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Sinking of the TITANIC

by Thomas H. Russell

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (1912): “ … A graphic and thrilling account of the sinking of the greatest floating palace ever built, carrying down to watery graves more than 1,500 souls. Giving exciting escapes from...

Yacht design

by Massimo Paperini

“Yacht Design, Interior and Superstructures” confirms the interest of young architects, engineers and designers in boat design, a subject always in need of new ideas, new design solutions and a new approach....

The River

by Paul Vasey

"Ask anyone what they love most about Winzer, and they seem always to tell you it's the people, the family and friends webbed around each of us. True. But for me the town is also, and perhaps mainly, the larger-than-life...

A Mind at Sea

by John Fry

The trials and tribulations of a Canadian business titan during a fascinating period in 19th-century Quebec.

A Mind at Sea is an intimate window into a vanished time when Canada was among the world’s great...

Sailing Boats from Around the World

by Henry Coleman Folkard

Comprehensive, profusely illustrated book documents early-20th-century sailing. Includes detailed, instructional manual for beginning and experienced sailors, review of small vessels then in use; racing boats,...

Silent Strategists

by Manley R. Irwin

Few historians have looked beyond the Teapot Dome scandal and examined the naval policies of President Warren Harding and his secretary of navy, Edwin Denby. Both sponsored policies that nourished the nation’s...

Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt

by Steven H. Gittelman & Emily Gittelman

At a young age, Alfred Vanderbilt inherited a massive fortune of $40 million and control of the Vanderbilt railroading empire. With no interest in business matters, the youth squandered his wealth on horses...

The Frances Smith: Palace Steamer of the Upper Great Lakes, 1867-1896

by Scott L. Cameron & C. Patrick Labadie

The Frances Smith was not only the first steamboat to be built in Owen Sound, but also the largest vessel on Georgian Bay at that time. By far the most luxurious vessel to sail the Upper Great Lakes from a Canadian...

Shipwrecks and Seafaring Tales of Prince Edward Island

by Julie V. Watson

In the 450 years since Jacques Cartier’s arrival, Prince Edward Island’s history has been tied to the sea and to ships. From the first explorers through immigrants, traders, sailors, and fishermen, thousands...

A Gipsy of the Horn - Life in a Deep-Sea Sailing Ship

by Rex Clements

This vintage book offers a glimpse into the sea-faring lifestyle of times past with an authentic account of a life lived at sea. Retold with the lucidity and fondness that can only belong to one who has lived...

Sea Dogs & Skippers

by Garry Cranford

Along the eastern shores of North America, savage storms have thrust sturdy ships and small boats upon the cliffs and shores of the continent. From these events have come true stories of bravery by skippers...

A Winter's Tale

by Cassie Brown

It was a snowy, stormy night, that February 23, 1918, when the sturdy S.S. Florizelsteamed out of St. John's harbour, bound for Halifax and New York. Captain William Martin, a cautious and competent skipper,...

Standing into Danger

by Cassie Brown

In the snowy predawn of February 18, 1942, a convoy of three American ships zigzagged up the North Atlantic toward Newfoundland, heading for one of the worst disasters in naval history. The ships were under...

Final Voyages Volume I

by Jim Wellman

Fishing has long been documented as being the most dangerous occupation in the world. That is especially true in the harsh, and often bitter, marine environment of Atlantic Canada. These perilous conditions...

Norma & Gladys

by Garry Cranford

Launched in 1945, the schooner Norma & Gladys illustrates the best qualities of Newfoundland and Labrador’s industries of shipbuilding, the Labrador fishery, the Grand Banks fishery, and coasting freight to...

Into the Abyss

by Rod Macdonald

Into the Abyss, the first volume in The Diving Trilogy, is a fascinating collection of true life diving adventures from Rod’s long and varied diving career. It follows his progression from novice diver in...

The Mayflower and Her Log - July 15, 1620 - May 6, 1621 - Chiefly from Original Sources

by Azel Ames & G. K. Chesterton

First published in 1901, ?The Mayflower and Her Log? looks in detail into the historic voyage of the 'Mayflower', an English ship that transported early Pilgrims to the New World in 1620. The ship has since...

Around the World in a Dugout Canoe

by John M. MacFarlane & Lynn J. Salmon

Anticipating fame and wealth, Captain John Voss set out from Victoria, BC, in 1901, seeking to claim the world record for the smallest vessel ever to circumnavigate the globe. For the journey, he procured an...

Motor Boats - Construction and Operation - An Illustrated Manual for Motor Boat, Launch and Yacht Owners, Operator's of Marine Gasolene Engines, and Amateur Boat-Builders

by Thomas Herbert Russell

This vintage book is an illustrated manual for motor boat, launch and yacht owners; operators of marine gasoline engines, and amateur boat-builders. It is a comprehensive guide to the design, construction, installation...

Recollections of an Unsuccessful Seaman

by Dave Creamer

Born in 1887, George Leonard Noake joined the nautical training establishment, HMS Conway, in 1903. He then served an apprenticeship at sea until 1908 when his detailed memoirs commence, sailing as a second...