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Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Mass Transfer: Chemical Engineering Practice

by K. S. Raju

This broad-based book covers the three major areas of Chemical Engineering. Most of the books in the market involve one of the individual areas, namely, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer or Mass Transfer, rather...

Polymer Materials: Macroscopic Properties and Molecular Interpretations

by Jean Louis Halary, Francoise Laupretre & Lucien Monnerie

Advanced reviews for Polymer Materials

"Molecular modeling of polymers ... is a subject that cannot be found in any other [book] in any appreciable detail. ... [T]he detailed chapters on specific polymer systems...

Handbook of Biopolymer-Based Materials: From Blends and Composites to Gels and Complex Networks

by Sabu Thomas, Dominique Durand, Christophe Chassenieux & P. Jyotishkumar

This first systematic scientific reference in the area of micro- and nanostructured biopolymer systems discusses in two volumes the morphology, structure, dynamics, properties and applications of all important...

Plastics Additives and Testing

by Muralisrinivasan Natamai Subramanian

?Plastics Additives and Testing? is a practical book for engineers and operators and discusses both inorganic and organic chemicals that are widely used as additives in plastics processing operations.

It is...

Distillation Design and Control Using Aspen Simulation

by William L. Luyben

Learn how to develop optimal steady-state designs for distillation systems

As the search for new energy sources grows ever more urgent, distillation remains at the forefront among separation methods in the chemical,...

In-Situ Characterization of Heterogeneous Catalysts

by José A. Rodriguez, Jonathan C. Hanson & Peter J. Chupas



Reviewing the latest developments in the field, this book explores the in-situ characterization of heterogeneous catalysts,...

Functional Nanostructured Materials and Membranes for Water Treatment

by Mikel Duke, Dongyuan Zhao, Rafael Semiat & Max Lu

Membranes have emerged over the last 30 years as a viable water treatment technology. Earth's population is growing and the need for alternative ways to generate potable water is rising. The recent advent of...

Plastic Forming Processes

by Maurice Reyne

Plastics may undergo an industrial treatment for many reasons including strength, chemical inertness, biodegradability, and heat resistance. Providing an overview of the various treatments utilized in the plastics...

Process Engineering and Industrial Management

by Jean-Pierre Dal Pont

Process Engineering, the science and art of transforming raw materials and energy into a vast array of commercial materials, was conceived at the end of the 19th Century. Its history in the role of the Process...

Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems: Strategies, Technologies, and Applications

by Yoon Yeo

Frank discussions of opportunities and challenges point the way to new, more effective drug delivery systems

Interest in nanomedicine has grown tremendously, fueled by the expectation that continued research...

Polymer Adhesion, Friction, and Lubrication

by Hongbo Zeng

Specifically dedicated to polymer and biopolymer systems, Polymer Adhesion, Friction, and Lubrication guides readers to the scratch, wear, and lubrication properties of polymers and the engineering applications,...

Troubleshooting Vacuum Systems: Steam Turbine Surface Condensers and Refinery Vacuum Towers

by Norman P. Lieberman

Vacuum systems are in wide spread use in the petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries and power generation plants. The existing texts on this subject are theoretical in nature and only deal with how the equipment...

Advanced Thermoforming: Methods, Machines and Materials, Applications and Automation

by Sven Engelmann

Introduces the latest innovations in thermoforming materials, processes, and applications

Advanced Thermoforming brings readers fully up to date with the latest standards, processes, materials, and applications...

Testing Adhesive Joints: Best Practices

by Lucas F.M. da Silva, David A. Dillard, Bamber Blackman & Robert D. Adams

Joining techniques such as welding, brazing, riveting and screwing are used by industry all over the world on a daily basis. A further

method of joining has also proven to be highly successful: adhesive bonding....

Introduction to Adhesive Bonding

by Eduardo Andre Sousa Marques, Ana Sofia Queiros Ferreira Barbosa, Ricardo Joao Camilo Carbas & Alireza Akhavan-Safar et al.

Introduction to Adhesive Bonding

A step-by-step introduction to basic principles and practical applications of adhesive bonding, designed for students and professionals alike

Adhesive bonding—the process of...

Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Fluids

by G. F. C. Rogers & Y. R. Mayhew

The fifth edition has been issued to incorporate two new tables - Data of Refrigerant 134a and a table containing for selected substances, molar enthalpies and molar Gibbs functions of formation, Equilibirum...


by Mohd Imran Ahamed, Rajender Boddula & Tariq A. Altalhi

This book provides the whole spectrum of polysaccharides from basic concepts to commercial market applications. Chapters cover various types of sources, classification, properties, characterization, processing,...

Root Cause Failure Analysis

by Trinath Sahoo

Root Cause Failure Analysis

Provides the knowledge and failure analysis skills necessary for preventing and investigating process equipment failures

Process equipment and piping systems are essential for plant...

Injection Molding Advanced Troubleshooting Guide

by Randy Kerkstra & Steve Brammer

This highly practical troubleshooting guide solves problems at the machine systematically and quickly. Drawing on a wealth of hands-on experience from the authors, who have built strong reputations in the field,...

Macroalgal Biorefineries for the Blue Economy

by Alexander Golberg, Arthur Nils Robin & Meiron Zollmann

This unique compendium provides an insight into the role of emerging marine biorefineries based on macroalgae (seaweeds) in the development of a sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth-blue economy.The...