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Sludge Thermal Hydrolysis

by William Barber

Thermal hydrolysis is revolutionizing wastewater treatment. Current treatment methods have evolved little since pioneering work in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Subsequently, most wastewater treatment...

Grants Mining Districts of the Western United States

by Jerry Grant

This book provides information on where gold, and silver were mined in the Western United States. The book provides various map references locating the mineral sources, the amount that was mined from each district,...

Physical and Chemical Separation in Water and Wastewater Treatment

by Norihito Tambo & Koichi Ogasawara

Based upon half a century of research by the authors, Physical and Chemical Separation in Water and Wastewater Treatment addresses the whole water cycle spectrum, from global hydrological cycle, urban-regional...

The State, Popular Mobilisation and Gold Mining in Mongolia

by Dulam Bumochir

Mongolia?s mining sector, along with its environmental and social costs, have been the subject of prolonged and heated debate. This debate has often cast the country as either a victim of the ?resource curse?...

Revealing the Invisible Mine

by Emilia Skrzypek

Exploring the social complexities of the Frieda River Project in Papua New Guinea, this book tells the story of local stakeholder strategies on the eve of industrial development, told largely from the perspective...


by William Crookes

Series Title: Harper's library of living thought

The following pages are based on personal observations during two visits to Kimberley, in 1896 and 1905, and on personal researches on the formation and artificial...

The Gold Hunters

by J.D. Borthwick & Horace Kephart

The Gold Hunters offers a unique look at the life in the gold camps of the nineteenth century American West — the different cultures attracted by the discovery of gold, how they related to one another and...

Dictionary of Oil and Gas Production

by Clifford Jones

This dictionary provides a synthesis of information currently available but only in a diverse array of sources. Through judicious choice and careful scrutiny, the author has gathered together a very handy ready-reference...

The Geological Factor

by Felipe Matthews Rojas & Walter Véliz Araya

"The gestation process of the most spectacular technical and human drama in Chilean mining history lacked a book like this. Buried, as the 33 miners, were the detailed events of this amazing saga. A huge percentage...

Rare Earth Frontiers

by Julie Michelle Klinger

Rare Earth Frontiers is a work of human geography that serves to demystify the powerful elements that make possible the miniaturization of electronics, green energy and medical technologies, and essential telecommunications...

The Devil's Breath

by Steve Hanon

On a warm spring day in June of 1914, two hundred and thirty-five men went down into the depths of the Hillcrest mine found in Alberta?s Crowsnest Pass. Only forty-six would make it out alive. The largest coal-mining...

Canada: A New Tax Haven

by Alain Deneault & Catherine Browne

In Canada: A New Tax Haven, Alain Deneault traces Canada’s relationship with Commonwealth Caribbean nations back through the last half of the twentieth century, arguing that the involvement of Canadian financiers...

Opencast Images

by Dave Wootton

In the United Kingdom surface coal mining began in 1942 in response to a national shortage of deep-mined coal. By the 1980s, when Dave Wootton began touring sites and taking photographs, the industry was firmly...