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Le Clan du sorgho rouge
by Mo Yan (Author)

Beaux Seins, Belles Fesses.
by Mo Yan (Author)

Le Pays de l'alcool
by Mo Yan (Author)

La route sombre
by Ma Jian (Author), Pierre Ménard (Translator)

Un parfum de corruption
by Liu Zhenyun (Author), Geneviève Imbot-Bichet (Translator)

Les Treize Pas
by Mo Yan (Author)

Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse chinoise
by Dai Sijie (Author)

La Montagne de l'âme
by Gao Xingjian (Author), Noël Dutrait (Translator), Liliane Dutrait (Translator)

China Dream
by Ma Jian (Author), Laurent Barucq (Translator)


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