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by Nick Raeside

Nick Raeside worked at many jobs in the logging business but the one that he specialized in was starting fires—small, (hopefully) controlled fires used to clean up logging slash or debris-laden sites left...

Woodland Development

by George Peterken & Edward Mountford

In 1944 Lady Park Wood (45 hectares of woodland in Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire, UK) was set aside indefinitely by the Forestry Commission so that ecologists could study how woodland develops naturally....

Conservation and Management of Tropical Rainforests

by Eberhard F Bruenig

This new edition of Conservation and Management of Tropical Rainforests applies the large body of knowledge, experience and tradition available to those who study tropical rainforests. Revised and updated in...

The Silviculture of Trees Used in British Forestry

by Peter Savill

The Silviculture of Trees Used in British Forestry, 3rd Edition offers an updated overview of some 68 species of silvicultural importance in British forestry. The book aims to provide concise but detailed information...

Field Guide to the Forest Trees of Uganda

by James Kalema & Alan Hamilton

This book is a guide for the identification of the indigenous forest trees of Uganda. It will be useful for those who wish to contribute towards the conservation of the forests or to plant indigenous trees....

Forest Genomics and Biotechnology

by Richard Meilan & Matias Kirst

Developments in genomics and biotechnology are opening up new avenues for accelerating the domestication of forest trees in a climate change driven world. This book presents an authoritative update of forest...

Carving Out a Living on the Land

by Emmet Van Driesche & Verlyn Klinkenborg

When he first envisioned becoming a farmer, author Emmet Van Driesche never imagined his main crop would be Christmas trees, nor that such a tree farm could be more of a managed forest than the conventional...

Trees of Power

by Akiva Silver & Samuel Thayer

The organic grower's guide to planting, propagation, culture, and ecology

Trees are our allies in healing the world. Partnering with trees allows us to build soil, enhance biodiversity, increase wildlife populations,...

The Community Food Forest Handbook

by John Munsell, Catherine Bukowski & LaManda Joy

Collaboration and leadership strategies for long-term success

Fueled by the popularity of permaculture and agroecology, community food forests are capturing the imaginations of people in neighborhoods, towns,...

Sela’An-Linau Odyssey

by Diana S Raja & Kc Linggi

The story of Selaan-Linau is based on the work experience and engagement with the local communities and other stakeholders of the Selaan-Linau Forestry Management Unit, or FMU. Also known as FOMISS-GTZ, it began...

Listen to the Trees

by Don MacCaskill

In his introduction, Don MacCaskill wrote modestly, 'I think I became a naturalist'. He was, in fact, one of Scotland's foremost naturalists and a remarkable wildlife photographer as well. In a flashback to...

Dynamic Forest

by Malcolm F. Squires & John Kennedy Naysmith

Nearing the end of a lifetime in the boreal forest, a retired forester writes a passionate plea for rational, science-based forest management.

The boreal forest is constantly changing, often dramatically. We...

Where Land and Water Meet

by Nancy Langston & William Cronon

Water and land interrelate in surprising and ambiguous ways, and riparian zones, where land and water meet, have effects far outside their boundaries. Using the Malheur Basin in southeastern Oregon as a case...

Irrigated Eden

by Mark Fiege & William Cronon

Irrigation came to the arid West in a wave of optimism about the power of water to make the desert bloom. Mark Fiege�s fascinating and innovative study of irrigation in southern Idaho�s Snake River valley...

Forests Are Gold

by Pamela D. McElwee & K. Sivaramakrishnan

Forests Are Gold examines the management of Vietnam's forests in the tumultuous twentieth century�from French colonialism to the recent transition to market-oriented economics�as the country united, prospered,...

Hedges and Hedgelaying

by Murray Maclean

In recent years there has been a much greater appreciation of the enormous contribution that hedges make to the countryside. Today, their beauty, their ability to provide wind protection and contain livestock,...

Greenwood Crafts

by Edward Mills & Rebecca Oaks

Britain has a long and rich tradition of woodcrafts and what, since about the 1970s, have been called the 'greenwood crafts'. Greenwood crafts focus on using wood that contains sap and that is easy to work with...

Woodland Management

by Chris Starr

Now in full colour, this is the second edition of this highly acclaimed book. Woodland Management is essential reading for anyone with an interest in trees and woodlands, whether they simply enjoy walking in...

Coppicing and Coppice Crafts

by Rebecca Oaks

Coppicing is an ancient method of enhancing woodland biodiversity. The key to successful coppicing is to nurture the new coppice shoots. In return, a coppice will provide an endless supply of wood for a wide...

Beyond Tropical Deforestation

by Didier Babin

Does the diagnosis of irreversible destruction of both forests and their biodiversity actually mask a wide range of patterns? Based on the results of natural and social scientists, this book attempts to answer...