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Collective Remarks

by Anne Gribbons

A world renowned dressage judge and former US Olympic coach, Anne Gribbons has had the unique experience of living the trajectory of the evolution of dressage in the United States—and has always been willing...

3-Minute Horsemanship

by Vanessa Bee

A new book especially written for the time-starved 21st-century horse owner! Do you day after day make a promise to train yourself and your horse to be better at something, but when you get to the barn there...

Suffering in Silence

by Jochen Schleese

Humans and horses have been joined for thousands of years, and for much of that time, one thing has served as the primary point of physical contact between them: the saddle.

However, for many horses and many...

The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship

by Susan E. Harris

This manual, the third of the United States Pony Club Manuals of Horsemanship, builds on the fundamentals covered in Basics for Beginners/D Level and Intermediate Horsemanship/C Level. Whether you are a Pony...

The Power of Positive Horse Training

by Sarah Blanchard

"This book is a welcome addition to the literature in the field of horse training and should be in the library of any serious, caring horseperson."

--Gincy Self Bucklin

Author of What Your Horse Wants You to Know...

Riding for the Team

by United States Equestrian Team Foundation & Nancy Jaffer

A dazzling, behind-the-scenes look at the incredible equestrian athletes and horses who compete and win for the USA.

From playing with plastic ponies and taking their first riding lessons, to finding success...

A Handbook of Horse-Shoeing with Introductory Chapters on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse's Foot

by A. W. Dollar

"A Handbook of Horse-Shoeing" is a detailed guide to horseshoeing, with chapters on history, anatomy, determining common ailments, curing them, treating them, prevention, etc. With wonderful illustrations and...

Kip's Tips

by Kip Rosenthal PhD

Horsemanship is a never-ending process of learning and problem solving. In Kip?s Tips, author Kip Rosenthal addresses a host of questions and topics related to riding and jumping. Based on her more than sixty...


by Sandra Beaulieu

Music has long been part of esteemed equestrian traditions?consider the classical tones of the over-500-year-old Spanish Riding School and the Verdi purported to play at deafening volumes from the arena of Portuguese...

Horse Brain, Human Brain

by Janet Jones

An eye-opening game-changer of a book that sheds new light on how horses learn, think, perceive, and perform, and explains how to work with the horse?s brain instead of against it.

In this illuminating book,...

What Horses Really Want

by Lynn Acton

Relationships with horses, whether for companionship or competition, are complex and ever-changing. This is one of the reasons why ?horsemanship? can become a lifelong pursuit: There is always a balance to be...

Isaac Murphy

by Frank X Walker

The captivating story of a record-setting nineteenth-century black jockey told in poetry.

In this creative foray into persona poems, Walker immerses himself in the life of African American jockey Isaac Burns...

World-Class Grooming for Horses

by Cat Hill, Emma Ford & Jessica Dailey

When owning, training, riding, and showing horses, there is a certain “look” to which one aspires. World-class “turnout”—a horse in peak condition, perfectly coiffed and luminous with health, outfitted...

Promote Your Inner Cowgirl

by Dr. Lynda Flowers

For those who have denied their inner cowgirl for far too long, it is time to level up, jump back in the saddle, and return to life?s passion with Promote Your Inner Cowgirl.

Lifelong cowgirl, entrepreneur, and...

How Good Riders Get Good: New Edition

by Denny Emerson

A revised edition of the inspiring bestseller, now in paperback with new good rider profiles!

This book is exactly what you need to become a better rider. It's a smart, honest, on-target kick-in-the-pants, guaranteed...

The Sporting Horse

by Nicola Jane Swinney, JANE HOLDERNESS-RODDAM & Bob Langrish

Exhibiting grace and poise as they master the intricate movements of dressage; galloping like the wind at more than thirty miles per hour; soaring over huge competition fences; running tirelessly across every...

Hints for Hopeful Dressage Riders

by Jane Richards

Horses are athletes, and as with all athletes, it takes them years of training every day to become strong, supple, and focused enough to climb to the top. In Hints for Hopeful Dressage Riders, author Jane Richards...

The Horse Agility Handbook

by Vanessa Bee

The amazing thing about horses is there's one out there suited for just about every human. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and we've trained them to excel at any number of riding sports that appeal...

Anne Kursinski's Riding and Jumping Clinic: New Edition

by Anne Kursinski, Miranda Lorraine & Amber Heintzberger

  • Now with all color photographs!
  • Author Anne Kursinski is a five-time Olympian representing Team USA
  • This classic riding book now contains a special chapter on mastering hunter derby style courses
  • Top-notch...

  • Better Than Bombproof

    by Rick Pelicano

    In order to avoid risking life and limb when the unexpected strikes, this definitive follow-up manual provides further in-depth instructions on how to "bombproof" horses. This method of training works for any...