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Modern Methods in Crop Protection Research

by Peter Jeschke, Wolfgang Kramer, Ulrich Schirmer & Matthias Witschel

This handbook and ready reference highlights a couple of basic aspects of recently developed new methods in modern crop protection research, authored by renowned experts from major agrochemical companies. Organized...

The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook

by Susan Mulvihill

In The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook, you’ll find the simple, straightforward resources and tools you need to identify common pests of edible gardens and manage them without the use of synthetic chemical...

Instant Insights: Climate change, insect pests and invasive species

by Kayode David Ileke, Luke Chinaru Nwosu & Maduamaka Cyriacus Abajue

This chapter reviews the impact of climate change on insect pests, agricultural productivity and food security. Increased temperatures, elevated levels of carbon dioxide and fluctuations in precipitation pattern...

The Rat; Its History & Destructive Character

by James Rodwell

The Rat Its History amp Destructive Character With Numerous Anecdotes By James Rodwell This book is one of the earliest published works dealing solely with the Rat, its history and natural history, and the numerous...

Urban Pest Control

by Partho Dhang

This guide brings together the varied and multiple skills and activities required of pest control practitioners, including biology, chemistry, architecture, engineering, sales, logistics, legal and accounting,...

The Handbook of Naturally Occurring Insecticidal Toxins

by Opender Koul

Naturally occurring toxins are among the most complicated and lethal in existence. Plant species, microorganisms and marine flora and fauna produce hundreds of toxic compounds for defence and to promote their...

Pesticide Risk Assessment

by Sumitra Arora

We have been witnessing a silent chemical revolution over the past half century. Pesticides bring widespread environmental contamination, with residues detected far from their site of application. These substances...

Instant Insights: Climate change, insect pests and invasive species

by Kayode David Ileke, Luke Chinaru Nwosu, Maduamaka Cyriacus Abajue & Sanford D. Eigenbrode et al.

This specially curated collection features three reviews of current and key research on climate change, insect pests and invasive species.

The first chapter reviews the impact of climate change on insect pests...

How To Win Your War Against Termites

by Jeannine Hill


Termite  9

What Are Termites  11

How To Detect Termites  12

Termite Identification 13

Termite Illustrations 15

Termite Appearance And Morphology 17

St Pete Termite  19

Treating For Termites  21


Rice insect pests and their management

by E. A. Heinrichs, Francis E. Nwilene, Michael J. Stout & Buyung A. R. Hadi et al.

  • Covers almost 100 species of the most important insect pests affecting rice cultivation
  • Brings together the key research on each pest, including description and biology and effects on rice plants
  • Written by a...

The Brown Recluse Spider

by Richard S. Vetter

The brown recluse is a fascinating spider very well adapted to dwelling in houses and other buildings. Because of this very quality and the ghastly reputation associated with the medical consequences of its...

LTE Signaling

by Ralf Kreher & Karsten Gaenger

A comprehensive reference on the call procedures of 4G RAN and Core networks, LTE Signaling, Troubleshooting and Optimization describes the protocols and procedures of LTE. It explains essential topics from...

Industrial Tribology

by Theo Mang, Kirsten Bobzin & Thorsten Bartels

Integrating very interesting results from the most important R & D project ever made in Germany, this book offers a basic understanding of tribological systems and the latest developments in reduction of wear...

Tribology of Ceramics and Composites

by Bikramjit Basu & Mitjan Kalin

This book helps students and practicing scientists alike understand that a comprehensive knowledge about the friction and wear properties of advanced materials is essential to further design and development...

Principles of Tribology

by Shizhu Wen & Ping Huang

Professors Wen and Huang present current developments in tribology research along with tribology fundamentals and applications, including lubrication theory, lubrication design, friction mechanism, wear mechanism,...