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Breasts and Eggs

by Mieko Kawakami, Sam Bett & David Boyd

The story of three women by a writer hailed by Haruki Murakami as Japan’s most important contemporary novelist, WINNER OF THE AKUTAGAWA PRIZE.

Breasts and Eggs took my breath away.”—HARUKI MURAKAMI



by Mieko Kawakami, Sam Bett & David Boyd

From the bestselling author of Breasts and Eggs and international literary sensation Mieko Kawakami, a sharp and illuminating novel about the impact of violence and the power of solidarity.

A bold foray into...

Touring the Land of the Dead (and Ninety-Nine Kisses)

by Maki Kashimada & Haydn Trowell

From one of Japan’s rising literary stars, two mesmerizing novellas told with stylistic inventiveness and breathtaking sensitivity about memory, loss, and love.

Touring the Land of the Dead tells the story...

Bluebeard's First Wife

by Seong-nan Ha & Janet Hong

Disasters, accidents, and deaths abound in Bluebeard’s First Wife. A woman spends a night with her fiancé and his friends, and overhears a terrible secret that has bound them together since high school. A...

This Could Have Become Ramayan Chamar's Tale

by Subimal Misra & Venkateswar Ramaswamy

Subimal Misra—anarchist, activist, anti-establishment, experimental anti-writer—is one of India's greatest living writers. This collection of two "anti-novels" is the first of his works to appear in the...

Second Sister

by Chan Ho-Kei & Jeremy Tiang

Chan Ho-Kei?s The Borrowed was one of the most acclaimed international crime novels of recent years, a vivid and compelling tale of power, corruption, and the law spanning five decades of the history of Hong...

Hard Like Water

by Yan Lianke & Carlos Rojas

Gao Aijun is a son of the soil of Henan’s Balou Mountains, and after a service in the Army, he is on his way back to his ancestral village, feeling like a hero. Close to his arrival, he sees a strikingly attractive...


by Sayaka Murata & Ginny Tapley Takemori

From the beloved author of cult sensation Convenience Store Woman, which has now sold more than one million copies worldwide and has been translated into thirty-three languages, comes a spellbinding and otherworldly...

Echo on the Bay

by Masatsugu Ono & Angus Turvill

"Cross García Márquez and Simenon and set the piece on the Sea of Japan, and you?ll have a feel for Ono?s latest? Fans of Kenzaburo Oe?s Death by Water and Haruki Murakami?s 1Q84 will enjoy Ono?s enigmatic...

Lake Like a Mirror

by Ho Sok Fong & Natascha Bruce

By an author described by critics as ?the most accomplished Malaysian writer, full stop," Lake Like a Mirror is a scintillating exploration of the lives of women buffeted by powers beyond their control. Squeezing...

Kiku's Prayer: A Novel

by Shūsaku Endō & Van Gessel

Kiku's Prayer is told through the eyes of Kiku, a self-assured young woman from a rural Japanese village who falls in love with Seikichi, a devoted Catholic man. Practicing a faith still banned by the government,...

Untold Night and Day

by Bae Suah

A seductive, disorienting novel that manipulates the fragile line between dreams and reality, unfolding over a day and a night in the sweltering heat of Seoul’s summer, by South Korea's leading contemporary...

The Nine-Eyed Agate: Poems and Stories

by Jangbu & Heather Stoddard

The Nine-Eyed Agate seeks to break stereotyped images of Tibet and Tibetans inside the PRC today, and in the diaspora, by presenting an outstanding personality who survived childhood during the Cultural Revolution,...

Blood Sisters

by Kim Yideum & Ji yoon Lee

Blood Sisters tells the story of Jeong Yeoul, a young Korean college student in the 1980's, when the memory of President Chun Doohwan's violent suppression of student demonstrations against martial law was still...

The Day the Sun Died

by Yan Lianke & Carlos Rojas

Yan Lianke has secured his place as contemporary China?s most essential and daring novelist, ?with his superlative gifts for storytelling and penetrating eye for truth? (New York Times Book Review). His newest...

Lion Cross Point

by Masatsugu Ono & Angus Turvill

A "Book You Should Read This April" at Literary Hub

"Masatsugu Ono?s Lion Cross Point pulls off a number of narrative elements that I admire in fiction. . . . A moving and (literally) haunting novel." ? Tobias...

Dust and Other Stories

by T'aejun Yi & Janet Poole

Yi T’aejun was one of twentieth-century Korea’s true masters of the short story—and a man who in 1946 stunned his contemporaries by moving to the Soviet-occupied northern zone of his country. In South...

Mulberry and Peach: Two Women of China

by Hualing Nieh & Sau-ling Wong

This extraordinary novel, winner of a 1990 American Book Award, recounts the story of two women—Mulberry and Peach—who are really one. Mulberry is a young woman who has fled the turmoil of postwar China to...

Convenience Store Woman

by Sayaka Murata & Ginny Tapley Takemori

The English-language debut of one of Japan?s most talented contemporary writers, selling over 650,000 copies there, Convenience Store Woman is the heartwarming and surprising story of thirty-six-year-old Tokyo...

North Station

by Suah Bae & Deborah Smith

"Bae dissolves conventional ¬linear narrative, as though it were impossible for cause and effect to exist concurrently with such repression." —Joanna Walsh, The National

A writer struggles to come to terms...