Mind Candy

by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Over the years, in a variety of venues, Lawrence Watt-Evans has turned his sharp, analytical, and slightly crazed mind to everything from weaponized poetry to why the Enterprise doesn't have seatbelts, and everyone...

Advertising, Sex, and Post-Socialism

by Elza Ibroscheva

Advertising, Sex, and Post-Socialism explores the role of advertising and the consumption it promotes in changing cultural perceptions of sex and femininity across the Balkan region. Elza Ibroscheva theorizes...